Klook Coupons For Disneyland | December 2023 | Up To 60% Off On All Bookings Of Tickets To Disneyland Parks and Resort

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Avail the Klook coupons for Disneyland and get up to 60% off on your ticket bookings at the various Disneylands across the globe. Use the other Klook promo codes and coupon codes to get significant discounts on your bookings.

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Trending Klook Promo Codes November 2023

Avail  the Klook promo codes that are currently available on the Klook website to unlock exciting discounts on your bookings.

Klook Promo Codes

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Klook Promo Codes For Top Categories

Avail the Klook promo codes to get significant discounts in the categories of: 

  • Tours: Klook has a list of the most attractive tour packages from all across the world at the most affordable rate. Go for tours, cruise rides, massages, spa treatments, and more using the Klook coupon code. 

  • Attraction Tickets: Visit major places of attraction in your city. From theme parks, water parks, museums, zoos, aquariums, and more using the Klook promo code. 

  • Places To Stay: Choose from the long list of hotels listed on Klook and get significant discounts with up to 60% off on your bookings. 

  • Transport: Take advantage of the Klook transport services to never feel lost in a foreign city. Get easy hassle free and easy travelling with Klook. 

  • Food and Dining: Get exciting discounts and offers on eateries and dining places with the Klook coupon code. Get up to 60% off on your local and international cuisines. 

Klook Promo Code For Disneyland | Top Destinations

  • Disneyland, Paris

  • Disneyland, Hong Kong

  • Disneyland, Los Angeles

  • Disneyland, Tokyo

  • Disneyland, Abu Dhabi

Disneyland Paris Discount Code | Price, Package Options, and Inclusions

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris has two stellar parks: The Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park. 

  • The Disneyland Park has the Sleeping Beauty castle at its very heart with multiple restaurants, attractions, parades, and the firework show based around it. 

  • The Walt Disney Park features the worlds of Pixar and Avengers Campus. Get access to multiple shows and attractions that would make you feel nostalgic about the movies. 

Get the  Disney Premier Access Ultimate to join the fast lane for multiple attractions. 

Klook Disneyland Paris Inclusions

  • Experience an action-packed mission alongside Spider-Man himself in Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure and unleash your inner hero.

  • Witness the thrilling Daytime show "Dream... and Shine Brighter" featuring Mickey and his friends.

  • Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Disneyland® Paris, where both little ones and grown-ups can find fun and wonder.

  • Immerse yourself in an enchanting musical show filled with mesmerizing illusions and special effects in "Mickey and the Magician."

  • Meet your beloved Disney characters wearing their brand new 30th anniversary costumes.

  • Step into the Marvel Universe at Avengers Campus in Walt Disney Studios Park®, where you can join forces with the Avengers and take on incredible Marvel missions.

  • As night falls, gather in Central Plaza for the world-famous extravaganza show "Disney Illuminations."

  • Celebrate the exclusive new shows, decorations, Disney character costumes, and more in honor of Disneyland® Paris' 30th anniversary.

  • Indulge your taste buds with delectable Disneylicious specialties crafted for the 30th anniversary celebration.

  • Gain access to Disney Premier Access Ultimate, allowing you to skip the lines and enjoy multiple attractions at your convenience.

Ticket Details


AED 292 AED 307


Admission + Disney Premier Access Unlimited, Flexible Ticket, Private Transfer To Disneyland, Regular Ticket, Admission + Round Trip Shuttle

Klook Promo Code For Disneyland, Hong Kong

Disneyland, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland provides an excellent choice for both adults and kids. Use the Klook promo codes to experience a world filled with your favourite Disney characters from Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. 

Klook Disneyland Package Includes

  • Join LinaBell at the "Duffy and Friends Play House" where they don adorable new spring costumes, ready to meet, greet, and share big hugs with guests.

  • Explore the Town Square and embark on a quest to find seven charming sculptures of Duffy and Friends. Don't forget to capture memorable selfies with each of them.

  • Experience a series of delightful spring-themed adventures with Duffy and Friends, as they wave their furry hands with joy and warmly invite you to join in the fun.

  • Step into the real-life world of Duffy and Friends at the enchanting "Duffy and Friends Play House" located in the Plaza Grounds, where you can fully immerse yourself in a Fans-tastic experience.

