Sun And Sand Sports Upcoming Sale & Offers UAE 2023 | Events, Tentative Dates & Discounts

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 Sun and Sand Sports are currently celebrating the prestigious UAE National Day Sale till the 4th of December. Shoppers can save up to 90% off + an extra 10% off on apparel,  accessories, and more. Check out the list of Sun & Sand Sports' planned deals for 2023 to learn more about the potential dates and expected discounts with SSS promo codes.

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Sun And Sands Sports Coupon Codes 2023 | Latest Updates

Sun & Sand Sports Coupons
Coupon Details

Sun And Sand Sports Promo Code: Up To 90% + Extra 10% Off  On Sitewide Offers At The Big Friday Sale



 Extra 30% Off On Men’s Shoes, Clothing, Accessories, Equipment



Up To 50% Off + An Extra 30% Off On Kid’s Sportswear



Up To 50% off + Extra 30% Off In The Women's Section



Sun and Sand Sports Discount

Sun And Sands Sports Discount Codes On Applicable Categories

Sun & Sand Sports offers a wide range of sports and fitness products, and their categories include:

  1. Men's Sportswear: This category typically includes clothing and activewear designed for men, including t-shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, and sport-specific apparel. Apply code: ZT6

  2. Women's Sportswear: Similar to the men's category, the women's section offers activewear and sportswear for various sports and fitness activities. Redeem Code ZT1

  3. Kids' Sportswear: Get clothing and activewear designed for children, including sport-specific apparel and accessories. Avail code ZT1

  4. Footwear: Choose from a selection of sports shoes for men, women, and children, including running shoes, training shoes, basketball shoes, and more. Use code: ZT2

  5. Sports Equipment: This category includes sports equipment for a variety of sports, such as soccer, basketball, tennis, and more. Use the Sun and Sand Sports promo code ZT1

  6. Accessories: Accessories like bags, hats, gloves, socks, and other items to complement your sports and fitness activities.

  7. Training Gear: Purchase equipment and accessories for fitness training, including resistance bands, exercise mats, weights, and more. Avail the Sun and Sand Sports promo code ZT7 to get up to 90% off on your purchase.

  8. Team Sports: Gear and equipment for team sports such as soccer, basketball, rugby, and others.

  9. Fitness Equipment: Get equipment for home or gym workouts, including treadmills, exercise bikes, and strength training machines with up to 90% off using the Sun and Sand Sports coupon code ZT4

  10. Outdoor: For the adventurous folks out there Sun and Sand Sports has a wide range of outdoor gear and apparel for activities like hiking, camping, and outdoor sports with an additional 10% off using the Sun and Sand Sports discount code ZT5

  11. Running: Get running-specific gear, including running shoes, apparel, and accessories from trustworthy brands like Puma, Nike, Converse, and more. Get an additional 10% off on your purchase with the Sun and Sand Sports promo code ZT3

  12. Swim: Swimwear, swim accessories, and equipment for swimming enthusiasts.

  13. Brands: A category that allows you to shop by specific sports and fitness brands like Puma, Under Armour, New Balance,and more. Use code ZT2

  14. Sports by Type: Categories dedicated to specific sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, and more, offering sport-specific gear and equipment. Apply Code: ZT1

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Sun And Sand Sports UAE Sale On The Cycling Range | Get Up To 50% Off 

Sun & Sand Sports typically offers a variety of bicycles to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of cycling enthusiasts. Here's an overview of the types of bikes you may find in their selection:

  1. Road Bikes: These bikes are designed for speed and efficiency on smooth roads. They often feature lightweight frames, drop handlebars, and narrow tires, making them ideal for long-distance rides and road cycling. Use the Sun And Sand Sports promo code ZT1 to get a flat 40% off on your purchase

  2. Mountain Bikes: Mountain bikes are built for off-road adventures. They come with durable frames, wide and knobby tires, and suspension systems to handle rough terrain, trails, and mountainous regions. Apply the Sun and Sand Sports coupon code ZT2 to avail an extra 40% off on your purchase

  3. Hybrid Bikes: Hybrid bikes offer versatility for various riding conditions. They combine features of road and mountain bikes, making them suitable for commuting, leisurely rides, and light trail use. Use the Sun And Sand Sports promo code. Apply Sun and Sand Sports coupon code ZT3

  4. City Bikes: City or urban bikes are designed for comfortable city commuting. They usually have upright riding positions, and fenders, and often come with racks for carrying groceries or bags. Get up to 60% off using the Sun and Sand Sports promo code ZT4

  5. Electric Bikes (E-Bikes): Sun & Sand Sports may offer electric bikes that provide pedal assist or full electric propulsion. These bikes are popular for commuting and assist riders in covering longer distances with ease. Avail an extra 40% off on your purchase using the Sun And Sand Sports coupon code ZT5

  6. BMX Bikes: BMX bikes are designed for stunt riding and are characterized by their small frames, thick tires, and maneuverability. They are favored for tricks and jumps. Apply the Sun And Sand Sports promo code ZT6 at the end of your purchase to avail an additional 40% off on your purchase. 

