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Use the NowNow app coupons and get up to 80% off in the categories of groceries, medicine, flowers, frozen food, and more. 

Also, read about the NowNow Referral Code To Get a Flat 5% Off

Trending NowNow App Coupons

Here are the trending NowNow app coupons that are available to the users of the NowNow app to get significant discounts on their orders. 

NowNow Discount Codes

Claim up to 80% with the NowNow coupon code



Get up to 85% off + Extra 10% off at the Summer Sale



Up To 75% Off On Organic Items 



Get flat 50% off + Extra 30% off on your First Order



Up to 10% Off on groceries



NowNow Coupon  Code For Top Categories

Use the NowNow coupons to avail maximum discounts in the categories:

  • Supermarket Savings: Use the NowNow coupon codes to enjoy a 10% discount when shopping at nearby supermarkets such as Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, and Yalla! Market, and F Market.

  • Pharmacy & Health Delivered: Benefit from NowNow's delivery services for prescribed medications and other health needs, with a 10% discount using the NowNow ZOUT code.

  • Treat Yourself with Snacks and Sweets: Indulge your sweet tooth with NowNow's variety of snacks and desserts. Order from popular places like Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and more, using promo code ZOUT1.

  • Quick Meat and Seafood Delivery: Receive meat and seafood, like prawns and oysters, within an hour using the NowNow coupon code ZOUT2 for a 10% discount.

  • Pet Care Made Easy: Take care of your pets with NowNow's pet section, offering toys, food, and gear from esteemed pet stores.

  • Flowers and Gifts, Speedy Delivery: Send flowers and gifts nationwide with NowNow. Use coupon code ZOUT1 for a 50% discount on your first order.

  • Fresh Organic Deliveries: Enjoy farm-fresh food and daily essentials delivered to your doorstep. Use coupon code ZOUT for a 10% discount.

  • Ethnic Delights: Prepare for various events and occasions with up to 80% off on pantry staples and snacks from authentic stores using the NowNow coupon code ZOUT1.

  • Lifestyle and Electronics Convenience: Discover electronics, lifestyle items, stationery, and more with NowNow's special section. Use coupon code ZOUT1 for a 10% discount on your order.

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NowNow Coupon Code To Get Up To 50% Off On Summer Deals 

NowNow Coupon Code To Get Up To 50% Off On Summer Deals

Stay cool and refreshed this summer with essential items available at various NowNow stores. You can beat the heat while enjoying fantastic discounts using the NowNow discount codes mentioned below:

1. Sunscreens: Shield your skin from the summer sun with an array of sunscreen options. Whether you prefer dewy finishes, gel-based formulas, or convenient roll-ons, NowNow has you covered. Discover top brands like Eucerin, Neutrogena, Cetaphil, Vichy, and more. To make your purchase even sweeter, apply the NowNow coupon code "ZOUT" for an extra 5% discount.

2. Packed Food: Fill your pantry with a delightful assortment of packed foods such as cookies, wafers, crackers, cheese, soups, noodles, and more. With NowNow's convenient delivery service, you can stock up without enduring the summer heat. Don't miss out on incredible savings of up to 50% at Casinetto by using the NowNow discount code "ZOUT3".

3. Meat: Elevate your culinary experience by enjoying up to 30% off on a variety of meats including lamb, chicken, beef, and more. Whether you're preparing meals for your loved ones or hosting a gathering, NowNow has you covered. Apply the NowNow discount code "ZOUT2" to enjoy these fantastic savings.

4. Ice Cream: Indulge in the frosty goodness of ice cream, lollies, cones, and more to combat the scorching Middle Eastern heat. For an added bonus, use the NowNow coupon code "ZOUT4" to receive an extra 5% discount on your ice cream treats.

5. Dairy and Poultry: Keep up your protein and calcium intake with a selection of dairy products including milk, cheese, butter, and eggs. NowNow's delivery service ensures that these essentials are conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Take advantage of discounts of up to 60% on your dairy and poultry orders by applying the NowNow coupon code "ZOUT".

NowNow Coupon Code To Avail Up To 75% Off On Organic Items

NowNow Coupon Code To Avail Up To 75% Off On Organic Items

Take a step towards a healthy lifestyle by adding organic food items to your daily routine. Use the NowNow discount code to get up to 75% off in the categories of: 

  • Grains: Extract the best nutrients with the organic grains and seeds available on the NowNow app. 

