Noon Yellow Friday Sale 2023 | Avail Up to 80% + Extra 10% Off In All Categories

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The Noon Yellow Friday Sale 2023 will make the holiday season as joyous as it ought to be. Get your shopping list ready to avail max of 80% + an extra 10% off on your final purchase in all categories during the sale. 

Noon Yellow Friday Sale Offers 2023

Noon Voucher Code
Activation Details
Up to 80% + extra 10% off sitewide
Max. 70% + extra 10% off Cashback on electronics
Up to 20-80% + extra 10% off on home & kitchen items
Up to 80% + extra 10% off on women's fashion
Up to 70% + extra 10% off on sports & outdoors
Up to 50% + extra 10% off on mobiles

Noon Yellow Friday Sale 2022

Noon Yellow Friday Offers 2023 | Trending Categories

Women’s Fashion: 40%-70% Off

Men’s Fashion: 40%-70% Off

Mobiles & Tablets: Up To 50% Off

For more savings check out Dubai Shopping Festival 2022-2023!

Noon Brands Sale March 2023 | Up To 50% Off On Top Brands

Step right up and discover the best brands at unbeatable prices, only at the Noon Brand Sale! From beauty and fragrances to electronics and home appliances. Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle without breaking the bank. Start shopping now and save up to 50% and more using Noon Coupon Code.

  • Kitchen & Dining | Shop Cookware, Dinnerware Sets, Glassware & Drinkware, Kitchen utensils & Gadgets, starting at AED 5 from Noon East and Amal (Use Code: ZOUT1)

  • Toys | Up To 70% Off on Sports & Outdoor Play, Games, Arts & Crafts, and More, with Mumbo Jumbo, Amal, Hema, and Playzone.

  • Bags & Luggage | Up To 70% Off on Backpacks and Luggage, from brands including Noon East, Bebi, ANIQ(Use Code: ZOUT)

  • Mobile Accessories | Starts At AED 1 (Use Code: ZOUT1) on Noon East, Amal, and Decorek

  • Bedding | Shop Bedsheet, Blanket, and More, and avail up to 80% Off  on Noon East, Amal, and Bebi

  • Home Decor | Rugs and Pads, Candles & Holders, and More, starting at AED 3 with Noon East, Ebb & Flow, Switch, Decorek, Amal, and Bebi (Use Code: ZOUT1)

  • Home Appliances | Get Your Electric Kettle And Water Boiler, Coffee Machine, and claim up to 80% Off on Noon East and Amal

  • Televisions | Up To 70% Off (Use Code: ZOUT1) with Noon East 

  • Beauty and Fragrances | Makeup, Personal Care, Skincare, Fragrance, and more, starting at AED 9 (Use Code: ZOUT1) on brands including Noon East, Niya, Aila, Amal,and Quwa

Exclusive Brand Deals 2023 | Trending Now

Get ready to shop till you drop and elevate your shopping experience to the next level with Noon's exclusive brand deals and avail up to 75% Off using Noon Promo Code : ZOUT1

Noon Offers

Kitchen And Dining Deals 

Up To 70% Off

Bedding Deals On Duvet Cover Sets

Up To 75% Off

Decor Deals On Floor Coverings

From 39 AED

Clearance Deals On Bath Accessories

Up To 50% Off

Noon | Big Ramadan Sale 2023

Noon is a popular online shopping platform in the UAE that offers a variety of products ranging from electronics, fashion, beauty, home appliances, and more. During the Ramadan season, Noon typically offers a Big Ramadan sale with discounts and deals on various products. (Use Code: ZOUT1)

Sale Date

March 27 - April 4, 2023

Here is the listed Noon categories which are available at discount during the Big Ramadan Sale 2023

Electronics (Use Code: ZOUT1)

Up To 70% Off

Mobiles & Tablets

Maximum 50% Off

Men’s Fashion 

50-80% Off

Women’s Fashion (Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT2)

