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Participate in the NowNow referral policy and get a chance to win an extra 5% discount on your next order. Redeem extra discounts NowNow coupon codes, and get your groceries, medicines, and snacks delivered to your home within hours.

NowNow Coupon Codes Today | Trending Today

NowNow coupon codes & voucher codes

Up To 80% + An Extra 10% Off On Everything  



Avail Up To 50% Off On First Order



Extra 10% Off On NowNow Organic Products



NowNow Promo Code For The Top Categories Available 

Avail the NowNow coupon code ZOUT to avail yourself 5% off in the popular categories of: 

  • Supermarkets: Purchase the best in fruits and your daily greens, snacks, and other packed items from popular supermarkets like Marks and Spencer, Waitrose, Yalla!Market, and more. 
  • Pharmacy: Get all your medicines, first aid, vitamins, and proteins, delivered all the way to your doorstep. Use the NowNow promo code ZOUT to get an extra 5% off on your order. 
  • Snacks and Desserts: NowNow has all your midnight and afternoon cravings covered with an excellent line of munchies including donuts, cakes, pastries, ice-creams, and more. Use the NowNow coupon code ZOUT3 to get an extra 5% off on your order. 
  • Meat and Seafood: Avail the NowNow app delivery services and meet all your frozen food requirements. Use the NowNow promo code ZOUT2 to get an extra 5% off on chicken, fish, poultry, and more. 
  • Pets: Give your buddies the right kind of nutrition in your everyday diet with the best options in food, gear, chewy toys, oral care, health essentials, and more. 
  • Flowers and Gifts: Get last-minute gifts and chocolates delivered to your doorstep with the NowNow coupon code ZOUT3 and get a flat 5% off on your orders. 

NowNow Coupon Code For Noon Mashreq Credit Card

Use the Noon Mashreq coupon code to receive AED 500 as a welcome offer along with a flat 5% off on all payments made via the Mashreq credit card on the NowNow app. Here are the terms and conditions to receive the discount: 

  • Get flat 5% off each time you make payments on the NowNow app. 
  • Receive a whopping AED 500 upon joining and registering the Mashreq credit card. Terms and Conditions will apply. 
  • Receive instant access to your digital card. 
  • Make payments via the Mashre card and get instant cashback redemption.
  • The Mashreq credit card is free from any hidden charges.
  • Cashback is available only on payments via the Mashreq credit card and not any other methods of payment like Apple Pay, etc. 

NowNow Referal Code For The New Stores On The NowNow App

Here are new stores that have lately joined the NowNow app to further make their availability easier for the people of the UAE: 

  • Bina Sina Pharmacy: Get your medicines just a click away from your with Bina Sina Pharmacy on the NowNow app. Get summer essentials, medicines, baby products, vitamins, and personal and female care products available at an extra 5% off with the NowNow coupon code ZOUT. 
  • Varak: Varak is well known for its tasty line of desserts available in the delectable categories of cakes, truffles, muffins and cupcakes, organic bars, and dried fruits.
  • R Rich Supermarket: R Rich Supermarket is the one-stop destination for all your day-to-day requirements like food, grocery, dairy products, seafood and meat, personal care, sensual wellness, party supplies, and more. 
  • Fleur Nation: Fleur Nation is the latest floral store addition to NowNow. Get beautiful fresh flowers and bouquets, gift hampers, box baskets, preserved flowers, and cakes available at flat 5% off with NowNow Dubai referral code ZOUT. 
  • House of Pops: Get freshly churned, organic ice cream with the House of Pops. Use the NowNow Referal code to save flat 25% off on your first order via the NowNow app. 

NowNow Discount Code | Get Up To AED 600 Cashback With HSBC Credit Card 

Avail the HSBC credit card offers available on the NowNow app and get cashback up to AED 600 on your first order . Here are the terms and conditions to the NowNow offer:

  • Customers are advised to use the NowNow coupon code ZOUT1 to get 5% cashback% off on their first order using the  NowNow coupon code ZOUT .
  • Get instant access to your digital card.
  • Get instant cashback reduction
  • Enjoy a free for life credit card.
  • Please note that this offer does not apply if you choose to pay via Apple Pay.
  • Additionally, this offer cannot be combined with any other existing offers or promotions that are available during the campaign period.