  7. Kids' Bikes: Sun & Sand Sports typically carries a selection of kids' bikes suitable for various age groups. These bikes are designed with safety and age-appropriate features in mind. Use the Sun and Sand Sports promo code ZT7 to get up to 60% off on your purchase. 

  8. Folding Bikes: Folding bikes are compact and can be folded for easy transport and storage. They are convenient for commuters who need to combine cycling with other forms of transportation. Apply code: ZT8

  9. Cruiser Bikes: Cruiser bikes offer a relaxed and comfortable riding experience. They often have wide, cushioned seats and swept-back handlebars, making them perfect for leisurely rides along the beach or boardwalk. Use code: ZT9

  10. Fixie or Single-Speed Bikes: These bikes have a single gear, making them simple and easy to maintain. They are favored by riders who prefer a minimalist approach to cycling. Avail Code: ZT10

  11. Bike Accessories: In addition to bikes, Sun & Sand Sports may offer a selection of cycling accessories and gear. This could include items like helmets, bike locks, lights, water bottle cages, and more. Avail the Sun And Sand Sports ZT1 at the end of your purchase to get an additional 40% off on your purchase.

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Extra 30% Off During Sun & Sand Classic Range Sale 

  • Clothing: Sun and Sand has a wide selection of clothing, including dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, tops, and jackets. Starting prices range from AED 50 for a basic t-shirt to AED 500 for a designer dress. Use the Sun And Sand Sports coupon code ZT1 to get up to 30% off.
  • Shoes: Shoes are another essential item, and Sun and Sand has a wide selection of shoes for all ages. Starting prices range from AED 50 for a pair of sneakers to AED 500 for a pair of designer boots. Apply Code: ZT2
  • Accessories: Accessories can help to complete outfit, and Sun and Sand has a wide selection of accessories to choose from, including hats, scarves, jewelry, and bags. Starting prices range from AED 25 for a hat to AED 500 for a designer bag. Avail Code: ZT3
  • Sportswear: Sun and Sand is a leading sportswear retailer in the UAE, so it's no surprise that they have a great selection of sportswear. Starting prices range from AED 50 for a pair of sneakers to AED 500 for a pair of designer sports shoes. Use Code: ZT4
  • Swimwear: With the hot weather in the UAE, swimwear is a must-have. Sun and Sand has a great selection of swimwear for kids and adults, starting at just AED 50. Get Code: ZT5

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Sun & Sand Sports Offers On Summer Wardrobe

When it comes to building a summer wardrobe, Sun and Sand Sports in the UAE is a great store to explore. Here are some suggestions for your summer wardrobe essentials available at Sun and Sand Sports:

Sun and Sand Sports Swimwear | Up to 70% Off 

  • One-Piece Swimsuits: Opt for stylish and comfortable one-piece swimsuits that offer both coverage and a flattering fit.

  • Brands : Speedo, Adidas, Nike, Arena, And More.

  • Bikinis: Choose from a range of trendy bikini sets in various prints, colors, and styles, including triangle tops, high-waisted bottoms, and halter necks.| Use Code: ZT6

Sun and Sand Sports Activewear | Up to 80% Off

  • Lightweight Tops: Look for breathable and moisture-wicking tops made from quick-drying fabrics that are perfect for outdoor activities and workouts in the summer heat.

  • Shorts and Skirts: Stay comfortable and cool with a selection of athletic shorts and skirts that allow freedom of movement during exercise or casual outings.

  • Brands including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, and more.

  • Sports Bras: Find supportive sports bras in different styles and designs to match your workout intensity and personal preference. | Use Code: ZT7

Sun and Sand Sports Footwear: Up to 75% Off

  • Sandals: Explore a range of stylish sandals for casual wear, beach outings, or poolside relaxation. Look for comfortable options with cushioned soles and adjustable straps.

  • Sneakers: Invest in lightweight and breathable sneakers that provide comfort and support for your summer workouts or daily activities. | Use Code: ZT8.

  • Sun and Sand Sports features footwear from renowned brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, and more.

Sun and Sand Sports Accessories | Up to 80% Off

  • Hats and Caps: Shield yourself from the sun with trendy hats and caps in various styles such as wide-brimmed hats, bucket hats, or classic baseball caps.

  • Sunglasses: Protect your eyes and elevate your style with a pair of sunglasses that offer both UV protection and a fashionable look.