Get 50-80% Off

Home & Kitchen 

Up To 60% Off

Appliances (Use Code:ZTSAP)

Maximum 60% Off


Up To 60% Off

Beauty & Personal Care

Maximum 60% Off

Toys(Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT)

AED 9 Onwards


Up To 60% Off

Eyewear (Use Noon Coupon Code: ZOAE)

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Health & Nutrition

Up To 70% Off


Maximum 60% Off


Up To 50% Off


Maximum 40% Off


Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Featured Brands During Big Ramadan Sale

There are numerous brands participating in the Noon Big Ramadan Sale and hence offering enticing discounts + additional savings on your Noon purchase. (Use Code: ZOUT1)

  • Home Box | Up To 50% Off(Use Code: ZOUT1)

  • Tefal | Maximum 60% Off

  • Samsung | Up To 60% Off(Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT2)

  • Black + Decker | Up To 60% Off

  • Hisense | Up To 60% Off

  • Xiaomi | Maximum 60% Off(Use Code:ZTSAP)

  • Adidas | 50-80% Off

  • Puma | Get 50-80% Off

  • Huggies | Up To 50% Off(Use Noon Promo Code:ZOSA)

  • Kiko Milano | Up To 35% Off

  • Roberto Cavalli | Up To 60% Off

  • LEGO | Up To 70% Off(Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT)

Big Ramadan sale is a great opportunity for customers to save money and purchase the products they need for the holy month of Ramadan.(Use Noon Coupon Code: ZOAE)

Extra Discounts & Deals At Noon

Along with the base offers and brand-specific discounts, you can definitely save extra during the Noon Big Ramadan Sale as follows:

  • You can save extra using the Noon coupon code

  • Buy Now, Pay Later with Tabby, Tamara(Use Code: ZOUT1)

  • Suhoor Deals: Daily price crashes

  • 0% Installments with our bank partners(Mashreq, FAB, Emirates NBD, ADCB, Emirates Islamic, Standard Chartered, Commercial Bank Of Dubai, etc)(Use Code:ZTSAP)

  • Extra 10% off on payments via VISA cards(Use Noon Promo Code: ZOSA)

  • Additional 10% discount on payments via Dubai Islamic Bank

Unlimited 5% cashback on payments via the Mashreq Noon VIP credit card(Use Noon Coupon Code: ZOUT)

Noon Home Appliances Sale 2023 | Up To 50% Off

Upgrade your home with the best appliances without breaking the bank! The Noon Home Appliances Sale is here and it's time to revamp your space with the latest technology and innovative features and avail up to 50% Off. So, let's dive in and explore the incredible deals and discounts that Noon has to offer on home appliances using Noon Coupon Code: ZOUT

Noon Home Furnishing Sale 2023 | Up To 40%- 70% Off

Transform your living space into a cozy and stylish oasis with the Noon Home Furnishing Sale. From sofas and statement rugs to chic decor pieces, we've got everything you need to elevate your home decor game. Let's explore the latest trends in home furnishing and start creating your dream home today and avail up to 40% - 70% off using Noon Voucher Code: ZOUT1

Noon Offers

Home Decor

Under 99 AED 


Up To 40% Off 

Comforters, Duvets & Mattress Covers 

Under 75 AED 

Bedsheet & Pillowcases

From AED 29

Towels, Bathrobes, & Bath Accessories

Up To 70% Off

Noon Home Sale 2023

During the Ramadan Festival, many people decorate their homes with Noon Promo Code to celebrate the occasion. Depending on your personal style and preferences, there are multiple ways to decorate your home. Noon's most popular home sale items include:

  • From 15 AED On Dinnerware & Serveware:Plates, Teapots & Coffee Servers, and More

  • Up to 60% Off On Ramadan Lanterns (Use Code: ZOUT1)

  • Cookware  -  Cookware Set, Pressure Cookers, Frying Pans, Casseroles, and More (Use Code: ZOUT)

  • Bakeware - Up To 70% Off On Bakeware Pans, Bakeware Moulds, Decorating Tools, Bakeware Sets, and More

