Friendship Day Gift Ideas UAE | July 2023 | Get Up To 80% Off On Gifts For Friends

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With Friendship Day just around the corner, here are some great gift ideas to make the day unique and memorable for your friends. Purchase from popular gift stores like JOI Gifts, FNP, Noon, Amazon, and more using coupons and promo codes to get the best discounts on your purchase. 

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Trending Friendship Day Promo Codes  July 2023 

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When Is Friendship Day In The UAE?

Friendship Day is a very special occasion for people across various age groups to celebrate the years of friendship they share with their closest pals. Here are the dates for the Friendship Day celebrations in the UAE

Friendship Day In The UAE


30th July


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What To Do For Friendship Day?

If you are having a tough time figuring out what to do for Friendship Day for your friends and colleagues, here are a few unique and thoughtful Friendship Day ideas that you can choose from based on the environment:

Friendship Day Ideas For Pre-School | Flat 10% off 

Friendship Day Ideas For Pre-School | Flat 10% off

The kids need to understand the importance of friendship from the very initial years of schooling, and hence celebrating friendship day in pre-school might be a good idea in not only establishing friendship among the children but can also be a good team building exercise. Here are a few good friendship day ideas for preschool: 

  • Friendship Craft: Organize handicraft activities where children can sit together and make friendship bracelets, cards, origami, and other small crafts to gift their friends. Use the Noon coupon code ZOUT1 to get a flat 10% off. 

  • Friendship Circle: Gather children, make them sit in a circle, and circle,d dedicate the time to discussing the values and importance of friendships. Read stories of friendship and allow the children to say a few lines about their friends. Use the Amazon coupon code to get up to 80% off on your purchase.  Use the JOI Gifts promo code CMENA

  • Friendship Games: Plan interactive games to develop a spirit of teamwork, and friendship among the little toddlers. 

  • Friendship Potluck: Suggest the kids bring food from their homes and hold a potluck during lunch. This teaches the children the importance of sharing. 

  • Friendship Tree: Much like a family tree, ask the children to make a friendship tree, mentioning all their dear friends on each of the branches of the tree. 

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Friendship Idea For School | Flat 30% Off

Friendship Idea For School | Flat 30% Off

School plays a very pivotal role in establishing the roots of friendship, many of which last a lifetime, hence, it is very important to create an environment for a healthy friendship to bloom, and celebrating friendship might just be the right step towards it. Here are a few ideas appropriate for kindergarten and elementary school: 

Friendship Day Activities Kindergarten

  • Friendship Day bracelets: Make bracelets from scratch using beads, flowers, and other earthy elements for your friends. Use the Swarovesky code 4NET

  • Kindness Wall: Scribble on the Kind Wall, kind and thoughtful messages for your friends. You can also draw pictures of yourself and your friends for everyone to see. Use the Noon coupon code ZOUT1

  • Friendship-themed Art Project: Organize an art project for the students to work on with their friends and hang it on display for the rest of the week or year for people to enjoy the looks of. Use the FNP coupon code F67 to get a flat 5% off on your purchase.

Friendship Day Activities For Elementary Students

  • Friendship-themed Scavenger Hunt: Organize a friendship-themed scavenger hunt within the school compound. Let the students divide themselves among groups consisting of their friends or divide them into groups to allow new friendships to form and let them search for special items of intimate value through an array of clues. Use the Noon coupon code ZOUT1 to get a flat 10% off

  • Friendship Collage: Provide the students with magazines, scissors, and glue, to create collages of their friends with their friends based on the theme of friendship. Use the JOI Gifts promo code CMENA

  • Friendship Book: Help the children create a small booklet with pictures and thoughts. 

  • Friendship Snack: Prepare a special snack like friendship fruit salad or heart-shaped cookies. Kindergartners can enjoy the snack together while talking about what makes their friendships special. Use the JOI Gifts promo code CMENA

  • Friendship Dance Party: Play upbeat music and have a dance party dedicated to celebrating friendship. Encourage kids to dance and interact with their friends during the party.

  • Friendship Games: Organize simple games like "Musical Friends" (similar to musical chairs) or "Pass the Friendship Ball" to promote cooperation, teamwork, and positive interactions among kids.  Use the FNP coupon code F67 to get a flat 5% off on your purchase.

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Friendship Day Activities For Adults | Flat 10% Off

Friendship Day Activities For Adults

Friendship Day is not just for kids; it's a wonderful occasion to celebrate and appreciate the friendships we have in our lives, regardless of age. Here are some Friendship Day activities for adults to enjoy and strengthen their bonds:

  • Friendship Day Brunch Or Dinner: Catch up with your friends for brunch or dinner. You can also make or order food at home and spend quality time with your friends.  Use Noon Food discount code AJJ62 to get flat 52% off on your order. 

