Yellow Friday Sale 2023 | Maximum 90% Off On All Your Purchases

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The Yellow Friday Sale in UAE is just around the corner with discounts of up to 90% off on electronics, fashion, home decor, beauty, and more from the 20th of November till the 28th of November. Use the Yellow Friday 2023 coupons to get significant discounts on your purchases at the Yellow Friday 2023 sale.

Yellow Friday Sale 2023 Coupon Codes | November Exclusives

With the Yellow Friday Sale 2023 just around the corner, here are the Yellow Friday 2023 promo codes that you can use to avail discounts on your purchase across the various stores and websites across the UAE.

Yellow Friday Sale 2023 Discount Codes
Promo Codes & Offers

Noon UAE

Up To 90% + An Extra 10% Off On Fashion, Electronics, And More 



Up To 70% Off On Electronics, Fashion, Groceries, And More

Redeem Now


Up To 75% + Extra 40% Off On First Order


Sharaf DG

UpTo 85% + Extra 15% Off On Smartphones, Laptops, And More

Avail Now


Get Up To 70% + Extra 16% Discount On Activewear


Crate & Barrel

Up To 75% + An Extra 20% Off On Home and Outdoor Furnishing and Decor


Pottery Barn

Get Up To 70% + An Extra 5% Off On Home Furniture


Bloomingdale’s UAE

Up To 70% + An Extra 10% Off On The Latest Fashion Edits


Bath & Body Works

Max 80% Off On Bodycare and Home Care

Redeem Now

Namshi UAE

Max 80% + Extra 10%-15% Discount On Clothing & Beauty With Voucher Code


West Elm

Up To 75% + An Extra 5% Off On Furniture and Decor


Sun And Sand Sports

Get Up To 90% Off + Extra 10% Off On Your Purchase In Multiple Categories


Ounass UAE

Up To 70% + An Extra 10% On Everything


Level Shoes

Claim An Additional 10% Off On Your Purchase Of Latest Shoes


When is Yellow Friday 2023 Sale?

The Yellow Friday 2023 Sale is celebrated around the same time as the Black Friday sale by a few of the top retailers in the UAE. Here are the Yellow Friday dates for this year. 

Yellow Friday 2023 Dates(موعد الجمعة الصفراء 2023)


20th November to 28th November


Up to 90% Off On Electronics, Fashion, Beauty, Home Improvement Tools, and more

Best Selling Categories At The Yellow Friday Sale 2023

1. Home Furnishing: Home furnishings encompass a wide range of items that enhance the comfort, style, and functionality of your living space. This category includes furniture, curtains, rugs, cushions, bedding, and decorative items like lamps and artwork. Shop from popular stores and websites using the West Elm and Crate and Barrel promo codes A4237 and C90 respectively.

2. Furniture: Furniture includes items such as sofas, chairs, tables, beds, dressers, and cabinets that are used to furnish homes and workplaces. It serves functional and aesthetic purposes, providing seating, storage, and workspace solutions. Avail the West Elm promo code A4237 and the Crate and Barrel coupon code C91 to get a flat 5% and 20% off respectively. 

3. Security Gadgets: Security gadgets are electronic devices designed to enhance the safety and security of homes and properties and include items like security cameras, alarm systems, motion sensors, smart locks, and video doorbells. Use the Noon coupon code ZOUT11 and get a flat 10% off on your purchase.

4. Smart Speakers: Smart speakers are voice-activated devices equipped with virtual assistants like Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple's Siri that allow you to play music, answer questions, control smart home devices, and provide information. Check out the smart speakers collection on the Amazon, Noon, and Sharaf DG websites using the respective coupons to get up to 80% off.

5. Gaming Consoles: Gaming consoles are specialized computers designed for gaming. Popular examples include the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. These devices allow users to play video games and often provide online gaming capabilities. Use the Noon coupon code ZOUT11 and the Sharaf DG promo codes.

6. Footwear: Get footwear designed for various purposes, including athletic activities, formal events, casual wear, and outdoor adventures. They come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials. Use the Level Shoes promo code ZOUT1 and the Dropkick coupon code AE71 to get an additional 10% and 5% off respectively on your purchase.

7. Pet Food: Pet food refers to nutritionally balanced meals specifically formulated for the dietary needs of dogs, cats, and other pets. It can include dry kibble, wet canned food, and treats. Use the Noon coupon code ZOUT11 to get an additional 10% off and the Carrefour promo code 4AZ to get an additional 40% off on your purchase.