  • Up To 60% Off On Bukhoor & Incense Holders

  • Celebrate Ramadan with the spiritual essence of the occasion, and you can shop Prayer & Spiritual Essentials and avail up to 80% Off

  • Linens: Table Cloths, Place mats, Potholder & Oven Mitts, and More, and avail up to 50% Off (Use Code: ZOUT1)

  • Up To 60% Off On Patio Furniture: Hammocks, Patio Seating, Swing Chairs, and More

  • Living Room Furniture - Up To 50% Off On Chairs, Tables, Sofas and Couches, and More, (Use Code: ZOUT1)

Up To 60% Off On The Most Popular Home Brands


Home Box

Danube Home


Bath & Body Works 

Noon East


Black + Decker

Noon TV & Appliance Carnival March 2023

Bring home your dream television and enjoy browsing in the comfort of your home. Use the Noon coupon code and avail upto 70% off + extra 10% off on your purchase. Choose from a wide range of latest home appliances and televisions from top brands including Toshiba, Samsung, Nikai, Daewoo, Midea, JVC, Xiaomi, Geepas etc. 


  • Noon sale is available on TV, smart electronics, & appliance carnival with up to 70% off on top brands including Toshiba, Samsung, Nikai, Daewoo, Midea, JVC, Xiaomi, Geepas, & Noon East

  • Purchase through the Noon UAE app/website & use the online shopping code of Noon UAE for extra 10% off in cashback

Available Offers On Top Categories 

Explore the wide range of home appliances like TVs, refrigerators, kitchen appliances, and avail max discount up to 70% . 

Categories On Discount
Offered Discount

Coffee Maker (Use Code: ZOUT

Get Max 70% off

Blender & Mixers 

Save up to 70% 

Iron & Steamers (Use Code: ZOUT1)

Get Up To 70% Off

Oven & Toaster 

Max 70% off 

Electric Kettle (Use Code: ZOUT1)

Get Max 70% off


Save up to 70% 

AC(Use Code: ZOUT1)

Get Up To 70% Off

Vacuum Cleaners 

Max 70% off 

Cooking Range(Use Code: ZOUT1)

Up to 70% off 

Washing Machine 

Discount up to 70% 

TV(Use Code: ZOUT)

Up to 70% off

TV & Home Appliances Offers

Prepare Your Home For Ramadan With Noon

Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and increased devotion for Muslims around the world, and many individuals and families take great care in preparing their homes for this special time.

Noon is a popular online retailer that specializes in home decor and furnishings, and they offer a wide variety of products that are perfect for Ramadan. (Use Noon Coupon Code: ZOAE)

  1. Upgrade Your Kitchen | Kitchen Essentials

  2. Set Up The Table | Tableware & Linen

  3. Decorate Your Home 

  4. Make Your Space Comfier

  5. Storage & Organizers

  6. Rituals Essentials

Laptop & Accessories
Men’s Fashion

Women’s Fashion

Home & Kitchen

Baby Care & Products







Health & Nutrition

Kid’s Fashion




Home Decor

Kitchen & Dining

Ramadan decor and home furnishing collection includes items such as prayer rugs, lanterns, tableware, cushions, and wall art that feature traditional Islamic designs and motifs. (Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT)

  • Prayer Essentials | Starts At AED 5(Up To 94% Off) (Use Code: ZOUT1)

  • Home Favorites | Starting At AED 1

  • Kitchen Must-haves | Maximum 80% Off (Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT2)

  • Kitchen Appliances | AED 5 Onwards

  • Abayas & Jalabiyas | Starts At AED 12 (Use Code:ZTSAP)

  • Beauty & Fragrances | Up To 80% Off(Use Noon Promo Code:ZOSA)

  • Bakhoor & Incense | AED 5 Onwards

Whether you are looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home or simply want to add some extra touches of spirituality and meaning to your Ramadan celebrations, Noon Ramadan decor and home furnishings can help you achieve your goals. 