  • Indulge in various themed snacks available at the Outdoor Vending Carts, inspired by the playful stories of Duffy and Friends. These treats are designed to bring joy to both your day and your taste buds.

  • Make your way to Hong Kong Disneyland Park and visit the magnificent Castle of Magical Dreams, where you can meet beloved Disney Friends.

  • Prepare to be amazed by "Momentous," the newest nighttime spectacular at the Castle of Magical Dreams. This 20-minute show features powerful and heartwarming storytelling, showcasing six significant chapters in life, nearly 40 classic Disney moments, and close to 150 cherished Disney and Pixar characters. It's truly the Most Magical Show on Earth, and more.

Ticket Details


AED 277 AED 300


1-Day Disney Ticket + HK$100 Elements Dinner E-voucher, 2-Day Fun Package(Include Merchandise and Dining e-Voucher), Disney Premier Access (Priority Access To 3 or 8 popular rides based on the package you avail)

Tokyo Disneyland Tickets Klook

Tokyo Disneyland

Avail the Tokyo Disneyland tickets on Klook and get access to Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea. Get full access to the park including all shows and attractions with a Tokyo Disney Ticket.

Disneyland Tokyo Klook Package Inclusions

  • Disney Tokyo is a themed resort featuring two captivating theme parks: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

  • Exciting developments are underway in Fantasyland, where the beloved Walt Disney Animation Studios' film Beauty and the Beast will come to life. The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast attraction, along with shops and dining locations, will transport guests into this enchanting world.

  • Within the Beauty and the Beast Castle, guests can experience the captivating attraction, Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast. Boarding magical cups that "dance" in harmony with the film's iconic music, visitors will journey through scenes from the beloved animated film.

  • Embark on a joyful voyage as you sail through different continents aboard the happiest cruise ever. Children from around the world, dressed in their traditional costumes, serenade you with delightful songs as you traverse Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, and the South Pacific.

  • Illuminate your experience with a popcorn bucket inspired by the romantic Walt Disney Animation Studios' Beauty and the Beast. Admire the shimmering stained glass design as you indulge in delicious popcorn.

  • For an exhilarating adventure, brace yourself for Big Thunder Mountain. Set in a gold rush era, this thrilling ride takes you on a high-speed escapade aboard runaway mine trains. Hang on tight as you navigate sudden drops and turns in this wild mining experience.

Ticket Details


AED 215


Instant confirmations, Free cancellations on 14 days prior notice, and Fixed Date bookings

Klook Disneyland Coupons For Los Angeles

Disneyland Los Angeles

The OG Disneyland, this theme park is known to house all the classic rides and characters and have spectacular parades and fireworks. The latest addition to Disneyland is the California Adventure Park, with newer movie themed rides and Pixar attractions. 

Disneyland California Coupons Inclusions

  • Explore Pixar Pier and delight in meeting your favorite characters, thrilling rides, entertaining shows, and delectable food options.

  • Witness breathtaking stage performances that will leave a lasting impression in your memory.

  • Step into the shoes of an Avenger and experience the thrill of being part of their heroic world.

  • Capture precious moments with beloved Disney characters during an unforgettable visit.

  • Venture into the world of 'Cars' at Disney California Adventure Park and immerse yourself in the beloved franchise.

  • Immerse yourself in the immersive Star Wars universe, where you can truly feel like a part of the epic saga.

  • Witness the most enchanting fireworks display, creating a magical atmosphere you'll cherish forever.

  • Behold the iconic and dreamy Disney castle right before your eyes, an unforgettable sight that embodies the magic of Disney.

Ticket Details


AED 375AED 382


Instant confirmations, Free cancellations on 14 days prior notice, and Fixed Date bookings

Klook Coupons For Disneyland, Abu Dhabi

Disneyland, Abu Dhabi

Currently, there isn’t any Disneyland in the UAE, but if there ever is, there are high chances of it, including: 

  • Walt Plaza comprising the Walt cinema , Disney gallery

  • The Adventure Aisle consisting of the Enchanted Tikki Room 

  • The Pirate of the Caribbeans Pirate Cove

  • The Frotier Peak consisting of the Soarin and Big Thunder Mountain

  • The Fantasyland, which contains the Enchanted Castle, Peter Pan’s Flight, Mad Tead Party, Dumbo The Flying Elephant, and more. 

