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souKare Promo Codes & Discount Codes February 2024

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  • UP TO 50% OFF
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    • Soukare offers this deal to all new & existing users across UAE & KSA
    • Order for pharmacy, contact lenses, pharmaceuticals, nutrition & more
      • Discount available is up to 50% on base prices
    • Brands available are Pfizer, Bioderma, Nivea, Sunshine Nutrition, etc.
    • Combine existing Soukare coupon code at checkout to save more

  • UP TO 35% OFF
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    • New & existing users can redeem Soukare coupons via app or web
    • Order for coloured lenses with savings of up to 35% on prices
    • Brands available: Lens Me, Anesthesia, Solotica Hydrosol & more
    • To save more, combine existing Soukare discount code at checkout

  • MAX 35% OFF


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    • Order for corrective lenses and save up to a maximum of 35%
      • Brands: Acuvue, Avaira, Bausch & Lomb & more
    • Users across UAE & KSA can avail Soukare offers via app or website
    • Save extra on purchases by combining Soukare promo code at checkout
    • Claim free delivery on orders over AED 100 with Soukare codes

  • UP TO 50% OFF


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    • Soukare KSA offers up to 50% off on personal care products on categories like
      • Baby Care, Bath & Body, Cosmetics, Face Care, Hair Care, Aromatherapy, Mother Care, etc.
      • Top brands: Abbott, Active Plus, Betadine, CareVe, Dento, Dettol, Fine, Garnier, and many more
    • Both new & existing customers can redeem the diacount

  • UP TO 50% OFF


    Show more | Last used 1 month ago
    • All users are eligible to redeem Soukare coupons via app or web
    • Offer is valid on vitamins & supplements with max savings of up to 50%
      • Available: Formulas, vitamins, supplements, herbs, minerals, etc.
    • To save extra, combine existing Soukare discount code at checkout

  • 20% OFF


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    • 20% off is availed by all users with no minimum order value
    • SouKare lenses are available online or in-store
    • Mode of payment: PayPal, credit/debit card, cash on delivery, etc.

  • UP TO 40% OFF


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    • Order for pharmacy essentials from below options & save up to 40%
    • Available: Hormonal medicines, first aid, heart health & more
    • Both new & existing users across UAE & KSA can access Soukare offers
    • Claim free delivery on orders over AED 100 with Soukare code 

  • UP TO 40% OFF


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    • Place an order online via the app & website and choose from brands including:
      • 1UP Nutrition, 21st Century, About Time, BSN, Dymatize, Fizzi, Himalaya, etc.
      • Minimum cart value is not needed
    • All users can avail this discount across all UAE cities

    Avail free delivery on orders over AED 100.

  • UP TO 40% OFF


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    • Both old & new users can choose from glutamine powders, Whey protein, nutrition capsules, oils, etc.
    • SouKare KSA coupons can get clubbed for extra savings
    • Minimum cart value is not needed

  • UP TO 50% OFF


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    • Save up to 50% off from Sunshine Nutrition brand with no minimum order value
    • Discount is availed for both UAE & KSA region users
    • souKare discount codes can get clubbed for extra savings

    souKare Details

    souKare Coupons, Voucher & Discounts for February 2024

    SouKare Offers
    SouKare Discount Details
    SouKare Deals
    50% off Promo Code
    Get 50% off on every SouKare Product | Check the SouKare Promo Code
    View Deal
    SouKare Lenses Discount
    Buy Coloured lenses and get 35% off | Use the SouKare Coupon Code
    View Deal
    Discounts on Supplements
    SouKare Discount Code | Save up to 50% off  on Vitamins and Supplements
    View Deal
    SouKare Pharmacy Discount
    Avail 40% off on Pharmacy Essentials | Check the Soukare Coupons
    View Deal

    souKare Promo code

    Why Should I Choose SouKare?

