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Smell the best among the whole squad with top brands of perfumes and fragrances, clothing, shoes, electronics and much more. Employ the Noon Coupons and save a maximum of 80% on your deal.

Noon Coupons Today | 100% Verified

Noon Coupons
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Prepare Your Home For Ramadan With Noon

Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and increased devotion for Muslims around the world, and many individuals and families take great care in preparing their homes for this special time.

Noon is a popular online retailer that specializes in home decor and furnishings, and they offer a wide variety of products that are perfect for Ramadan. (Use Noon Coupon Code: ZOAE)

  1. Upgrade Your Kitchen | Kitchen Essentials

  2. Set Up The Table | Tableware & Linen

  3. Decorate Your Home 

  4. Make Your Space Comfier

  5. Storage & Organizers

  6. Rituals Essentials

Laptop & Accessories
Men’s Fashion

Women’s Fashion

Home & Kitchen

Baby Care & Products







Health & Nutrition

Kid’s Fashion




Home Decor

Kitchen & Dining

Ramadan decor and home furnishing collection includes items such as prayer rugs, lanterns, tableware, cushions, and wall art that feature traditional Islamic designs and motifs. (Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT)

  • Prayer Essentials | Starts At AED 5(Up To 94% Off) (Use Code: ZOUT1)

  • Home Favorites | Starting At AED 1

  • Kitchen Must-haves | Maximum 80% Off (Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT2)

  • Kitchen Appliances | AED 5 Onwards

  • Abayas & Jalabiyas | Starts At AED 12 (Use Code:ZTSAP)

  • Beauty & Fragrances | Up To 80% Off(Use Noon Promo Code:ZOSA)

  • Bakhoor & Incense | AED 5 Onwards

Whether you are looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home or simply want to add some extra touches of spirituality and meaning to your Ramadan celebrations, Noon Ramadan decor and home furnishings can help you achieve your goals. 

Ramadan Rituals & Essentials 

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is considered one of the holiest months for Muslims around the world. It is a time of fasting, prayer, and spiritual reflection. Muslims observe Ramadan by abstaining from food, drink, and other physical needs during daylight hours. This practice is intended to teach self-discipline, self-restraint, and generosity. (Use Code: ZOUT1)


Prayer Mats

Prayer Clocks

Quran Speakers

Quran Boxes




Prayer Beads

In addition to fasting, there are several other important rituals and essentials that are observed during Ramadan.  (Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT2)

  • Taraweeh prayers: These are extra prayers performed by Muslims after the nightly prayer during Ramadan.

  • Breaking the fast: This is done each day at sunset with dates and water, as it is believed to be the way the Prophet Muhammad broke his fast. 

  • Iftar meals: These are special meals shared with family and friends after breaking the fast.

  • Zakat: This is a mandatory charitable donation that Muslims are encouraged to make during Ramadan.

  • Eid al-Fitr: This is the festival that marks the end of Ramadan and is celebrated with special prayers and feasts.

Ramadan is a time for Muslims to focus on their faith and spirituality, and to strengthen their relationship with Allah. The rituals and essentials of Ramadan help to create a sense of community and togetherness among Muslims, and serve as an important reminder of the importance of self-discipline and generosity in Islam.(Use Noon Promo Code:ZOSA)

The Ramadan Fashion Corner

Ramadan fashion typically includes a range of modest clothing options, such as long dresses, loose-fitting tops and pants, and headscarves for women. Men often wear traditional attire such as long shirts, pants, and prayer caps. Many people choose to wear clothing in traditional Islamic patterns and colors, such as green, gold, and white. (Use Code: ZOUT1)

Abayas(Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT2)

An abaya is a traditional, loose-fitting outer garment worn by Muslim women, particularly in Middle Eastern and Gulf countries. It is a long, full-length dress that covers the body from the shoulders to the ankles and is typically made from lightweight, flowing fabrics such as chiffon, crepe, or cotton

Jalabiyas(Use Code:ZTSAP)

Jalabiyas are similar in style to abayas, but are often more colorful and decorative. They are typically ankle-length and have long sleeves, with a loose-fitting design that allows for ease of movement. Many Jalabiyas are adorned with intricate embroidery or other embellishments, such as beads or sequins.