  • Beach Towels: Choose vibrant and absorbent beach towels that reflect your personal style and are perfect for lounging by the pool or at the beach. | Use Code: ZT9.

  • Sun and Sand Sports showcases accessories from top brands like Oakley, Garmin, Herschel, and more.

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Sun And Sands Sports Sale Calendar UAE 2023

Sun & Sand Sports upcoming sales
Tentative dates
Approximate discounts
Sun & Sand Sports Clearance Sale
Live Now
90% discount on couple’s clothing & accessories
Sun & Sand Sports flash sale
On many occasions
Extra 20% off on all categories

Sun & Sand Sports Black Friday sale(Ongoing2

24th Nov to 29th Nov

70% discount on clothing & shoes 

Sun & Sand Sports 12.12 sale 

12th Dec 

Flat 50% discount on best-selling items with promo code

Sun & Sand Sports Christmas sale 

24th Dec - 28th Dec

Up to 50% discount with voucher code

Sun & Sand Sports end-of-season sale

30th Dec - 15th Jan

Flat 50% + extra 10% discount with discount code

Sun And Sand Sports UAE Clearance Sale

Celebrate the new year with SSS UAE’s clearance sale. Get unprecedented discounts of up to 90% on men’s clothing, and women’s clothing, accessories, equipment, shoes, and more. Use the Sun And Sand Sports coupon ZT10 to get flat 20% off in the categories 

  • Clothing: Sun and Sand Sports UAE has a wide collection of stylish and high-quality sports and athleisure clothing for men, women, and children in the categories of footwear, tank tops, shorts, and more. Use Sun and Sand Sports promo code ZT1
  • Shoes: Get yourself a new pair of kicks with the extensive range of comfortable and durable footwear for men, women, and kids available at up to 70% off with the Sun and Sand sports coupon code  ZT2
  • Accessories: Purchase from Sun and Sand Sports' extensive line of sports accessories including but not limited to backpacks, socks, hats, hijab, and more from popular activewear brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and more. Use the Sun and Sand Sports coupon code ZT3
  • Equipment: Sun and Sand Sports is the one-stop destination for all your sports equipment. Get your sports gear and equipment including treadmills, balls, cycles, body supports, aids, and more using the SSS coupon code ZT4

Discover Here

Sun And Sand Flash Sale UAE

Grab your hands on this amazing flash sale offer from Sun and Sand and get your favorite products and accessories at pocket-friendly prices. You can choose from women’s sportswear, men’s sportswear, kid’s sportswear, and more with the Sun And Sand Sports flash sale. 

Sale Date

Expected Discount

On Many Occasions 

Up to 50% + extra 30% off 

Sun And Sand Sports Code 

Sun And Sand Black Friday Sale UAE

SSS celebrates 24th November as Black Friday in the United Arab Emirates and during this time they offer great discounts on popular categories. Participate in the biggest sale of the year and get up to 70% discount on SSS best-selling products during the SSS White Friday sale with SSS voucher codes

Sun And Sand Black Friday Sale 

Expected Discount

24th- 29th November

70% discount on clothing & shoes

Sun And Sand Sports Code 

Categories and brands on sale:

  • Top brands including Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and more are on discount during the black Friday sale. Get a colossal 20% off on the latest fashion wears like clothes, sneakers, bags & more.

Sun And Sand 11.11 Sale UAE

The 11th Nov is celebrated in UAE as a savings day because all the biggest shopping websites provide 11.11 sales including SSS UAE. Get unprecedented discounts on the SSS clothing & accessories collection. Shop more to save more at this SSS 11.11 sale and enjoy hefty discounts of up to 70% by using the SSS promo codes. 

Sun And Sand 11.11 Sale UAE

Sun And Sand 11.11 Sale 

Expected Discount

11th November-13th November

75% discount on clothing, shoes, equipment and more.

Sun And Sand Sports Code 

Top Offers On Major Brands

  • Nike: Expected discount up to 50% 

  • Under Armour: Up to 60% off

  • Puma:Get up to 50% off

  • Timberland: Up to 50% off

  • Vans: Avail up to 40% off

  • New Balance: Get up to 40% off

  • Jordan: Avail up to 30% off

  • Converse: Get up to 40% off

Sun And Sand 12.12 Sale UAE

A huge clearance sale dominates the UAE market on 12th December. SSS also participates in this trend by offering one of the biggest sales of the year. You can get exclusive discounts, and cashback offers on your next shopping from SSS 12.12 sale. Enjoy up to 50% discount on trendy & fashionable clothing items from SSS UAE, and get extra discounts on sitewide products using the SSS promo codes.

SSS 12.12 sale : 50% Off

Sun And Sand 12.12 Sale 

Expected Discount

12th December-13th December

50% discount on clothing, shoes, equipment, and more.