8. Baby Supplies: Baby supplies encompass a range of products essential for caring for infants and young children. This category includes items like diapers, baby clothing, strollers, cribs, bottles, and baby care products. Avail an additional 10% off on your purchase using the Mumzworld promo code PSE388.

9. Food: Food refers to edible items consumed for nourishment. It encompasses a vast array of products, including fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, packaged snacks, and beverages. Food can be fresh, frozen, or canned.  Get your food delivered to your doorstep using the Careem Now discount code FD25 and the NowNow promo code ZOUT to get an additional AED 20 and 5% off on your purchase.

10. Accessories: Accessories are items that complement and enhance one's appearance or daily life. This category includes jewelry, handbags, scarves, hats, sunglasses, and belts. Accessories are often used to add style and personality to outfits. Use the OUNASS promo code NN36 to get an extra 5% off on your purchase of dainty accessories.

Yellow Friday Sale Noon 2023  | Up To 90% Off

The Yellow Friday Sale Noon 2023 dates are out and so are the discounts. Avail discounts on the bestselling products and brands with up to 90% off on your purchase from the 20th of November to the 28th of November. Here are the Noon categories to go on sale at Noon Yellow Friday 2023:

Avail up to 90% discount on your purchase

  • Electronics and Accessories: With over 10,000 electronic products from top brands like Samsung, Huawei, Apple, OnePlus, and more with up to 70% off 

  • Fashion Accessories: Avail up to 80% off using the Noon coupon code ZOUT11 at the Noon Yellow Friday sale on women's and men's fashion and accessories with choices from over 250+ brands including RayBan, MANGO, Vero Moda, Lacoste, and more at the Noon sale 2023. 

  • Home And Kitchen Appliances: Make your household chores easy with the home and kitchen appliances available on the Noon website at up to 60% off. Avail free delivery and 0% installment on the purchase of small and large appliances from brands like LG, Pansonic, Super General, HUAWEI, Samsung, and more with an additional 10% off upon the application of the Yellow Friday promo code ZOUT15

  • Fragrances: Purchase tantalizing fragrances from local and luxury brands like Versace, Calvin Klein, GUCCI, Burberry, and more with a maximum of 70% off and a minimum of 30% off using the Noon promo code ZOUT12 at the Noon upcoming sale.

  • Beauty and Personal Care: Choose the most skin-friendly products in skincare, grooming, and make-up from esteemed brands like Eucerin, Garnier, MAC, NYX, and more, and get an additional 10% off using the Yellow Friday sale Noon coupon code ZOUT11

  • Baby Essentials: For all new mothers, the Noon Yellow Friday sale has the best discounts, especially on baby prams, strollers, and more with up to 60% off using the Noon discount code ZOUT14.

Bank Offers At The Noon Yellow Friday Sale 2023

Avail extra savings on your purchase during the Noon Yellow Friday Sale by applying these bank and credit card offers: 

  • Get 20% off on your purchase on the Noon website on payments made via the Emirates NBD credit card and the Emirates Islamic Credit Card. 

  • Get a flat 25% off on your purchase with Noon using the Emirates NBD and Emirates Islamic credit card. 

  • Get 10% unlimited cashback with Noon Mashreq credit card. New users are also eligible to get an AED 1000 welcome bonus on a minimum AED 8000+ expenditure and AED 500 on AED 5000 to AED 8000 expenditure + Noon free delivery on Noon Express items. The Welcome bonus is available only upon hitting the required purchase amount within the first two months of applying for the card. 

  • Pay for your purchases in 4 easy interest-free installments with the Buy Now, Pay Later services provided by the banks of Mashreq, FAB, Emirates NBD, ADCB, Standard Chartered, and more.

Mumzworld Discount Code For The Yellow Friday Sale 2023 | Up To 90% Off

Mumzworld is here with their biggest sale of the year, the Yellow Friday sale. Use the Mumzworld to avail discounts in the categories of:

Avail up to 90% off on your purchase

  • Gear: Mumzworld is offering their buyers up to 65% off on Baby gear which includes strollers, car seats, bags/carries, bath and bedroom essentials from top brands like Teknum, Jikel, Bumble & Bird, KinderKraft, Skip Hop, 4Moms, and more. 