Ramadan Rituals & Essentials 

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is considered one of the holiest months for Muslims around the world. It is a time of fasting, prayer, and spiritual reflection. Muslims observe Ramadan by abstaining from food, drink, and other physical needs during daylight hours. This practice is intended to teach self-discipline, self-restraint, and generosity. (Use Code: ZOUT1)


Prayer Mats

Prayer Clocks

Quran Speakers

Quran Boxes




Prayer Beads

In addition to fasting, there are several other important rituals and essentials that are observed during Ramadan.  (Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT2)

  • Taraweeh prayers: These are extra prayers performed by Muslims after the nightly prayer during Ramadan.

  • Breaking the fast: This is done each day at sunset with dates and water, as it is believed to be the way the Prophet Muhammad broke his fast. 

  • Iftar meals: These are special meals shared with family and friends after breaking the fast.

  • Zakat: This is a mandatory charitable donation that Muslims are encouraged to make during Ramadan.

  • Eid al-Fitr: This is the festival that marks the end of Ramadan and is celebrated with special prayers and feasts.

Ramadan is a time for Muslims to focus on their faith and spirituality, and to strengthen their relationship with Allah. The rituals and essentials of Ramadan help to create a sense of community and togetherness among Muslims, and serve as an important reminder of the importance of self-discipline and generosity in Islam.(Use Noon Promo Code:ZOSA)

The Ramadan Fashion Corner

Ramadan fashion typically includes a range of modest clothing options, such as long dresses, loose-fitting tops and pants, and headscarves for women. Men often wear traditional attire such as long shirts, pants, and prayer caps. Many people choose to wear clothing in traditional Islamic patterns and colors, such as green, gold, and white. (Use Code: ZOUT1)

Abayas(Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT2)

An abaya is a traditional, loose-fitting outer garment worn by Muslim women, particularly in Middle Eastern and Gulf countries. It is a long, full-length dress that covers the body from the shoulders to the ankles and is typically made from lightweight, flowing fabrics such as chiffon, crepe, or cotton

Jalabiyas(Use Code:ZTSAP)

Jalabiyas are similar in style to abayas, but are often more colorful and decorative. They are typically ankle-length and have long sleeves, with a loose-fitting design that allows for ease of movement. Many Jalabiyas are adorned with intricate embroidery or other embellishments, such as beads or sequins.

Kaftans(Use Noon Promo Code:ZOSA)

A kaftan is a traditional, loose-fitting garment that is worn by both men and women in many parts of the world, including the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. It is a full-length robe-like garment that is typically made from lightweight fabrics such as cotton, silk, or linen.

Sandals(Use Noon Coupon Code: ZOAE)

A kind of open-toe footwear which is available in different styles and quite comfortable to wear. 

Hijabs & Shemaghs(Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT)

Hijabs are a type of headscarf worn by Muslim women to cover their hair and neck in public.

Shemaghs are a type of scarf worn by people in Middle Eastern and North African countries. They are typically made from cotton or wool and are worn around the head and neck to protect against the sun, dust, and wind.

Men’s Traditional Wear(Use Code: ZOUT1)

You can find numerous traditional wear options for Men at Noon. 

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards fashionable and modern Ramadan attire. Many designers and fashion brands are now offering collections of clothing and accessories that are specifically designed for the month of Ramadan, including high-end dresses, abayas, kaftans, and hijabs.

Samsung S23 Series | Up To 15% Off

Explore the amazing series of Samsung which includes Samsung S23 Ultra, Samsung S23, and Samsung S23+. The maximum rebate goes up to 15% on your purchase along with a complimentary gift. Following are the associated discounts and facilities. 

  • Complimentary gift: Galaxy Buds2 Pro (Use Code: ZOUT1)

  • Buy now, pay later option at Tabby and Tamara (Use Noon Coupon Code: ZOAE)

  • Express shipping option available(Use Code:ZTSAP)

  • Up to 15% off(Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT2)

Savings On Nivea Skincare | Up To 62% Off

Provide some extra skincare to your skin with Nivea which is a well-known brand of skincare products that have been around for over a century. Nivea's product line includes moisturizers, cleansers, toners, serums, and sunscreen, among others. 