Sun And Sand Sports Code

Sun And Sand Sports Christmas Sale UAE

SSS  celebrates the annual Christmas sale on their official UAE website from 24th December. Customers can expect to get hefty discounts of up to 50% on trendy winter clothing- jackets, hoodies, coats, sweaters, woolen pullovers, etc. Get an extra discount on all orders using the SSS voucher codes during checkout.

SSS christmas sale: 10% Off

Sun And Sand Christmas Sale

Expected Discount

24th Dec-29th Dec

50% discount on clothing, shoes, equipment and more.

Sun And Sand Sports 
  • Its range of products includes Goalkeeper Gloves, Injury Prevention and mouthguards, Home Fitness, Equipment, Swimming Aids, Tennis Rackets and balls, Yoga Mats, and equipment, and a lot more that you won’t find easily elsewhere.

  • Women can find almost every type of sports accessory which includes Hijab, Sunglasses, Socks, Gloves and scarves, Wearable Tech, Water Bottles, Towels, Goggles, Bags, Caps, and much more

How To Use Sun And Sand Sports Promo Code?

By following these five steps, you can easily apply a Sun and Sand Sports promo code to enjoy discounts on your purchases and make the most of your shopping experience.

  • Browse the Sun and Sand Sports website and add the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart. Make sure to choose the correct sizes and quantities.
  • Once you've added all the items you want to purchase, click on the shopping cart icon or the Checkout button to start the checkout process.
  • During the checkout process, you will find a field labeled Promo Code or Coupon Code. This is where you will enter the promo code to apply the discount, use promo code: ZT10
  • Paste the copied promo code into the designated field. After entering the code, click on the Apply or Submit button next to the field. The discount associated with the promo code should be applied to your order total. Make sure the discount is reflected before proceeding.
  • Review your order to ensure all the information is accurate, including the discounted price. Once you're satisfied, continue with the checkout process by providing your shipping address, payment information, and any other necessary details. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

Extra Saving Tips And Tricks With SSS Upcoming Sale

Sun And Sand Sports App Discount

  • Applicable for both regular and sale prices.

  • Applicable to the initial order made through the SSS App.

  • Cannot be combined with any other promotions.

  • To access the code, the customer must be signed in.

  • Save a flat 25% off.

  • Discounts are limited to AED 100, SAR 100, and KWD 10. 

SSS Free Shipping Code

Customers may take advantage of free shipping from Sun and Sand Sports as well as an additional 20% off by entering the promotional code " ZT3" . Get free shipping on a variety of items, including shoes, nutrition, equipment, and more. The minimum cart value required to avail of the free shipping is AED 99 by using Sun and Sand Sports voucher code.


Sun And Sand New User Discount

  • Get 20% off your first three orders when you use the Sun and Sand Sports promo code.

  • Applicable for both full-price and sale goods.

  • You cannot club with any other promotions.

  • At checkout, a discount code is applied.

  • In order to receive the code, the customer must be logged in.

  • Save a flat 20%.

  • Discounts are limited to 80 AED, 80 SAR, and 8 KWD.

  • Can only be used with the SSS App. Not redeemable at any SSS retail locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.When does the Sun and Sand Sports end-of-season sale start?

The start date of the sale may vary from year to year. It's always best to check the Sun and Sand Sports website or social media pages for the latest updates on the sale start date.

Q. Can I find the same sale prices online as I can in the store?

Yes, you can typically find the same sale prices both online and in-store. However, some products or promotions may only be available online or in-store, so it's always a good idea to check before making a purchase.

Q. Are all products included in the sale, or only select items?

The sale may include select items or categories of products, and some exclusions may apply. It's best to check the details of the sale or contact Sun and Sand Sports customer service for more information.

Q. Are there any exclusions or restrictions on the sale?

There may be some exclusions or restrictions on the sale, such as certain brands or products not included in the promotion. Check the details of the sale or contact customer service for more information.

Q. How much can I expect to save during the sale?

The amount of savings may vary depending on the products included in the sale and the discount percentage offered. It's best to check the details of the sale for specific information on savings.

Q.Is there free shipping during the sale period?

This may vary depending on the terms of the sale. Some sales may offer free shipping, while others may not. Check the details of the sale or contact customer service for more information.

Q. Can I return sale items if they don't fit or I don't like them?

This may depend on the specific terms of the sale and Sun and Sand Sports' return policy. Check the details of the sale or contact customer service for more information on returns.


You may easily discover everything you need under one roof to help you achieve your goals, whether you're an experienced athlete or a newbie trainer. Use Sun and Sand Sports coupon code to enjoy discounts during this sale season and shop all of your favorite sports brands in one place for significant savings.

By Puja Pal - Content Specialist