    SouKare stands out as the go-to destination for healthcare and wellness shopping for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, their vast selection encompasses a wide array of products, from pharmacy essentials to contact lenses and supplements, ensuring they meet diverse health needs. Customers can shop with confidence, knowing that SouKare guarantees authenticity by sourcing products exclusively from authorized dealers. Moreover, SouKare offers competitive discounts of up to 50%, enabling shoppers to make significant savings. The platform's commitment to convenience is evident with its swift 90-minute delivery service, ensuring that customers receive their orders promptly. This level of accessibility extends worldwide, making SouKare's quality healthcare products available beyond the UAE and KSA.
    At SouKare, customer satisfaction is paramount, and their customer-focused service includes hassle-free returns for defective products. For those seeking additional savings, they can check the SouKare Discount Code which will provide extra incentives to choose SouKare for a seamless, cost-effective, and reliable healthcare and wellness shopping experience.

    What Are The Latest And Upcoming SouKare Sales In 2024?

    SouKare Limited Time Offer

    Customers can take advantage of the outstanding SouKare limited-time offer, which grants them a substantial 50% discount. This remarkable promotion covers a plethora of esteemed brands, including Aptamil, Basix, Bioderma, Centrum, Cetaphil, Lifebouy, Novalac, Ponds, and more. For additional savings and exclusive offers, shoppers are encouraged to explore the available SouKare Coupon Codes during their shopping journey.

    SouKare Offers on Dailies Total

    Customers can access exclusive discounts of up to 36% on Dailies Total Products, whether they require 30 disposable lenses or 90 disposable lenses. The added convenience of a swift 90-minute delivery is also available. To further enhance their savings, customers are encouraged to utilize the SouKare Coupon, which provides access to additional enticing offers and discounts.

    SouKare Deals on Acuvue

    Customers can now browse through a wide variety of prescription contact lenses from Acuvue at SouKare. They can avail themselves of generous discounts of up to 20% on every type of lens, all while benefitting from swift 90-minute delivery. For additional offers and discounts, customers are encouraged to explore the available SouKare Discount Code during their shopping experience.

    SouKare Saving Tips

    #SAVING TIP 1: Daily Deals and Offers

    Customers can now elevate their shopping experience for health, sports, wellness, pharmacy, and numerous other categories, enjoying discounts of up to 50% at SouKare. What's even more enticing is that the store regularly presents daily offers and deals, enhancing the convenience of shopping. Furthermore, shoppers can explore the SouKare Promo Code during checkout to unlock additional discounts and special offers.

    #SAVING TIP 2: SouKare Pharmacy

    Customers can find a diverse selection of pharmacy products at SouKare, catering to various health concerns like cold and cough, first aid, allergies, skin care, sexual health, respiratory health, hormonal medicines, and more. SouKare also offers the convenience of swift delivery within 90 minutes for eligible orders, with complimentary shipping on orders exceeding AED 100.

    #SAVING TIP 3: SouKare Signup Discount

    Customers can now acquire their desired products at SouKare and enjoy an enticing flat 10% discount on their inaugural purchase. All it takes is a simple registration with their email ID, granting them access to the latest offers and exclusive early access, delivered directly to their inbox.

    souKare Promo code

    What Are The Most Used SouKare Coupons In The Last 15 Days?

    SouKare Discount Code on all Orders: Up to 50% off

    For both new and existing users in the UAE and KSA, Soukare presents an exclusive offer. It encompasses an extensive selection of products, ranging from pharmacy essentials and contact lenses to pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. The discount available is substantial, with potential savings of up to 50% off the regular prices. This promotion features well-known brands like Pfizer, Bioderma, Nivea, Sunshine Nutrition, and more. To supercharge their savings, customers have the option to check out the Soukare Discount Code for additional discounts.

