senjuti jash

senjuti jash

Content Writer

About: Senjuti is a content writer based in Kolkata. Invested in creating content that informs and entertains readers at the same time, she has been contributing to since 2023. Along with a Master's degree in History from Presidency University, Kolkata, she has experience of freelance work in content writing and translation and internship as a HR Trainee. Outside of work, she finds herself keeping up with the latest trends in pop culture, foreign affairs, and Formula 1.

Expertise: Content Writing, SEO Content Creation, Academic Writing, Translation

Experience: Adept in both archival and online research, Senjuti enjoys writing on miscellaneous topics such as History, Pop Culture, and Formula 1 and has contributed to blogs such as JHI and Sound Vapors. As a current member of the family, she is refining her skills in content creation and exploring the dynamic specialties of SEO.

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