  • Sauces: Experience the best taste in food without any added preservatives or chemicals. Use the NowNow discount code ZOUT1 and get up to 85% off on your purchase. 

  • Porridge: Make your healthy porridge more healthy by switching to healthy porridge with higher fibers and higher health benefits. Use the NowNow coupon code ZOUT3 to get a flat 5% off on your order. 

  • Tuna: Enjoy canned tuna without having to worry about any preservatives used to keep the food stale-free. Organic tuna not only has a higher nutritional value but also fewer chemicals. Use NowNow promo code ZOUT1

NowNow App Offer To Get Flat 5% Off  New Arrivals 

Get a flat 5% off on your purchase made at any and all the stores that have recently teamed up with easy and fast delivery: 

  • BinSina Pharmacy: Get all your pharmaceuticals, summer essentials, vitamins, sports supplements, and more needs attended to without leaving the premises of your house. Use the NowNow coupon code ZOUT.

  • Honestry: The baked goods store is known for its delicious bread, cakes a, pies, cookies, candies, muffins, cereals, puddings, and more. Minimum order value AED 30. Use NowNow discount code ZOUT2

  • House Of Hydrangea: Send lovely flowers to your loved ones to let them know that you are thinking about them. The flowers are available in the form of bouquets, gift hampers, boxes and baskets, and more. Minimum Order Value AED 100. Use the NowNow coupon code ZOUT3

  • House Of Pops: Enjoy the summer season with the best in ice cream treats. Get popsicles that taste as if right out of a fruit orchard or cocoa plantation. Minimum order value AED 100. Use the NowNow promo code ZOUT3

NowNow Discount Code To Avail Up To 10% Off On Kitchen Items 

NowNow Discount Code To Avail Up To 10% Off On Kitchen Items

NowNow provides deliveries of small and big kitchen appliances. Use the NowNow discount code to purchase in the categories of: 

  • Coffee Makers: Make excellent espressos in the comfort of your home with coffee makers available for up to 10% off from popular brands like Nespresso, Black+Decker, and more. 

  • Blenders: Get the best quality blenders to make the perfect mixture of fruits and cake batter without making a mess. Use the NowNow coupon code to get an additional 5% off on your purchase. 

  • Air Fryers: Enjoy crispy fries, potato wedges, and more from the vicinity of your homes. Use the NowNow coupon code to get up to 10% off using the NowNow discount code. 

NowNow Discount Code For NowNow Plus

NowNow Plus is an upgraded subscription service from the NowNow app, offering unlimited free deliveries throughout the subscription period. To enroll in NowNow Plus:

1. Open the NowNow app and navigate to "My Account."

2. Choose your preferred subscription plan: AED 39 for 1 month or AED 99 for 3 months.

3. Complete the payment process to activate your subscription and enjoy free delivery benefits.

You can also explore NowNow Plus with a 7-day trial before committing to a subscription. NowNow Plus enhances the popular NowNow on-demand service with several notable features:

1. Premium Content Access: Subscribers gain exclusive access to a library of premium content, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, and live sports events not available to regular users.

2. Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy uninterrupted viewing without commercials for a more immersive entertainment experience.

3. Offline Downloads: Download movies and shows to watch offline, ideal for travel or areas with limited internet. Downloads are accessible for a specified time.

4. Multi-Device Support: Seamlessly switch between devices and continue watching where you left off.

5. Exclusive Features: Personalized recommendations, early access to new releases, and behind-the-scenes content enhance your entertainment options.

6. Enhanced Video Quality: Enjoy content in higher quality, including 4K Ultra HD where available.

7. Priority Customer Support: Subscribers receive prioritized customer support for prompt issue resolution.

8. Flexible Plans: Choose from monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plans to suit your preferences.

NowNow Coupon Code For First Order | NowNow Vs Noon Food Vs Careem Now

Noon Food
Careem Now


Flat 50% Off

Flat 52%

Extra AED 20 Off

Applicable Categories

Grocery, Medicine, snacks, sweets,and more


Restaurants, Pharmacies, Groceries, and more

Available Platforms

NowNow app

Noon Food app

Careem Now website and app





Ways To Save On The NowNow App

  • Unlock Savings with Quick Ordering: Enter the code to enjoy an instant 15% discount when you place your order within the first 15 minutes of opening the NowNow app.

  • Emirates Bank Card Exclusive: When you pay with Emirates Bank Cards, you'll receive an extra 20% discount on your orders, without any minimum value requirement.