    SouKare Promo Code on Pharmacy Essentials: Save up to 40%

    Customers have the convenience of ordering a diverse range of pharmacy essentials such as Hormonal Medicines, First Aid supplies, Heart Health products, cough and cold remedies, and more. They can benefit from generous discounts of up to 40% on their purchases, applicable to both the UAE and KSA regions. Moreover, SouKare offers complimentary delivery for orders exceeding AED 100 and SAR 100, respectively. To access extra discounts and special offers, shoppers are encouraged to explore the SouKare Promo Code during the checkout process.

    SouKare Coupon Code on Vitamins and Supplements: Get up to 50% off

    Customers can take advantage of this compelling offer on vitamins and supplements, with the potential for substantial savings of up to 50%. Soukare's selection encompasses a variety of products, including formulas, vitamins, supplements, herbs, minerals, and more. To enhance their savings even further, shoppers can opt to merge their existing Soukare Coupon code during the checkout phase.

    SouKare Shopping Guide February 2024

    Contact Lenses

    Customers have the opportunity to access a diverse range of corrective and color lenses at SouKare, suitable for various usage durations, including daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly options. SouKare also offers specialized lenses such as Toric, Bi-focal, and Multi-focal, accompanied by lens cases and solutions for added convenience. Top brands like Acuvue, Air Optix, Bella, Diva, Lenseme, Core, Swati, and more are featured. For increased savings and exclusive offers, customers are encouraged to explore the available SouKare Promo Code during their shopping experience.

    Vitamins and Minerals

    Customers can explore an extensive range of Vitamins and Supplements at SouKare. The store offers specialized Formulas designed to address various health concerns, including Blood Support, Digestive Care, Sleep Support, Brain Support, and more. Additionally, users can find a diverse selection of Supplements, including multivitamins, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and more, sourced from top brands like 21st Century, Alive, Bio Nutrition, Sano Vit, and others. For additional offers and discounts, shoppers are encouraged to check out the available SouKare Coupon Code during their shopping journey.

    Sports Nutrition

    Users can now explore a diverse array of sports nutrition and supplements at SouKare. They have the option to choose from supplements designed to support muscle building, mass gain, weight loss, and various other fitness goals. SouKare also offers a variety of healthy snack bars that can be a refreshing addition to their pre and post-workout routine. To access extra offers and discounts, shoppers are encouraged to check out the available SouKare Promo Code during their shopping experience.


    At SouKare, shoppers can conveniently access a wide spectrum of pharmacy products covering various categories, including cough and cold remedies, first aid essentials, pain relief medications, heart health supplements, blood care products, sexual health aids, injections, health accessories, and much more. To elevate their shopping experience and unlock valuable savings, customers are encouraged to make use of the SouKare Discount Code during the checkout process.

    Personal Care

    SouKare offers a vast selection of personal care products, ensuring customers can find everything they need. The range includes bath and body products, face care solutions, hair care essentials, aromatherapy items, baby care products, mother care necessities, oral care supplies, cosmetics, hygiene products, and various accessories. These products feature reputable brands such as Nivea, Pampers, Vichy, Bioderma, Johnson & Johnson, Himalaya, and more. For added savings and discounts, shoppers are encouraged to explore the available SouKare Coupon Code during their shopping journey.

    How To Use SouKare Promo Code?

    Using SouKare discount codes is a straightforward process that allows you to save on your healthcare and wellness product purchases. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the SouKare Promo Code.

    1. Visit the SouKare Website: Start by going to the website or the official SouKare website (

    2. Browse Products: Explore the wide range of healthcare and wellness products available on the website. Add the items you want to purchase to your cart by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button.

    3. View Cart: Once you've added products to your cart, click on the shopping cart icon (usually located in the upper right corner) to view the contents of your cart.

    4. Review Your Order: Double-check the items in your cart to ensure they are correct. You can also adjust the quantities if needed.

    5. Apply Discount Code: Look for a field that allows you to enter a discount code or promo code. This field is often labeled as "Discount Code," "Promo Code," or something similar.