  • Face Smoothing Scrub | Buy At AED 13.70(46% Off) (Use Code: ZOUT1)
  • Pack Of 4 Urban Skin Purifying Face Sheet Mask Green Tea And Charcoal | Avail At AED 31.05(60% Off)
  • Pack Of 3 Cream Soft Liquid Hand Wash | Buy At AED 28(62% Off) (Use Noon Coupon Code: ZOAE)
  • Black And White Invisible Silky Smooth Antiperspirant for Women Roll On Pack of 2 | Avail At AED 19.45(32% Off)
  • Creme Care Soap 250ml Pack of 3 | Buy At AED 29.50(Save 60%) (Use Noon Coupon Code:ZOUT2)3
  • Fresh Blends Refreshing Shower Gel | Buy At AED 15.05(Save 47%)

Nivea products are designed to be gentle on the skin and to help improve its overall health and appearance. Nivea's formulations often contain natural ingredients such as almond oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil, as well as skin-friendly additives such as vitamins and antioxidants.

Top Discounts On Trending Categories on Noon Yellow Friday Sale 2023

Top Discounts On Exclusive Brands This Yellow Friday Sale

Noon discount code ZOUT2

Yellow Friday Noon Electronics & Accessories Sale 2023

Your best bet for finding electronics at steep discounts is Noon. Modernity is driven primarily by technology. Globally, it has upscaled and facilitated our way of life. The most cutting-edge smartphones, TVs, home appliances, cameras, tablets, laptops, and more are available at Noon for the lowest prices. These are all top-selling brands of electronics, including Apple, Sony, Samsung, Huawei, Philips, and others.


Original Price
Discounted Price

Samsung 50-Inch Crystal

UHD 4K Flat Smart TV

AED 2999

AED 1149

Samsung 58 Inches

AU7000 Crystal

AED 3999

AED 1533


Edgeless Full HD Smart TV

AED 1399

AED 599

Shop Television By Screen Size

Up to 32”



Above 70”

Television Under 999 

Under 999
Original Price
Discounted Price

NIKAI 55-Inch 4K UHD

Android Smart TV

AED 2799

AED 899


Edgeless Full HD Smart TV

AED 1399

AED 559

Star X 50 Inch 4K UHD

Smart LED Tv

AED 1899

AED 777

JVC 42- inch FULL HD

Smart TV 

AED 1099

AED 589


Gaming & Accessories Items


Get Under AED 3429


Starting From AED 23.80

Gaming Monitors

Buy under AED 4049

Gaming laptops

Starting From AED 599

Gaming Setup

Buy Under AED 2449

Noon Mobile & Tablets Yellow Friday Sale 2023

Get the latest mobile phone & tablet deals at Noon. Deals from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Sony and a lot more. Avail the benefits from the ongoing Noon Yellow Friday Sale and get home best mobile phones and tablets at the best price.

Mobile & Accessories

Offered Price


Get Refurbished iPhones from AED 357

Premium Androids

Starting From AED 359

Budget smartphones

Starting From AED 39.95

Mobile Accessories

Starting From AED 29


Top Brands Tablets
Offered Price

Apple Tablets

Starting From AED 1049

Samsung Tablets

Starting From AED 367

Huawei Tablets

Buy Under AED 2454

Lenovo Tablets

Starting From AED 278

Xiaomi Tablets

Buy Under AED 1150

Realme tablets

Starting From AED 699

Shop Tablets By Screen Size



Above 10”

Noon Men’s Fashion Yellow Friday Sale 2023

Noon has a variety of fashion options for men. Get your desired products from top-notch brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Casio, Ray-Ban & others brands. Flaunt your style and save big using Noon coupons.