  • NowNow Plus Subscription Benefits: Join the NowNow Plus subscription to enjoy unlimited free deliveries on all orders, eliminating the AED 6 shipping fee for each delivery.

  • Cash Back Rewards: Utilize a Mashreq credit card for 2% cash back on all orders. Furthermore, when you use an HSBC credit card for your first order, you'll receive AED 500 in cashback.

  • Checkout Convenience: Apply the specified code during checkout for an additional 5% discount on your total.

  • Grocery Discounts: Use the provided code to access up to 60% off and enjoy an extra 5% discount on all grocery items.

How To Apply The NowNow App Coupons?

Here is a step-by-step format on how you can apply the NowNow app coupons to ensure maximum discount on your order:

  • Get the NowNow App: Initiate the process by downloading the NowNow app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Install it seamlessly onto your smartphone.

  • Sign Up or Log In: If you're a newcomer, kickstart your journey by signing up for a NowNow account, using either your email address or phone number. For existing users, effortlessly log in using your registered credentials.

  • Enter Your Delivery Address: Pinpoint your delivery location to unveil the array of available stores and services in your vicinity.

  • Explore and Add to Cart: Delve into the diverse selection of stores and services offered on the platform, encompassing groceries, pharmacies, bakeries, and more. Pile up your chosen items into your virtual cart.

  • Navigate to Checkout: Once you've amassed your desired items, navigate to the checkout stage by tapping on the cart icon.

  • Redeem Your Coupon Code: During the checkout process, you'll encounter a designated area where you can input your coupon code. Input the designated NowNow coupon code that provides a 50% discount.

  • Validate the Discount: Upon entering the coupon code, witness the magic as the 50% discount is automatically computed and subtracted from your overall order amount.

  • Confirm Your Order: Engage in a thorough review of your order, ensuring that the discount has been accurately applied. If all seems correct, move ahead and finalize your order.

  • Complete the Payment: Choose your favored method of payment, be it a credit/debit card or online payment, and seamlessly conclude the payment procedure.

  • Monitor Delivery Progress: Once your order is officially confirmed, stay in the loop by tracking the real-time delivery progress directly on the app. All that remains is to anticipate the arrival of your items and relish the fantastic discount!

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1. How do I apply a coupon code on the NowNow app?

    To use a coupon code on the NowNow app, add items to your cart and proceed to checkout. Look for the "Coupon Code" or "Promo Code" field during the checkout process. Enter the code in this field and click "Apply" to see the discount reflected in your total.


2. Can I combine multiple coupon codes for a single order?

   Typically, you can use only one coupon code per order on the NowNow app. Make sure to choose the coupon code that provides the highest discount for your specific order.


3. Are there any time restrictions on using the instant discount coupon?

   Yes, the instant discount coupon is valid for orders placed within the first 15 minutes of opening the NowNow app. Be sure to place your order promptly to take advantage of this offer.

4. How can I get the additional discount for using Emirates Bank Cards?

   Simply select Emirates Bank Cards as your payment method during checkout, and the additional 20% discount will be automatically applied to your order. There is no minimum order value required to avail of this discount.

5. What are the benefits of the NowNow Plus subscription?

   NowNow Plus subscription offers unlimited free deliveries on all orders. This means you won't have to pay the AED 6 shipping fee for each delivery. It's a great way to save on delivery charges if you frequently use the app.

6. How does the cashback work with Mashreq and HSBC credit cards?

   When you use a Mashreq credit card, you'll receive a 2% cashback on all your orders. Additionally, if you use an HSBC credit card for your first order, you'll receive AED 500 cashback. The cashback is usually credited to your credit card account.

7. Can I use the extra 5% discount code along with other coupon codes?

   The availability of multiple coupon codes may vary. Generally, you can't combine multiple discount codes in a single order. If you have both an extra 5% discount code and another coupon code, you might need to choose the one that offers the highest savings.

8. How do I use the code for up to 60% off and an additional 5% off on groceries?

   During the checkout process, you can enter the specified code in the "Coupon Code" or "Promo Code" field. Once applied, you'll see the discounts reflected in your cart for both the up to 60% off and the additional 5% discount on groceries.


Use the NowNow app coupons to avail of exciting discounts with up to 80% off in the categories of groceries, flowers, gifts, pharmacy, and more. 

By Aditi Arora - Content Specialist