Noon Food Offers Today | February 2024 | Flat 52% Off On Your Purchase

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Avail the Noon Food Offers today and get a flat 52% off on your first order from the various restaurants serving delicious cuisine from all across the globe using the Noon Food promo code NFD7.

Noon Food Offers Today | February Exclusives

Avail the Noon Food offers today using the Noon Food promo codes to get significant discounts on your purchase.

Noon Food Coupon Codes

Extra 52% Off Offer On Food Today | Noon Food Discount Code 



Up To 70% Off On Noon Food Offers Dubai



Flat 52% Off For New Users On Food Offer’s Today



Save Up To 50% Off On Noon Exclusive Member Deal



Noon Food Offers Today On Popular Cuisines

Noon Food offers food from many restaurants and eateries from all across the UAE. Aval the food offers today on Noon food to have a bite of delicious cuisines from different cultures like:

  • Asian: Explore the rich amalgamation of sweet, salty, and spicy flavors with the benefits of vegetables all stir-fried, steamed, or deep-fried to get the best taste.  Try the best of wantons, seafood, sushi, dumplings, orange chicken, kimbap, kimchi, and more from popular Asian eateries like Asian Wok, WokBoys, Chin Chin, Thai 2 Thai, and more.

  • Lebanese: Experience the oriental taste of humus, baklava, falafel, shawarma, and more from popular restaurants like Cuisine Lebanese, Malak Lebanese Sandwiches, Lebanese Grills, and more with the today food offers of a flat 52% off using the Noon Food discount code ZOUT

  • Indian: Experience the richness of spices and wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives in the Indian cuisine available at various restaurants like Kamat, Bikanervala, Paratha King, Delhi Zaika, and more 

  • Italian: Indulge in the gastronomic culture of cheese, wine, fruits, and coffee, sprinkled with a decent amount of oregano to bind together the Mediterranean taste of Italian food. Avail today’s food offer on Noon Food to get an additional 52% off using the Noon Food promo code NF15

  • Arabic: Get the best options in sweet and savory food with a hint of nutty flavors available in food dishes like shawarma, falafel, lamb, kebabs, and more from popular restaurants like Allo Beirut, Malak Al Tawouk, Furn Beaino, Zaroob, Zaatar w Zeit, and more. 

  • Healthy Food: To all the fitness enthusiasts out there, Noon Food has you covered with a multitude of options in healthy bowls, salads, smoothie bowls, and more to meet your daily calorie requirements. Apply Noon today’s offer on food using the Noon Food promo code ZOUT to get an additional 52% off when ordering from eateries like Yawmi, Awani, Nablus Eats, Just Koshari, and more.

  • Dessert: Satiate your craving for sweets with the best in desserts starting from AED 1 from FNP cakes, Katrina Sweets and Confectionery, Latea, Oakberry Acai Bowls, and more. Use the Noon Food coupon code NFD7 to get an additional 52% off on your purchase.

Noon Food Offers Today On ADCB MasterCard

  • Make your food cravings a reality with the Noon food offers with a flat 20% off or AED 20 off on your orders from popular restaurants and eateries. 
  • The discount is applicable on two orders with a minimum order value of AED 30.
  • The discount is available only to MasterCard holders from the ADCB bank. 
  • The MasterCard offer is not applicable on payments via mobile wallets, noon credits, or noon gift cards. 
  • The discount is valid on all popular restaurant chains till the 29th of February for all  

Noon Food Offers Today On Breakfast | Combos Starting At AED 9

Catch the breakfast buffet or brunch options at these popular restaurants with highly appealing food offers using the Noon Food coupons.

Order combos starting at AED 9

  • Filli: The breakfast cafe is known for its tea flask, Manchurian foodles, cocktail samosas, bun kebabs, and more starting from AED 9. Use the Noon Food offers online using the Noon Food promo code NFD7 to get an additional 5% off on your purchase. 

  • The Breakfast Shop by Circle Cafe: Get the best options in breakfast options, healthy food, and coffee to start your day on a light and healthy note. Get options combos starting from AED 25 consisting of one main and one coffee of your choice. 

  • Breakfast Fix: Known for their delicious menu consisting of the softest pancakes, mini buns, and waffles, and more starting from AED 24. Use the Noon online offers on food with the Noon Food promo code. 

  • What a Treat: The breakfast and burger joint is known for its breakfast bowls, homemade pancakes, salad, toast, organic eggs, and more to help you start your day on a lighter course. Avail the 50% off food using the Noon Food discount code for the first order NFD7.

  • Breakfasting: Order from the long menu of omelets, bakery, pastry, hot drinks options, and more. With Noon Food you also get the opportunity to schedule your order with a discount of up to 50% off using the Noon online offers on food. 