Men’s Categories
Offered Discount

Men’s T shirt

Starting From AED 39


Buy Under AED 199

Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Minimum 30% off


Up to 70% Off

Men’s wallet

Minimum 50% Off


Buy under AED 249

Men’s Exciting Deals To Browse

Shop Shirts Under AED 49

Hoodies & Sweatshirts Under AED 129

Accessories Under AED 109

Yellow Friday Noon Women’s Fashion Sale 2023

Style is an innate quality that must be expressed through the right clothing. To give your appearance a distinctive flair, Noon provides a selection of enticing and fashion-forward clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, and many other accessories. 

Women’s Categories
Offered Discount


Buy From AED 39


Buy Under AED 199

Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Minimum 30% Off


Minimum 50% Off


Up to 70% Off


Buy Under AED 249

Women’s Exciting Deals To Browse

Tops Under AED 49

Hoodies & Sweatshirts Under AED 129

Boots Under AED 249

Noon Yellow Friday Home & Kitchen Sale 2023

Make sure your tabletop is always fashionable by matching your place settings and selecting dinner plates that fit your lifestyle. Add beautiful home decors to your home with the Noon Yellow Friday Home & Kitchen sale.

Home & Kitchen Categories
Offered Discount

Kitchen & Dining Essentials

Avail up to 70% off

Home Decor

Get up to 60% off


Max 60% off

Home & Kitchen Bestsellers This Sale Season

Original Price
Discounted Price


Shelves With Stainless frame

AED 69

AED 19

noon east Bamboo Foldable


AED 39

AED 20

Bukhoor New Style USB

Type-C Power Rechargeable incense burner

AED 185.71

AED 50

Sunhome 24-Piece

Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

AED 149

AED 52


Hotel Pillow 

AED 45

AED 36

Noon Yellow Friday Appliances Sale 2023

We present a wide collection of appliances to suit every budget, occasion and functional utility that will make your life simpler yet stylish. Shop for heavy appliances at the Noon Yellow Friday sale this season without making a hole in your pocket.

Appliances Trending Categories
Offered Discount

Kitchen Appliances

Up to 70% Off


Max 65% Off

Vacuum Cleaners 

Avail up to 65% Off

Big Refrigerators 

Avail up to 30% off

Deals Not To Miss This Noon Yellow Friday Sale 

Original Price
Discounted Price

 Samsung 500 L Top Mount Freezer With Twin cooling 

AED 2399

AED 1649

 Super Genral Front load washing machine (6kg)

AED 899

AED 690

 Samsung 14 place Dishwasher

AED 1799

AED 1249

Nutribullet 9 piece blender

AED 499

AED 278.95

Olsenmark stand mixer

AED 537

AED 205

Hitachi drum vacuum cleaner (18l)

AED 586

AED 359.90

Noon Yellow Friday Fragrance Sale 2023

Splurge and save on luxury fragrances with Noon perfume deals. Shop fragrances from big brands like Gucci, Versace, Hugo Boss & many more. Choosing a good perfume is a hell of a task. But we have made it easier for you to choose from.  Get up to 75% off on all perfume ranges. 

Trending Categories
Offered Discount

Women’s Fragrance

Buy Under AED 3515

Men’s Fragrance

Starting From AED 8.95 

Arabic Fragrance

Starting From AED 7

Gift Sets

Starting From AED 17

Noon Beauty & Personal Care Yellow Friday Sale 2023

Discover exclusive offers & big beauty sales & discounts across our holy grail, best-selling makeup must-haves & skincare needs.

Top Categories
Offered Discount

Electronic  Beauty tools

30% Off & More

Serums & Moisturizers

20-60% Off

Trimmers & Shavers

Starting From AED 30

Cetaphil, Cerave, Eucerin & More

From AED 29

Korean Beauty

Avail 20%-50% Off


Up to 70% Off

Noon Yellow Friday Toys Sale 2023

Find low prices on toys and video games for all ages. Get everything from Wii, Xbox and PlayStation games to playsets and trampolines at your favorite Noon Yellow Friday toys sale. Avail up to 70% off on all toys. 