NowNow Coupon Code  For Pharmacy

 There are several well-known pharmacy chains and online platforms that provide pharmaceutical services. Avail up to 80% off on all medicines and get it delivered in 60 minutes. Some of the prominent pharmacy chains in the UAE include:

  • Aster Pharmacy: Aster Pharmacy is one of the largest retail pharmacy chains in the UAE, offering a wide range of pharmaceutical products, over-the-counter medications, health supplements, and personal care items. Up to 80% Off | Use Code: ZOUT1

  • Boots Pharmacy: Boots is a well-known international pharmacy chain with branches across the UAE. They provide various healthcare and beauty products, including prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and cosmetics.  Up to 80% Off | Use Code: ZOUT2

  • Life Pharmacy: Life Pharmacy is another popular pharmacy chain in the UAE, offering a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products, healthcare supplies, vitamins, and beauty products.  Up to 80% Off | Use Code: ZOUT3

  • BinSina Pharmacy: BinSina is a trusted pharmacy chain in the UAE, providing a wide selection of prescription and non-prescription medicines, health and wellness products, and beauty essentials.  Up to 80% Off | Use Code: ZOUT4

 NowNow Referral Code Dubai For The Top Brands 

 Get up to 50% off on your purchase from popular NowNow brands. Here are a few of the best brands places to order from: 

  • NowNow offers a diverse and expansive selection of products, catering to various needs such as groceries, medicines, bakeries, pet essentials, and meat shops. 
  • Partnering with renowned brands like Waitrose, Spinneys, Choithrams, Almaya Supermarket, Marks and Spencer, Al Adil, 1004 Gourmet, Keto by Foxxy, Paul, Bikanervala, Bisso's Bakery, 800-pharmacy, Binsina, and Petzone, NowNow provides users with access to top-tier stores to conveniently order their favorite items. 
  • With such a wide array of trusted brands available, customers can choose from a vast range of high-quality products to meet their specific requirements.
  • For food enthusiasts, NowNow collaborates with top-notch stores like Waitrose, Spinneys, Choithrams, Almaya Supermarket, and Marks and Spencer, providing access to premium ingredients and gourmet products that will elevate your culinary experiences.
  • For those seeking a diverse range of international products, NowNow partners with Al Adil and 1004 Gourmet, allowing customers to explore unique flavors and specialty items from around the world.
  • For health-conscious individuals following specific dietary regimes, NowNow collaborates with Keto by Foxxy, offering a selection of ketogenic-friendly products to support their lifestyle choices.
  • Indulge in delectable treats and baked goods from Paul and Bikanervala, or explore a wide array of pharmaceutical needs from 800-pharmacy, ensuring you have access to essential health products.
  • For pet owners, NowNow teams up with Petzone, making it convenient to find everything your furry friends need to stay happy and healthy.
  • With Bisso's Bakery, NowNow ensures you have access to freshly baked goods, adding a delightful touch to your meals and snacks.
  • Binsina, another prominent partner, offers a variety of healthcare products and personal care items, making it easy to find the essentials for your well-being.

Now Now Promo Code UAE 50% Off On Desserts 

Help your sweet tooth by indulging on the candy island with NowNow app. They’re currently offering a sweet dessert week where you can treat your tastebuds & get a flat 50% discount on selected items using the NowNow coupon codes

Desserts offer-

  • Get a flat 50% discount on Baskin Robbins, use code ZOUT1

  • Buy cakes & cookies from the French Bakery store. 

  • Get 20% off on your favorite donuts delivered from Dunkin Donuts, use code ZOUT3

  • Enjoy special cakes at a discounted price from ribbons & balloons. 

  • End your sweet hunger with SugarMoo. 

  • Flat 50% off on FNP cakes, use code ZOUT1

  • Use Nownow promo codes to get up to 52% discount on your first order. 


  Nownow Coupon Code Free Delivery  And Offers In UAE

Check out Nownow website & you can get special offers & discounts on various sweets, meats, groceries, and dairy products. Use Nownow promo code ZOUT1 to get an extra 5% discount. 

  1. Firas Al Diyafa Sweets: This Middle Eastern sweet shop may offer deals on assorted baklava boxes, kunafa, and other traditional sweets starting at AED 99 only.

  2. Casinetto: This Italian gelato shop may have promotions on a range of gelato flavors, including seasonal and limited-time offerings at flat 30% discounted rates, use coupon ZOUT2

  3. LIFCO: This grocery store chain may offer discounts on a range of grocery items, including fresh produce, bakery goods, and household essentials starting at AED 19 only. 

  4. Almaya: This supermarket chain may offer deals on grocery items, household essentials, and beauty products at up to 30% discount, use coupon ZOUT2 

  5. Sale Sucre: This Lebanese bakery may offer discounts on a range of sweet and savory baked goods, including manakish, croissants, and pastries starting at AED 80 only. 

  6. Maison Duffour: This French bakery may offer promotions on a range of fresh-baked bread, pastries, and sandwiches starting at AED 65 only, use coupon ZOUT3.


NowNow Discount Code UAE for February 2024 | Trending Now

NowNow is a delivery app in UAE and recently they have started a refer & earn policy, where you can refer the app to your friends and family and you both get rewarded. 