  • Feeding: Make feeding time a fun time for the babies as well as for the mothers with a wide range of feeding products including bottle feeding, breast pumps, cutlery, pacifiers, teethers, bibs, and more available at up to 75% off. Shop from popular brands like Baby Brezza, Elvie, Mesela, Philips Avent, Dr Brown's, and more available at an additional 10% off using the code PSE388.

  • Baby Essentials: Your baby needs a lot of essentials to have a comfortable growing space. Use the Mumzworld discount code PSE388 to get up to 80% off on diapers, wipes, diaper bins, changing mats, and more. 

  • Home Essentials: Avail the Mumzworld promo code PSE388 to get up to 80% off on home items like vacuums, air fryers, coffee machines, blenders, kettles, and more from brands like Nutricook, Philips, Samsung, Braun, and more. 

  • Toys: Buy toys that are fun to play with and at the same time educational for your child available at up to 80% off. Use the Mumzworld discount code PSE388 to get an additional 10% off on baby/pre-school toys, wooden toys, pretend play, and educational and creative toys at the Yellow Friday sale on Mumzworld. 

  • Fashion: Get the best in kids’ and mother's fashionwear with up to 80% off on boys', girls', and maternal clothing with the Mumzworld coupon code PSE388

Mumzworld Discount Code For 100% Cashback

Download the Mumzworld app to receive up to 100% cashback or up to AED 2000 on your purchase. Here are the terms and conditions of the Mumzworld discount code for cashback: 

Buy AboveCashback ReceivedMonthly VoucherMinimum Order Value
AED 500AED 500Free AED 50AED 350
AED 750AED 750Free AED 75AED 450
AED 1000AED 1000Free AED 100AED 650
AED 2000AED 2000Free AED 200AED 1300
  • Cashback is available only on purchases made via the Mumzworld app.

  • Cashback is applicable on a minimum purchase of AED 500 on a single transaction. 

  • Cashback available is based on delivered and non-returned items.

  • The Mumzworld cashback offer is live till October 2024.

Ways To Save At The Yellow Friday Sale UAE

Here are the multiple ways in which you can save at the Yellow Friday sales at the various stores and websites across the UAE:

  • Free Shipping: Get free shipping on all orders. Some stores have a minimum cart value for availing of this offer, while others hand out free shipping as a part of their sale. Avail to the free shipping offer to save money on your shipping charges. 

  • Gift card: Gift cards are one of the most underrated yet profitable ways to save money for yourself as well as for others. 

  • Referral Code: Use the Referral codes available at the multiple stores in the UAE to get discounts on your first purchase. 

  • Bank/ Credit Card Offers: Use the Credit Cards of particular banks to get added discounts on your purchase. Most stores have a tie-up with one or more banks to bring to their buyers more opportunities to save. 

  • Sign-Up Offer: Sign up to the websites with a valid email address and get an additional discount on your first order and all updates regarding the upcoming sale events. 

  • Clubbing Of Coupons: Club your coupons to get maximum discounts on your purchase. Make the best coupon combos and get your purchase at the lowest possible price. 

  • Membership Discount: Sign up to become a member at the many stores in the UAE to get benefits, which include personalized discounts, early access to sales, and many more such benefits. 


1. What is Yellow Friday?

Yellow Friday is a retail opportunity for people living in the UAE to make huge savings of up to 90% off on their purchases at various stores and websites. 

2. When is Yellow Friday 2023 in UAE?

The Yellow Friday 2023 is live since the 20th of November to the 28th of November with discounts of up to 90% off at the top stores in the UAE 


3. Is the Noon Yellow offer available on electronics?

Yes Noon is offering up to 80% off on the category of electronic gadgets and appliances from top brands like Samsung, Apple, LG, Nutricook, Lenovo, and more with an additional 10% off using the Noon coupon code ZOUT11

4. Is the Yellow Sale 2023 Dubai the same as Black Friday 2023 Dubai?

Yes, the Yellow Sale 2023 is of the same nature as the Black Friday 2023 Dubai as they are both retail opportunities taking place at the exact same time offering customers discounts that are equally massive on more or less the same categories. 


Take advantage of the Yellow Friday Sales at the top stores in the UAE. Use the coupons and promo codes available on the Zoutons. ae website to avail up to 90% off your purchase in the various categories of home decor and furniture, fashion, electronics, and more.

By Aparajita Podder - Author