  • Tomorrowland, which includes: Astro Orbitor, Buzz Lightyear Ranger Blast, Space Mountain. 

Ways To Save On Klook

  •  Sign up for the Klook newsletter: By subscribing to the Klook newsletter, you'll receive regular updates on exclusive deals, promotions, and discount codes. This way, you can stay informed about the latest offers and plan your activities accordingly.
  • Check for promo codes: Before making a booking on Klook, search online for any available promo codes. Websites, social media, or even the Klook community might have discount codes that can be applied during checkout, providing additional savings.
  • Take advantage of bundle deals: Klook often offers bundle deals where you can save money by booking multiple activities together. These packages can include popular attractions, transportation, or even dining options. Bundling your activities can result in significant savings compared to booking them individually.
  • Look for seasonal promotions: Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions and sales on Klook. During special occasions like holidays, anniversaries, or major events, Klook may offer exclusive discounts or limited-time offers. Planning your activities around these promotions can help you save money.
  • Refer friends: Klook has a referral program where you can earn credits by referring your friends to sign up and make a booking. The credits you earn can be used to offset the cost of your own bookings, allowing you to save money.
  • Book in advance: In general, booking in advance on Klook can provide better prices compared to last-minute bookings. By planning your activities ahead of time, you have a higher chance of securing discounted rates and availability.
  • Explore local deals: When visiting a particular destination, check for local deals on Klook. Sometimes, there are exclusive offers or discounts available for residents or local residents of that specific location. It's worth checking these options to potentially save on your activities.
  • Group bookings: If you're traveling with a group of friends or family, consider making a group booking on Klook. Some activities offer discounted rates for larger groups, allowing you to save money per person.
  • Consider off-peak or weekday bookings: Popular attractions and activities tend to be busier and more expensive on weekends or during peak travel periods. If your schedule allows, consider booking activities on weekdays or during off-peak seasons when prices are typically lower.
  • Compare prices: While Klook offers competitive prices, it's always a good idea to compare prices with other platforms or local vendors. Sometimes, you may find better deals or discounts elsewhere, so it's worth doing a quick search to ensure you're getting the best price.


1. How can I find Klook Disneyland promo codes?

There are a few ways to find Klook Disneyland promo codes. You can either subscribe to the Klook website app or website with your email ID. You can avail for their newsletters to keep a track of their latest discounts and offers.You can also keep a check on the Zoutons.ae website to never miss out on any discounts or offers available on the Klook website or app. 

2. How do I apply a promo code on Klook for Disneyland?

Applying a promo code on Klook is a straightforward process. After selecting the Disneyland ticket or package you want to book, proceed to the checkout page. Look for the "Promo Code" or "Coupon Code" field and enter the code you have. Click "Apply" or a similar button, and the discount associated with the promo code should be applied to your total.

3. Can I use multiple promo codes for Disneyland on Klook?

No, Klook doesn’t allow you to stack your coupon codes together. However, you can read the terms and conditions to the coupon codes in case there are sudden exception to their generic rule. 

4. Are there specific promo codes for Disneyland tickets on Klook?

While Klook occasionally offers specific promo codes for Disneyland tickets, they are not always available. It's important to keep an eye out for promotions and announcements from Klook to see if there are any special codes for Disneyland or other theme parks.

5. Do Klook Disneyland promo codes have expiration dates?

Yes, promo codes generally have expiration dates. The validity period of a promo code can vary, and it's important to check the terms and conditions of the code to see when it expires. Once a promo code has expired, it cannot be used to obtain discounts.

6. Can I use Klook Disneyland promo codes for existing bookings?

Promo codes on Klook are usually applicable only to new bookings. Once a booking has been made, it's typically not possible to apply a promo code retroactively. Therefore, it's important to enter any promo codes during the booking process to ensure you receive the discount.


Use the Klook promo codes for Disneyland to get incredible discounts on your trips to the magical land of Walt Disney all across the world.

By Nikita Lahoti - Content Strategist