Kaftans(Use Noon Promo Code:ZOSA)

A kaftan is a traditional, loose-fitting garment that is worn by both men and women in many parts of the world, including the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. It is a full-length robe-like garment that is typically made from lightweight fabrics such as cotton, silk, or linen.

Sandals(Use Noon Coupon Code: ZOAE)

A kind of open-toe footwear which is available in different styles and quite comfortable to wear. 

Hijabs & Shemaghs(Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT)

Hijabs are a type of headscarf worn by Muslim women to cover their hair and neck in public.

Shemaghs are a type of scarf worn by people in Middle Eastern and North African countries. They are typically made from cotton or wool and are worn around the head and neck to protect against the sun, dust, and wind.

Men’s Traditional Wear(Use Code: ZOUT1)

You can find numerous traditional wear options for Men at Noon. 

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards fashionable and modern Ramadan attire. Many designers and fashion brands are now offering collections of clothing and accessories that are specifically designed for the month of Ramadan, including high-end dresses, abayas, kaftans, and hijabs.

Samsung S23 Series | Up To 15% Off

Explore the amazing series of Samsung which includes Samsung S23 Ultra, Samsung S23, and Samsung S23+. The maximum rebate goes up to 15% on your purchase along with a complimentary gift. Following are the associated discounts and facilities. 

  • Complimentary gift: Galaxy Buds2 Pro (Use Code: ZOUT1)

  • Buy now, pay later option at Tabby and Tamara (Use Noon Coupon Code: ZOAE)

  • Express shipping option available(Use Code:ZTSAP)

  • Up to 15% off(Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT2)

Savings On Nivea Skincare | Up To 62% Off

Provide some extra skincare to your skin with Nivea which is a well-known brand of skincare products that have been around for over a century. Nivea's product line includes moisturizers, cleansers, toners, serums, and sunscreen, among others. 

  • Face Smoothing Scrub | Buy At AED 13.70(46% Off) (Use Code: ZOUT1)
  • Pack Of 4 Urban Skin Purifying Face Sheet Mask Green Tea And Charcoal | Avail At AED 31.05(60% Off)
  • Pack Of 3 Cream Soft Liquid Hand Wash | Buy At AED 28(62% Off) (Use Noon Coupon Code: ZOAE)
  • Black And White Invisible Silky Smooth Antiperspirant for Women Roll On Pack of 2 | Avail At AED 19.45(32% Off)
  • Creme Care Soap 250ml Pack of 3 | Buy At AED 29.50(Save 60%) (Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT2)3
  • Fresh Blends Refreshing Shower Gel | Buy At AED 15.05(Save 47%)

Nivea products are designed to be gentle on the skin and to help improve its overall health and appearance. Nivea's formulations often contain natural ingredients such as almond oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil, as well as skin-friendly additives such as vitamins and antioxidants.

Noon Coupon & Codes | March 2023 | Trending Now
  • Buy home decor, electronics, appliances, beauty, baby products, fashion, and clothes from 2000+ brands with up to 80% off
  •  All users need to use the Noon discount code for an extra 10% off in cashback
  • Noon Coupon Code is required to avail this offer 

Noon Coupon For Perfumes | Top Brands

Mon Parfum Cristal

Thameen Amber

Armaf Edition One


Noon Coupon For Perfumes 

1. Noon Perfume Offer: Avail 10% To 70% Off

Pick up perfumes from your favourite brand and use the existing Noon Perfume Offer to avail 10% to 70% discount on your deal.

Top offers on perfume include:

  • 60% off on brands like Diesel, Azzaro, Cacharel & more

  • 50% to 70% off on Versace, Chanel, Dior, Burberry

  • All new and existing users are eligible.

  • Place order via the official Noon app or website.

  • Users can redeem a maximum 70% discount without any minimum order value.

  • No external promo code is required to redeem discounts.

