Win 2000 AED Scholarship: Write An Essay on Ecommerce Brands

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By Sushmita Sasi - Content Specialist Jul 01 2021 Share this blog

UAE has always been lauded as the ‘land’ of learning ancient subjects along with encountering intriguing aspects of modern architecture, which is very uncommon to the rest of the world. Therefore, opting this ‘elongated’ landmass as a place to study ancient history, philology, modern engineering, science and architecture is alluring to lots of global students. 

Although, you can apply for numerous government and privately sponsored scholarships for carrying out annual 35,000 to 75,000 AED tuition fees, yet plenty of special privately held bodies regularly put up innovative fellowship amounts; which is small but very appreciable. 

2000 AED scholarship programme by zoutons.ae is one such that enables a cash reward based on essay writing (on top e-commerce brand) competition. So, let’s disinter the details of this special programme.

2000 AED Scholarship Programs: Basic Details You Must Know

What the program is all about

An essay writing project with a reward of 2000 AED cash

Application starting date

Already have started from the onset of June, 2021

Application ending date

End of Feb, 2022

Whom the award for

Global students seeking admission at UAE

Application procedure

Online only at zoutons.ae

Eligible to

Admission, only for undergraduate and graduate course

Amount equivalent

545 USD, 392 Pound, 40, 348 INR, 2,042 Saudi Riyal etc.

Word limit of the essay

Not more than 1500

Declaration of result

March 15, 2022

A Brief Glance On Top UAE Universities & Average Tuition Fees

While you may be regularly updated about world class universities of USA, UK and Australia, UAE still ranks a little far in comparison. But finding a relevant pair is really tough while looking for top class teachings on an ancient study course, studies on semiotics (i.e. symbology), modern architectural science or modern MBA etc. Therefore, before wheeling on the essay based scholarship programs, you can roll a smart glance to these universities ranked top in the UAE.

  • United Arab Emirates University

  • American University of Sharjah

  • Khalifa University

  • Zayed University

  • American University in Dubai

Average annual costs of these universities circulate between 35 to 70,000 AED for undergraduate courses and 55 to 75,000 AED for postgraduate. Despite governmental and sponsored funding, you may also participate in part time jobs at library, cafes that help you to earn 3000-6000 AED monthly, enough to carry living expenses.

**Note: admission process at UAE is similar to an UK or USA university; starts from September each year

2000 AED Scholarship Program : Who Are Eligible?

To get 2000 UAE Dirham reward points via this innovative programme you have to ensure a few simple eligibility criteria details, which are marked below.

Age specification

As the program solely for graduate & undergraduate programme, you’ve to be at least 18+ in age

When and how to claim it

Only after your admission gets completed to an UAE university 

Syntax & content of essay

Pick one of any UAE’s top Ecommerce brands present on Zoutons.ae and submit your review.  You can choose from over 140+ brands. Keep the word limit between 1000-1500 words

Limitations you must maintain

Essay should be free of grammatical errors and have captive grasp on words

It should not be plagiarised

It should be devoid of biased or offensive inputs such as poking pious faith, slang and pornographic contents, dark & mendacious ideologies etc.

How To Apply For The 2000 AED Scholarship Programme?

Take your time to get ready for the application procedure once you become familiar with the eligibility criteria. There is no need to rush in as you will get enough time to apply. So, complete your pending and priority tasks first and then proceed. However, you must also note that there is no first come first rule for the programme.

Hence, the lucid steps for application are as follows...

  • Browse and log into zoutons.ae

  • Then search and open the scholarship portal

  • Start registration process with your name, valid email address, passport photo, age and so on

  • After you are finished with all these, upload your essay to the required place, that’s all.

  • Application is open from June, 2021 to Feb 28, 2022.

**Note: Remember, there is no application fee associated with, so, no need to be agitated. 

Click To View Application Form

How To Select An Essay Topic?

Select a brand you feel , you can review well about, do an impactful research and then put your thoughts on paper. To get a little assistance on choosing your topic for review, you can visit Zouton.ae and scan through the available store list. With over 140 brands, ranging in all categories, you can pick you desired brand and proceed with your research and reviewing essay. 

Here's  a quick brief on how to get started:

  • Choose a brand from the list given on the website

  • Make a detailed research on the brand website you select. Take reference from zoutons.ae.

  • Try to focus on the essay area and avoid writing far fetched content.

  • In addition to these three basic parameters, pay a concentrated attention to essay structure and syntax. Such as:

    • Grammatical and punctuation easiness

    • Concordination between your thoughts and articulations

    • Link and connection among paragraphs

    • Lucid rhythm 

2000AED Scholarship Programs: Terms & Conditions

Well, after you get accomplished with the scholarship application, you must also adhere to the guidelines and limitations put up by the sponsoring group. Which are as follows.

  • The application can be accessed only once per user

  • Only one candidate will be selected as winner for the award

  • The writeup should be written in English Language

  • You can’t ask personal favour for preponing the result announcement or similar solicits

  • The award comes only in cash therefore, devoid of extra benefits

  • The award would directly be sent to the registered university, where you've taken admission. Hence, you can’t claim it personally without showing valid proof.

  • You don’t need to worry about tax deductions as the UAE govt. doesn’t levy tax on individuals

  • No further request will be entertained after the reward program gets over.

  • The sponsor's decision will be the final and last.

Announcement Of Result & Selection Criteria

As the last date of the application is 28th February of 2022, you can send the article till this date but not after the deadline. And you will receive an automatic notification at your email once the result is out. 

Selection of the winner preoccupies to following points

  • Creativity on topic selection

  • Smart and lucid concatenation between individual thought and words

  • Presentation as well as engaging storytelling

  • Looking for specific insights; related to contemporary social or global issues, if raised

  • Grammatical coherence and righteousness

  • Punctuation, spelling, proofread

  • Marking collocation etc.


So, stay tuned up with this scholarship program, write an engaging essay on your favourite topic, win the honour and let your dream to study at a top ranked Middle East University fulfilled. It’s true that the amount is not huge but enough to buy you one side’s flight ticket! Moreover, a reward is a reward! So, apply at zoutons.ae and wait for a happy boarding to UAE in September 2022 !