  • Memory Lane: Gather photos, videos, and memorabilia from your shared experiences with friends and take a trip down that memory lane. Use the FNP coupon code F67 to get a flat 5% off on your purchase.

  • Outdoor Adventure: If you and your friends lean towards adventure then you can go for an adventure trip with your friends like hiking, cycling, morning Trek, and more. 

  • Spa and Relaxation: Have a spa day out with your friends and have a relaxation session. You can book spa appointments, do DIY facials, or even meditate together to unwind and de-stress. Book your spa appointment with Klook

  • Volunteer Together: Participate in a community service project as a group. Helping others together can deepen your friendships and create a sense of fulfillment. 

  • Movie Marathon: Host a movie night featuring your favorite films or a selection of movies that celebrate friendship. Don't forget the popcorn! Use the Netflix coupon code to get 50% off. 

  • Karaoke Party: Sing your hearts out with a karaoke night. You don't need to be a professional singer to have fun and enjoy the experience together.

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Friendship Day Activities For Employees | Up To 80% Off

Friendship Day Activities For Employees

beating Friendship Day at Work is a spectacular way to foster camaraderie and team spirit, and Celebrating Friendship Day in the workplace can be a fantastic way to foster camaraderie, team spirit, and positive working relationships among employees. Here are some friendship day activities for employees that can help strengthen bonds and create a more friendly and cohesive work environment:

  • Team Building Games: Organize team-building activities and games that encourage collaboration and teamwork. Activities like a ropes course, escape rooms, or problem-solving challenges can help employees work together and build friendships. Use the FNP coupon code F67 to get a flat 5% off on your purchase.

  • Friendship Wall: Set up a Friendship Day wall in a common area where employees can write positive messages or notes of appreciation to their colleagues. This can help boost morale and create a sense of appreciation and support among the team.

  • Lunch or Potluck: Organize a special friendship-themed lunch or potluck where employees can bring and share their favorite dishes. It's an excellent opportunity for them to bond over food and engage in casual conversations. Use the FNP coupon code F67 to get a flat 5% off on your purchase. Use Noon Food discount code AJJ62 to get flat 52% off on your order. 

  • Icebreaker Activities: Start the day with fun icebreaker activities or games to help employees get to know each other better, especially if they work in different departments or teams. Use the JOI Gifts promo code CMENA

  • After-Work Social Event: Plan an after-work social gathering, such as a happy hour or dinner, where employees can relax, have fun, and build connections outside of the office environment.

  • Virtual Friendship Activities: If your workplace has remote employees, organize virtual activities like online games, virtual coffee breaks, or virtual team-building exercises to bring everyone together despite the physical distance. Use the FNP coupon code F67 to get a flat 5% off on your purchase.

  • Team Outing or Excursion: Arrange a team outing or excursion, such as a day at the beach, a hiking trip, or a visit to an amusement park. This allows employees to bond in a more relaxed and informal setting.

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Friendship Day Gifts At Low Price

Here are affordable friendship day gift ideas for you to gift your friends. Use the store-specific coupon codes and promo codes to save extensively on your purchase: 

Friendship Day Coupons For Books 

If your friend(s) possess a love for books, then gifting them books might be the best choice for a Friendship Day gift. Use the coupons from the various top stores in the UAE to get generous discounts on your purchase. 

Top Stores


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Chocolates And Flowers

Chocolate is everyone’s best friend. Express your love and adulation for your best friends by getting them delicious and exotic chocolates as a gift. Use the Friendship Day coupon code and voucher codes to get significant discounts on your purchase. 

Top Stores

JOI Gifts

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Ferns And Petals

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Careem Now

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800 Flowers

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Honor the women in your life with the best designs in jewelry. You can either purchase something from the catalog or customize it by engraving something. 

Top Stores


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Spa Days 

Book special spa treatments to help the women in your life relax and unwind from their daily stresses. Use the promo codes and coupons mentioned below to avail exciting discounts on your bookings 

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Beauty Or Wellness Baskets

Show your appreciation for the friends in your life by presenting them with thoughtfully curated baskets filled with beauty and skincare essentials, nurturing their self-care journey. These personalized gifts can encompass a diverse array of items, from cosmetics and skincare products to scented candles and bath salts, offering a chance for them to unwind and rejuvenate their spirits.

Top Stores

Bath & Body Works 

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Clothing is always a good choice for gifts. This Friendship Day, gift the women in your life with their favorite piece of clothing or vouchers for their favorite store. 

Top Stores


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Use code ZOTO to get flat 15% off


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Ways To Save More At The Friendship Day Sale

 Save more on your purchase of gifts at the Friendship Day Sale by using these extra saving hacks and getting significant discounts on your purchase at the multiple stores and websites:

  • Free Shipping: Get free shipping on all orders. Some stores have a minimum cart value for availing of this offer, while others hand out free shipping as a part of their sale. Avail the free shipping offer to save money on your shipping charges. 