  • Pay via: All cards & Net Banking

Check Other Trending Deals At Noon Store

Noon 50 AED Discount

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Noon Beauty Essential

Noon Offers & Discounts | 100% Verified

1. Get 80% Off | Noon Sitewide Offer

Shop for the best of all categories including kitchen, home items, electronics, and more from Noon app or website. Use the Noon discount code and get a max 80% discount.

  • Noon Discount Code : ZSA

  • Get 80% Off on:

    • Fashion, Electronics, Mobiles, Home Decor, Beauty, etc.
    • Max. reductions on the price: Up to 80%
  • All users can place orders via the official app or web.

  • All modes of payment are accepted.

2. Noon Clearance Sale : Max. 50% Off + Extra AED 50 Off

Revamp each and every corner of your dream house with the Noon Clearance Offer. Shop latest tech, appliances, and gadgets and avail 50% discount.

  • All users are eligible.

  • Any minimum order value is not required.

  • Popular Noon offers available under this

    • Appliances at up to 60% discount 

    • Up to 80% off on Home Decor 

    • Kitchen essentials on 20% to 70% off

  • Multiple modes of payment are accepted.

3. Get 50% Off: Noon Brands Bonanza

Stock up on products from the best brands at Noon such as Niya, Aila, and more. Use the existing Noon Discount Code and get a maximum 50% discount on your purchase.

  • Purchase top brand products:
    • Aila, Niya, Noon East, Switch, Bebi, & more others
    • Buy more & save up to 50% on the price
  • Place your orders via the official website/ Noon App.

  • Payment Method: Cards or Net-banking.

Noon Shipping Policy | Key Information

Shipping refers to movement of merchandise from the warehouse to the customer. One needs to pay a certain amount usually known as shipping or handling charges. This fee at Noon ranges from 30 AED to 60 AED and might be applied to a single item or a group of items. Other than this, users can also bid for free shipping on all orders with a noon free shipping coupon code. 

When a user purchases a market seller product from Noon then AED 10 and SAR 12 will be charged extra on every market seller product in the cart for UAE and KSA users respectively.


Minimum Order value

Shipping Duration

For Express Users

AED 100

2-3 days

For KSA Users

SAR 100

2-3 days

Noon Extra Saving Deals | Top Offers

Gifting Deals

  • Shop Beauty, Gadgets, Fashion, etc for gifting.

  • Max. 70% off on products (Save AED 50).

  • Pay via card and net-banking.

Noon Fashion Coupon

  • Get 85% rebate on base product.

  • Noon promo code can be used multiple times.

  • Extra 10% off on cart.

Today’s Offer

  • Up to 95% base discounts on the price 

  • An extra 10% Off with OX63 code.

  • Shop multiple category of Noon express items

Noon Card Offers

  • Up to AED 500 welcome bonus

  • Free delivery on Noon express orders

  • Up to 3.5% cashback & free card up to AED 100

Health Essentials

  • Vitamins, Supplements, Sanitizers, Face masks, Gloves, PPE Kits & more

  • Deals start from just AED 4

  • Free delivery on orders above AED 100

Noon Bonanza 

  • 50% or more off on Home, Fashion, Mobile, Electronics.

  • Valid only on Noon brand products.

  • Extra 10% discount on cart value

FAQ | Noon Coupon For Perfumes

Q. What is the maximum discount users can redeem with Noon Coupon For Perfumes ?

Ans. The maximum discount one can get with Noon Coupon for Perfumes is 70% of their final purchase.

Q. What is the Noon Shipping Policy ?

Ans. Noon shipping policy differs from one user to another. Like, all orders above AED 100 are subject to free shipping, or AED 10 is charged. Other than this, KSA users shopping below SAR 100 also need to pay SAR 10.

Q. What are the accepted modes of payment at Noon ?

Ans. The various modes of payment at Noon are as follows:

VISA | Mastercard | AMEX | Cash On Delivery | Gift Card | Apple Pay


The e-commerce platform founded by Emaar properties is known for its authentic range of products and services. It deals with apparels, accessories, fragrances, electronics and more at an affordable price. Currently, all users can get amazing deals on their favourite top branded perfumes with Noon Coupons For Perfumes. Ante up with Zoutons for free and get  access to all upcoming sales and offers.

By Manvi Madan - Content Specialist