How to participate in NowNow Refer & Earn program

Follow these simple steps to participate in the refer & earn program- 

  • The referral code can be located in the Refer & Earn section on the home page of the NowNow App or within the Refer & Earn tab on your account.

  • Share this code with new users to the platform, they will receive a 25% discount of up to AED 25 on their first purchase. 

  • As a reward, you will receive a 25% discount coupon code up to AED 25 sent to your registered NowNow email the day after the referred person's order is delivered. 


Terms and conditions:

There are a few terms and conditions for the referral program provided by the NowNow app that you should follow- 

  • When participating in the NowNow Refer & Earn program, the person making the referral will receive a 25% discount coupon that can only be used on NowNow when they refer a friend.

  •  The person being referred will receive a 25% discount coupon (up to AED 25) on their first purchase. Both the referrer and the person being referred must adhere to the requirements outlined by NowNow in order to take part in the program.

  • Referee is supposed to enter the referral code at the time of sign-up in the field named “referral code”. 

  • If the person you are referring to, already has an account on the NowNow app then the code will not be valid. 

NowNow Referral Code For NowNow Plus

NowNow Plus is a subscription service offered by the NowNow app. You can get an unlimited amount of free deliveries on all orders during the subscription period. 


How to get NowNow plus

  1. First, go to My Account on the NowNow app. 

  2. Select the subscription plan that you want, the 1-month subscription plan is for AED 39, and the 3-month plan will cost you AED 99. 

  3. Pay the price and avail of unlimited free delivery services. 

  4. You can also opt for a 7 days trial period before purchasing the NowNow plus. 

Nownow Plus is an enhanced version of the popular on-demand service Nownow. It offers an extensive range of features and benefits designed to provide a seamless and convenient experience for its users. Here are some of the key features and details of Nownow Plus:

  • Premium Content Access: Nownow Plus subscribers gain access to an exclusive library of premium content, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, and live sports events. This content is not available to regular Nownow users and is curated to offer a diverse range of entertainment options.

  • Ad-Free Experience: One of the major advantages of Nownow Plus is the absence of advertisements during content playback. Subscribers can enjoy uninterrupted viewing without any commercial interruptions, providing a more immersive and enjoyable experience.

  • Offline Downloads: Nownow Plus allows subscribers to download their favorite movies and TV shows to watch offline. This feature is ideal for users who want to enjoy content during travel or in areas with limited internet connectivity. Downloads can be accessed for a specified period, ensuring flexibility in offline viewing.

  • Multi-Device Support: Nownow Plus offers seamless synchronization across multiple devices. Subscribers can start watching a show on one device and continue where they left off on another, without any loss of progress. This feature enables users to switch between devices without missing out on their preferred content.

  • Exclusive Features: Nownow Plus introduces additional features not available to regular Nownow users. These may include personalized recommendations based on viewing history, early access to new releases, and behind-the-scenes content related to popular shows and movies.

  • Enhanced Video Quality: Nownow Plus subscribers can enjoy content in higher video quality, including options for 4K Ultra HD resolution, where available. This ensures a more immersive and visually stunning experience for users with compatible devices and internet connections.

  • Priority Customer Support: Nownow Plus members receive priority customer support, ensuring that their queries and concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently. This feature helps subscribers resolve any issues they may encounter with the service or their account.

  • Flexible Subscription Options: Nownow Plus offers various subscription plans tailored to meet the needs of different users. These plans may include monthly, quarterly, or annual options, allowing subscribers to choose the duration that suits them best.

Active Offers On NowNow Promo Codes 2024

Extra 5% Off on Pharmacy & Nutrition Essentials Using NowNow Promo Code

Find everything you need from your neighborhood pharmacies, including medications and daily care items, in the NowNow app using NowNow Coupon Code

Extra 5% Off on Pharmacy & Nutrition Essentials

Applicable stores for delivery: MedX, supercare, Dr. Nutrition, Health First, and more


Up To 80% Off On Supermarkets using NowNow discount code

Shop at the top supermarkets in your area for fresh produce, fruits, organic goods, necessities, and more, in the NowNow app using NowNow Voucher Code

Up To 80% Off On Supermarkets

Available stores for delivery: Almaya, Union Coop, Broadwalk Supermarket, Waitrose, Marks and spencer food, and more


Up To 60% On Meat And Seafood using Now Now Coupon Code

Get your preferred cuts of meat and fish from the best butcher shops in your area, including fresh and primal cuts as well as frozen goods.,  in the NowNow app using NowNow Voucher Code

Up To 60% On Meat And Seafood


AED 200 Off On NowNow Bakeries using NowNow promo code

On the NowNow website and app, a variety of bakeries are advertised along with their products. They can purchase biscuits, cookies, chips, and cakes for less money, and they get free delivery on any purchases they place. For bakery goods, customers can get a discount of AED 200. Apply the Now Now App Coupon Code to receive further savings on the ordered items.