Noon Food Offers On Pizza | Up To 50% Off

Embark upon the journey of taste testing the best and most popular dish from Italian cuisine, Pizza, with up to 50% off.

Get up to 50% off on pizza orders

Noon Food Offers At Popular Eateries

  • Society Pizza: As the name suggests, Society Pizza specializes in creating delicious pizza and exciting combos so that you can have your favorite toppings and crust at the most affordable price. Choose from a line of exciting combos such as Impossible Pizza for 1, Double Trouble, and Society Pizza Trios for two and three people, respectively. Use the Noon Food coupon code NF15  to get pizzas starting at as low as AED 59. 

  • Pasta In The House: Unlike its name, Pasta In The House is not just known for its lip-smacking pasta but also for their long menu of authentic Italian cuisine, which also includes its wood-baked pizza. Get thin-crust pizza with multiple options in veg toppings like panner, corn, bell pepper, and more, and non-veg pizza options in meat like chicken, turkey, and more. Use the Noon Food promo code ZOUT to get pizzas starting at AED 42. 

  • Broccoli Pizza And Pasta: Don’t get fooled by the name, thinking that this place has only veg pizza. While the Greek Pizza and the Veggie Maxima Hot Pizza are both tasty, Broccoli has multiple non-veg pizzas that are delicious, the most popular ones being Meat Lovers Pizza and Shrimp Pizza. Use the Noon Food NF15 to get pizzas starting at AED 25. 

  • Say Cheese Pizza: Say Cheese Pizza! is widely known for its long list of affordable and delicious pizzas with multiple vegetarian and non-veg options, namely, Bombay Jazz Pizza, Frocco Pizza, All Chicken Pizza, Schezwan Pizza, and more. 

  • Inferno-Flatbread Pizza: The thinner and crispier flatbread pizza crust at Inferno comes with a multitude of toppings, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Use code ZOUT

Terms and Conditions To The Noon Food Offers

  • Get an additional 5% discount on your orders by applying the Noon Food promo code. This special offer is available to both existing and new users.

  • Order through the Noon Food UAE app and enjoy discounts of up to 50% from a wide selection of restaurants. 

  • Please note that delivery charges may vary based on your location.

Noon Food Offers On Asian Cuisine |  Flat 52% Off On First Order

Purchase from popular Asian restaurants and get a flat 52% off on your first order from the best of Asian cuisine.

Get a flat 52% off on your first order

Noon Best Food Offers Today At Asian Restaurants

  • Chowking: Get the best in Chinese and Filipino cuisine with a wide selection of dishes like Peking-styled chicken, Chaofan breakfast, Lauriat, Chinese-styled chicken, and more starting from as low as AED 23. Use Noon Food discount code NF15

  • Miamix: Choose from a wide variety of Asian and Sri Lankan cuisine, like fried rice, kottu, noodles, cheese kottu, nasi goreng, and more. Use Noon Food promo code ZOUT  to get flat 52% off on your first order. 

  • Mandarin Oaks: Mandarin Oaks is renowned for its lip-smacking Chinese and Thai cuisine, consisting of bestsellers like Chicken Thai Curry, Kung Pao Chicken, Beef Balck Pepper Sauce, Veg Thai Curry Green, Paneer Chilli Gravy, Mongolian Beef, and more. Use the Noon Food coupon code NF15

  • Shilog Express: Known for its Asian and Filipino cuisine, Shillong is a must-visit for their Lumpia Touge, Turon, Kwek Kwek, Spicy Tapsilog, Daing Silog, and more, with prices starting as low as AED 19. 

  • Manilla Street Food: Get the best of Asian street food with its authenticity wrapped up in the spices of the various dishes. Order from the menu of Inihaw Street, Pritos, Tusok Tusok, Kaknin, and more starting from as low as AED 12. Use the Noon Food coupon code ZOUT

Terms To The Noon Food Offers Today On Asian Food

  • Both old & new users can choose restaurants.

  • For an extra 5% discount, apply the Noon Food promotion code at checkout

  • Accessible across all UAE cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, etc.

Noon Offers Today On Biryani |  Up To 50% Off

Enjoy the lip-smacking taste of the Biryani with the Noon Food offers. Use the Noon Food Offers to get up to 50% off on your purchase of Biryani at various stores. 