Toys Categories
Offered Discount

Baby Toy Deals 

Max 70% Off

Indoor Toys

Avail Up to 75% Off 

RC Toy Deals

Max 70% Off

Building Toy Deals

Get up to 60% Off

Shop Toys By Age

Up to 1 Year

1-2 Years

2-4 Years

5-7 Years

8-11 Years

12 years & Above

Baby Care & Essentials Noon Yellow Friday Sale 2023

Parenting can be really tough, but don't worry we have brought you babycare and essentials to make your life a little easier. Keeping your worries at bay, we have brought all baby essentials at highly affordable prices. 

Babycare & Essentials
Offered Discount

Baby bath & Skincare 

Avail Max 60% Off

Healthcare & Grooming essentials

Up to 40% Off

Baby strollers, Car seats & More

Get Up to 55% Off

Baby Walkers , Cribs & More

Get Max 50% Off

Noon Eyewear Yellow Friday Sale 2023 

Grab your sunglasses; it's time to browse our carefully curated selection of the top sunglasses, lenses available. Sometimes circumstances, like sipping coffee outside or finally taking that desired vacation, call for the ideal pair of sunglasses! Avail Buy 1 Get 1 free offer with the ongoing Noon Yellow Friday Sale.

Men’s Eyewear: Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Women’s Eyewear: Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Deals Of The Week

Trending Deals
Offered Discount

Carrera & More

Up to 70% Off

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Up to 70% off

Noon Health & Nutrition Yellow Friday Sale 2023

It will be essential that you prefer ‘good’ not evil for your health. Buy healthcare essentials at a highly discounted price at Noon. Find essentials from first aid to immunity boosters and what not. So keep your health worries at bay and get everything in one place availing a discount of up to 70%.

Offered Discount

First Aid Essentials

Max 40% Off

Health Monitors & Devices

Avail up to 40% Off

Mobility Aid &  Safety

Get Up to 40% Off

Wellness & Relaxation

Max 60% Off

Health & Nutrition

Avail Up to 40% Off

Immunity Boosters & Supplements

 Get up to 40% Off

Weighing scale

Max 40% Off

Noon Automotive Yellow Friday Sale 2023

Looking for the best quality car essentials like air fresheners, organizers, tools, etc? No worries, we have your back. Avail up to 50% off on all car essentials.

Automotive Categories
Offered Discount

Car Care

Starting From AED 5

Air Freshners

Starting From AED 7


Starting from AED 6.30


Starting from AED 4

Car navigation

Up to 50% Off


Max 50% Off

Safety Essentials

Get Up to 50% Off

Seat Covers

Avail Max 50% off

Noon Yellow Friday Bank  & Easy EMI Offers 2023

Below are some of the trending bank and EMI offers that users can avail to save extra on their purchase this Noon yellow Friday sale. So if you have any of these cards you can save on your final bill.

Buy Now Pay Later


Split into 4 Payments, Interest Free


Split into 3 Payments, Interest-Free

Trending Bank Offers

Partner Banks
Offered Discount

Emirates NBD

Extra 20% Off


Extra 15% Off

Mashreq noon VIP Credit Card

Extra 25% Off

Authors Recommendation

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Noon yellow Friday Sale Discount Coupons | FAQs

Q. Is there any off on express items delivery?

Ans. Yes, users can avail 10% discount on express items delivery.

Q. What Bank offers will be at the Noon Yellow Friday sale?

Ans. All ADCB Cardholders can enjoy extra benefits at Noon. Shoppers can use their ADCB cards to pay and get up to AED 100 off. MASHREQ Bank cardholders get an extra discount of 15%, up to AED 150 off during Yellow Friday


Prepare for the biggest shopping event of the year this November, as the Noon Yellow Friday sale 2023 releases millions of opportunities for all their customers to choose from a wide range of various categories from clothing to electronics.

By Akanksha Malik - Content Specialist