    6. Enter the Code: Type or paste the SouKare Promo code you have into the designated field. Make sure you enter it accurately to avoid any errors.

    7. Apply the Code: After entering the code, click the "Apply" or "Submit" button (or similar wording) to apply the discount to your order.

    8. Check the Discount: Verify that the discount has been successfully applied to your order. You should see the total price adjusted to reflect the discount.

    9. Proceed to Checkout and Confirm: If everything looks correct, proceed to the checkout process by clicking the "Checkout" or "Proceed to Checkout" button. Follow the prompts to enter your shipping address, payment information, and any other required details to complete your purchase. 

    Similar Stores on

    SouKare has some strong competitors in the global market. SouKare has come out to be a brand that is out of the box in satisfying its customers with its wide and exclusive range of body care and skincare products. 

    Popular Stores On Zoutons.Ae

    In addition, shoppers can relish exclusive discounts and offers from a multitude of renowned stores and brands through, enhancing their savings and shopping experience even further.

    What Is The SouKare Exchange and Return Policy?

    Every wellness, health, and beauty product purchased from SouKare is guaranteed to be authentic and sourced exclusively from authorized and registered dealers. SouKare places the highest priority on health, hygiene, and safety, which is why they do not permit returns or exchanges of products after purchase. In the event of encountering manufacturing defects, customers are encouraged to contact the dedicated service team at within 7 days of receiving the product. The SouKare team will promptly conduct an inspection and, upon verifying the defect, arrange for a replacement of the product. SouKare's commitment is to ensure customer satisfaction and well-being by providing top-quality products and responsive service.

    What Is The SouKare Shipping Policy?

    SouKare offers global delivery services, reaching customers not only in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia but also across various Middle Eastern countries and the rest of the world. It should be noted that shipping charges on KSA for fitness items are based on the weight of the items. 

    Country / Region
    Delivery Time
    UAE Dubai
    90 minutes
    Free on orders above AED 100 and AED 15 for small items
    UAE - Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Northern Emirates
    Next Day
    Free on orders above AED 100 and AED 15 for small items
    Saudi Arabia
    2-5 Days
    Free for contact lens orders above SAR 100 and SAR 50 for smaller items

    How Can I Get In Touch With SouKare Customer Care?

    To place orders:
    1. You can reach out to SouKare via email at, or simply place your order directly through the website.
    2. Feel free to give a call at +971 (0)4 250 4200 at any time during the regular business hours.

    For support and feedback:
    1. If you need assistance or want to share your feedback, contact them via email at
    2. You can also reach them by phone at +971 (0)4 250 4200 during regular working hours.

    The working hours are from 8 am to midnight, seven days a week.

    What Are The Available Payment Modes At SouKare?


    How To Download SouKare App?

    How To Connect With SouKare On Social Media?

    SouKare FAQs

    Q. My SouKare Promo Code Is Not Working, What Should I Do? 
    Users can follow these steps:

    •  Check that the SouKare promo code that you entered is correct.
    • Do go through the terms and conditions of that SouKare coupon code.
    • Check out the expiration date of the entered coupon code. 
    • Make sure that your SouKare Coupon code is applied to the right category of order.
    • Also, note that if the coupon has any minimum order value required for availing it.

    Q. Is there any souKare Promo Code first order?
    Shoppers can enjoy a flat 10% discount on their very first order at SouKare simply by registering with a valid email ID. No need to use a coupon code for the first order to avail of this discount. 

    Q. How much discount can I expect on SouKare Lenses?
    At SouKare, shoppers can enjoy significant discounts of up to 35% on both colored and corrective lenses, all without the need for a SouKare Discount Code.

    Q. Is it possible to apply Soukare discount codes with any payment method?
    Certainly, you can typically utilize Soukare discount codes with various payment methods. However, it's crucial to review the specific terms and conditions associated with each code to determine whether it can be stacked with other promotions or discounts.

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