Noon Food Offers On Restaurants Serving Biryani

  • Rumaan Hyderabad Restaurant: Avail up to 50% off on your orders of Chicken, Mutton, Veg Biryani, and Dum Biryani in a pack of 1 or combos for the whole family starting at AED 8. Use the Noon Food voucher code NF15

  • SS Bucket Biryani: Get well-packed Biryani meals that can serve up to 5 depending on your requirements, along with options for refreshing beverages starting at AED 24. Use the Noon Food promo code NFD7 

  • Gazebo: Best known for their North Indian cuisine, Gazebo has a delicious Biryani menu consisting of Tandoori Murgh Biryani, Murgh Reshmi Kebab Biryani, Murgh Hyderabadi Biryani, Murgh Nizami Biryani, and more starting from AED 43. Make the Noon online food offers today by using the Noon Food coupon code NF15

  • Jabbar Bhai Biryani Sharjah: Use the Noon Food coupon code to get up to 50% off using on the purchase of chicken and mutton Biryani starting from AED 25.  The offer also extends to the Jabbar Bhai Biriyani Abu Dhabi. 

  • Behouz Biryani: Known for their authentic Hyderabadi Biryani cuisine, Behrouz Biryani is known for sahi Biryani meals, paneer Biryani, mutton sahi Biryani, and more. Use the Noon Food code NFD7 to get flat 52% off on your first order. 

Terms And Conditions To The Noon Food Offers On Biryani

  • You can avail a fantastic 50% flat discount on orders from restaurants

  • To enjoy even more savings, apply the Noon Food UAE code during the checkout process to receive an extra 5% off.

  • This exciting offer is accessible in all cities across the UAE through the convenient Noon Food app. Don't miss out on these amazing deals for delicious biryanis and other delectable meals!

Noon Food Vs Careem Now Vs Now Now For UAE | Brief Comparison

Trending Coupons
Noon Food
Careem Now

Maximum Discount 

Extra 52% Off

Flat 50% Off 

Up To 80%+5% Off


65% + 5% off on Biryani restaurants

Up To 50% Off On Dubai Restaurants

Up To 80% off on all UAE restaurants

Pizza offer

50% on Papa Murphy’s pizza

Up To 50% Off On Pizza Orders

Extra 5% Off On Pizza Orders


50% off On Ribbons & Balloons Bakery 

Up To 50% Off On Bakery Essentials

Overall 50% off on all Bakery products





Ways To Save Extra On Noon Food

  • First Order Discount: Noon Food offers an attractive discount for new users, where they can save up to 70% on their first order made through the Noon Food app or website. Additionally, customers can further enhance their savings by using the Zoutons. ae. Noon Food Promo Code Dubai provides an extra discount of up to 52% on orders from the best restaurants in the UAE. The best part is that there is no minimum order value required to avail of these discounts, and all payment methods, including credit cards and Internet banking, are accepted.

  • Noon Food Free Delivery: Customers can now save on delivery costs with Noon Food. For those in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi, the first three orders made through the Noon Food app will enjoy free delivery. Additionally, for orders above AED 30, free delivery is available throughout the UAE. However, orders below AED 30 may incur a nominal delivery charge of AED 7.

  • Noon One Subscription: Noon offers the "noon One" all-in-one subscription, providing free delivery on everything, including noon, noon Food, noon Minutes, and noon groceries. This convenient online subscription costs AED 15 per month and comes with the added benefit of priority customer support from Noon, along with early access to deals.

  • Noon Food Pickup: The Noon Food Pick-Up is live and allows you to physically pick up your food from the outlet nearest to you. Not only that, you also get an additional 15% off on your order. Noon Food will also cooperate with you in providing you with accurate addresses and phone numbers of the restaurant. The restaurant will notify you when your order is packed and you can collect it once you provide them with the order number. 


1. What are the best offers on food on the Noon Food website?

The best food offers on Noon Food is their Buy 1 Get 1 Free food deals currently live at a few of popular restaurants like Papa John’s Dominos, Tim Hortons, and more. Use the Noon Food promo code NF15 to get an additional 5% off on your purchase.


2. Am I eligible to get free delivery on Noon Food?

Yes, you are eligible to get Noon-free delivery offers on food on cart values of AED 30 and more.


3. Are there any discount offers on breakfast items during the morning hours?

Yes, avail the Noon Today online food offers to get a flat 52% off on your first order from cafes and eateries like Breakfasting, Filli, What a Treat, and more.


4. What are the Noon Food offers near me?

Check out the Noon Food app and the Zoutons. ae website to catch all the latest discounts like up to 52% off on your purchase.

5. What are the Noon-free food offers today?

Noon is currently not offering any free food offers today, but buyers can use the Noon Food code to get up to 50% off on their orders with free delivery. 

6. What are the food offers in Sharjah today?

Noon Food is offering free delivery on all orders placed at Sharjah today with an additional 52% off on your first offer. 

7. What are the food offers in Dubai today?

Noon Food is offering all their customers a flat 5% off on all orders placed on the Noon Food website and app. 


Savor a variety of delectable cuisine in the comfort of your own home. With the help of the current Noon Food Offers, you can save up to 70% and get an extra 52% off at several top-rated restaurants, grocery stores, drinks, snacks, and more.

By Madhurika Mathur - Content Writer