  • Gift card: Gift cards are one of the most underrated yet profitable ways to save money for yourself as well as for others. Use the gift cards available at multiple stores like BootsSephoraAmazon, and many more to save money on your purchase. 

  • Referral Code: Use the Referral codes available at multiple stores in the UAE to get discounts on your first purchase. Here are a few stores that have referral codes that might be of interest to you: Klook Referral Code, Now Now Referral Code

  • Bank/ Credit Card Offers: Use the Credit Card of particular banks to get added discounts on your purchase. Most stores have a tie-up with one or more banks to give their buyers more opportunities to save. 

  • Sign-Up Offer: Sign-up to the websites with a valid email address and get an additional discount on your first order and all updates regarding the upcoming sale events. 

How To Apply Coupons While Purchasing?

 Here's a general step-by-step guide on how to apply coupons to get maximum discount on your for online shopping:

  1. Find a Valid Coupon: Start by finding a valid coupon for the store or website where you want to make a purchase. You can search for coupons on the store's website, coupon websites like, or through search engines.

  2. Copy the Coupon Code: If the coupon has a unique code, copy it to your clipboard. Some coupons may not require a code, and the discount will be automatically applied when you click on the coupon link.

  3. Shop for Products: Visit the website of the store where you want to shop and add the desired items to your shopping cart.

  4. View Your Cart: After adding all the items to your cart, click on the shopping cart icon or the "View Cart" button to review your order.

  5. Locate the Coupon Code Field: On the cart or checkout page, look for a field labeled "Coupon Code," "Promo Code," "Discount Code," or something similar. This is where you will enter the coupon code.

  6. Enter the Coupon Code: Paste the copied coupon code into the designated field. Be sure to type the code correctly without any spaces, as coupon codes are usually case-sensitive.

  7. Click on "Apply" or "Submit": After pasting the coupon code, click on the "Apply" or "Submit" button next to the field to apply the coupon to your order.

  8. Check Discounted Total: If the coupon is valid and applicable to your purchase, the discount should be applied, and you will see the updated discounted total amount.

  9. Proceed to Checkout: Once you're satisfied with the discounted total, click on the "Checkout" or "Proceed to Payment" button to continue with the payment process.

  10. Enter Shipping and Payment Details: Provide the necessary shipping and payment information to complete your purchase. Different stores offer various payment options, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and more.

  11. Confirm Your Order: Review your order details one last time to ensure everything is correct. If everything looks good, confirm your order to place it.

  12. Enjoy Your Savings: After successfully applying the coupon and placing your order, you can enjoy the savings and benefits offered by the coupon.


Q1: When is Friendship Day celebrated in UAE?

A1: Friendship Day is celebrated on different dates in various countries. In many places, it falls on the first Sunday of August. However, the date may vary, and some countries celebrate it on other specific days.

Q2: How can I celebrate Friendship Day?

A2: There are numerous ways to celebrate Friendship Day. You can organize a get-together with friends, exchange thoughtful gifts or cards, plan fun activities together, or simply spend quality time with your pals, appreciating the bond you share.

Q3: Can I celebrate Friendship Day virtually?

A3: Absolutely! Virtual celebrations have become popular, especially during special occasions. You can connect with your friends through video calls, play online games together, share digital gifts, or even organize virtual events to celebrate Friendship Day.

Q4: What are some meaningful Friendship Day gift ideas?

A4: Meaningful Friendship Day gifts can include personalized items like friendship bracelets or customized photo frames. You can also give gifts that cater to your friend's interests, such as books, hobbies, or beauty products, to show that you know and value them.

Q5: How can schools celebrate Friendship Day?

A5: Schools can celebrate Friendship Day by organizing friendship-themed activities like crafts, games, storytelling, and discussions about the importance of friendship. They can also encourage students to be kind to one another and foster a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Q6: Can employees celebrate Friendship Day at the workplace?

A6: Yes, employees can celebrate Friendship Day at the workplace. Employers can plan team-building activities, appreciation events, or small gatherings to help employees bond and strengthen their professional relationships.

Q7: Is Friendship Day only for children?

A7: No, Friendship Day is for people of all ages. While it is commonly celebrated among children and young adults, adults can also participate and celebrate the friendships they cherish.

Q8: Can I celebrate Friendship Day with long-distance friends?

A8: Absolutely! Friendship Day is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with long-distance friends. You can send them heartfelt messages, make video calls, or even plan to meet up if possible.

Q9: What is the significance of Friendship Day?

A9: The significance of Friendship Day lies in acknowledging the importance of friendship and the positive impact it has on our lives. It reminds us to cherish and nurture the friendships we have, fostering love, trust, and support among friends.


Celebrate the essence of friendship this Friendship Day and get humungous discounts on your purchase of gifts and personalized items with the Friendship Day coupons and promo codes available on the website. 

By Aparajita Podder - Author