Applicable stores: French Bakery, The Hummingbird Bakery, and more

NowNow Vs Noon Food Vs Careem Now For UAE | Brief Comparison

Trending Coupons
Noon Food
Careem Now

Maximum Discount 

Up To 80%+10% Off

Extra 52% Off

Flat 50% Off 


Up To 80% off on all UAE restaurants

65% + 5% off on Biryani restaurants

Up To 50% Off On Dubai Restaurants

Pizza offer

Extra 5% Off On Pizza Orders

50% on Papa Murphy’s pizza

Up To 50% Off On Pizza Orders


Overall 50% off on all Bakery products

50% off On Ribbons & Balloons Bakery 

Up To 50% Off On Bakery Essentials





Savings Tips

  • Get a NowNow plus subscription to unlock unlimited free deliveries on all orders, so you don't have to pay the shipping fee of AED 6 every time. 

  • Get flat 2% cashback with Mashreq card’s credit card on all orders. 

  • Get flat AED 500 cashback with an HSBC credit card on your first order. 

  • Join the "refer & earn" program by NowNow to earn a flat 25% discount just by referring the app to your friends. 

  • Use the NowNow promo codes to get an extra discount when you shop on the app. 

  • Get an extra 5% discount when you apply the promo code  during checkout. 

  • Enjoy up to 60% discount and an additional 5% off on all groceries with NowNow discount code. 

How To Use NowNow Referral Code?

Use the below mentioned steps to use the NowNow referral code

  • Sign up or log in: To use a referral code, you usually need to create an account on the platform if you don't already have one. Some platforms may allow you to log in using your social media accounts or email.

  • Navigate to the referral section: Once you have signed in, look for a section in the app or website that mentions "Referrals," "Invite Friends," or something similar. This is where you will find your referral code and the option to share it with others.

  • Obtain your referral code: In the referral section, you should find a unique referral code assigned to your account. This code is what you will share with your friends and family.

  • Share your referral code: You can share your referral code with others through various methods, such as messaging apps, social media, email, or by directly inviting friends within the platform (if that option is available). When someone signs up or makes a purchase using your referral code, they usually get some benefits or discounts, and you also get rewarded in return.

  • Tracking referrals: Most platforms will track the number of successful referrals made through your code. You may be able to see how many people have used your code and the benefits you have earned as a result.

  • Redemption of rewards: The rewards you earn through referrals might be in the form of discounts, credits, or other benefits. Usually, you can use these rewards when making purchases on the platform.


1. What’s the refer & earn program on NowNow?

NowNow has a referral program where you can refer the app to your friends and earn a flat 25% discount on your next order. 

2. Can I share my NowNow referral code with anyone?

Usually, referral codes are meant to be shared with friends, family, or acquaintances who haven't signed up for NowNow before. Sharing codes on public forums or websites where strangers can use them might not be allowed or might lead to your account being flagged.


3. What are the payment modes accepted by NowNow?

All kinds of debit and credit cards, along with Apple pay are now accepted by NowNow. 


4. What’s the service fee at NowNow?

You have to pay a minimum of 3% of your total order amount at the time of payment to help and support the platform to improve the overall experience. 


5. How many times can I use a referral code for NowNow? 

The NowNow referal code can be used only once for each person refered to. If you have refered the NowNow app to multiple all of who use it then you will get multiple referals for every person who signs-up. 


6. Can I share my referral code for NowNow with anyone?

Generally, referral codes for NowNow are intended to be shared with friends, family members, and other individuals who may be interested in using the service. However, there may be certain restrictions or guidelines related to sharing referral codes, so be sure to check the terms and conditions of the referral program.


7. How can I use a referral code for NowNow? 

To use a referral code for NowNow, you will need to enter the code during the sign-up process or at checkout when making a purchase. The specific process may vary depending on the referral program.


8. What are the benefits of using a referral code for NowNow? 

Using a referral code for NowNow may provide benefits such as discounts on purchases, free delivery, or other rewards. The exact benefits may vary depending on the specific referral program.


9. What Is NowNow customer care number?

All our customer inquiries are now handled through chats and emails. Kindly chat with us through the NowNow App or drop us an email at and we will be happy to assist you.


10.How to get free delivery on now now?

Check if the service provider is currently running any promotions or discounts that include free delivery. They may have specific codes or coupons that you can apply during the checkout process.


NowNow is a delivery service app based in UAE that allows customers to shop for a wide range of products across multiple categories such as groceries, bakery, snacks, medicines, cakes, and more from the biggest partner brands like Mark & Spencer, Paul, All Adil, Almaya, Spinneys, etc. Enjoy extra discounts on all orders with the NowNow coupon codes.

By Yuvakshi Bhardwaj - Content Specialist