Exclusive Ramadan Gift Guide 2024: Top 50+ Ideas for Gifting in the UAE

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Ramadan gifting serves as a way to foster unity, deepen relationships, and spread joy within the community. It is an opportunity for individuals to show kindness and generosity towards others, especially those less fortunate. Through the act of giving, we honour the teachings of Islam and embody the values of compassion, empathy, and charity central to the spirit of Ramadan.

How to choose the right Ramadan Gifts for Friends?

When considering gifting items to close ones during Ramadan, it's important to keep several factors in mind to ensure that the gifts are well-received and meaningful. Here are some key considerations:

Personal Preferences: Consider the personal tastes and interests of the individual. Think about their hobbies, favourite colours, styles, and activities when selecting a gift. Tailoring the gift to their preferences shows thoughtfulness and consideration.

Quality and Authenticity: Opt for high-quality, authentic gifts that reflect the significance of the occasion. Choose reputable brands and products that are well-crafted and durable. Quality gifts demonstrate attention to detail and convey a sense of value to the recipient.

Meaning and Symbolism: Select gifts that carry symbolic meaning or significance, especially during Ramadan. Choose items that represent blessings, spirituality, and unity, such as Islamic art, traditional foods, or charitable donations. Thoughtful gifts with deeper meanings resonate more deeply with the recipient.

Practicality and Utility: Take into consideration whether the gift will be useful and practical for the recipient. Choose items that serve a purpose or enhance their daily lives, such as home decor, kitchen gadgets, or personal care products. Practical gifts are appreciated for their functionality and usefulness.

Budget: Be mindful of your budget when selecting a gift. Choose a gift that is within your means and reflects the level of your relationship with the recipient. Remember that it's the thought and sentiment behind the gift that matter most, rather than the monetary value.

Presentation and Packaging: Pay attention to the presentation and packaging of the gift. Take care to wrap the gift neatly and elegantly, and consider adding a personal touch such as a handwritten note or card. Thoughtful presentation enhances the overall gifting experience and makes the recipient feel valued and appreciated.

By considering these factors before gifting items to close ones during Ramadan, you can ensure that your gifts are well-chosen, thoughtful, and meaningful, strengthening your relationships and fostering a sense of joy and connection during this special time.

Unique and affordable gift ideas for Ramadan 2024

Ramadan Iftar Box Ideas: Dates and Date-based Products

Dates hold significant cultural and religious importance during Ramadan. You can gift premium quality dates, date-filled chocolates, or date-based sweets like maamoul.

Ramadan Iftar Box Ideas: Dates and Date-based Products

Our Recommendation for Ramadan Dates Gift Box: Choosing dates for Ramadan gifts is a very common practice in the UAE region. Dates are perfect for breaking the fast in Iftar. Plus, one can avail of a variety of date-based products from several home delivery apps online. One of our favourite date-based gift items is the Delightful Premium Dates Box from FNP. You can check out other options, like

Recommended Dates & Date-based Products

Delightful Premium Dates Box

Ferns N Petals

AED 149 (With FNP Discount Code ZTNS)

Mejdool Dates and Arabic Sweets Platter

Ferns N Petals

AED 499 (With FNP Promo Code OM6)

Luxury Date and Chocolate By NJD

Joi Gifts

AED 231 210 (Using Joi Gifts Voucher Code ZOUT1)

Vivid Box - Medium - Stuffed Dates by The Date Room

Joi Gifts

AED 215.25  (Get 10% Off with Code BM80)

Chocolate Assorted Dates 250gms

Now Now

AED 36.75  (Get 10% off with Now Now Promo Code ZOUT)

Arabian Delights Assorted Dates 460gms

Now Now

AED 52  (By Applying Now Now Discount Code ZOUT2)

Ramadan Gift Ideas: Arabic Coffee Set

Traditional Arabic coffee sets, complete with dallah (coffee pot), finjan (small cups), and a tray, make elegant and culturally significant gifts. You can opt for ornate, decorative sets for a luxurious touch.

Our Recommendation with Arabic Coffee Sets: One of our favourite places to get these traditional gifts is Amazon. Plus, these coffee sets can be used all year and prove to be a useful gift for all. This year, we recommend you go for something like the Ottoman Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee Espresso Serving Cup Saucer Set SILVER that will bind your family and friends together in a merry-making tradition. 

Recommended Arabic Coffee Set

 Ottoman Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee Espresso Serving Cup Saucer Set SILVER 


AED 281.99

12-Piece Arabic Coffee Cup Set in White/Gold


AED 30 29 (by using Noon Promo Code ZOUT11)

Istekana Cahwa, Porcelain Arabic Coffee Set, With Dallah, And Dates Bowl With Lid


AED 145.00

22Pcs Arabic Tea Coffee Set with Tray Silver Plated Thermos, 6 Cawa Cups 6 Saucers Sugar Bowl and Tray


AED 550  (apply Noon Discount Code ZOUT14 to get an extra 10% Off)

Rahalife Ceramic Cawa Cup 12 Pieces Set, Traditional Arabic Tea Porcelain Gawa Cup 


AED 29.39 AED 23

Arabic Coffee Cup 50ml Ceramic Vintage Brown Style Set Of 3


AED 44

Ethiopian/Eritrean Coffee Cups.saba Edition Full set, 23 Pcs. 


AED 100.00

Ramadan Gift Basket Ideas: Perfumes and Attar

Perfumes, especially traditional Arabian oud-based fragrances and attar (pure oil-based perfumes), are highly valued gifts during Ramadan. Opt for luxurious brands and scents that align with the recipient's preferences.

Ramadan Gift Basket Ideas: Perfumes and Attar

Our Recommendation for Ramadan Gifts UAE: Our favourite stores to get Bakhoor, Incense, Perfumes or other fragrant items are usually Noon, Namshi, Ounass, Amazon, etc. They have great collections and offer the best-suited Ramadan Gifts online. Here are all the options you can go for:

Recommended Ramadan Gifting for Perfumes

Precious Oud 75ml


AED 730 315(by applying Noon Discount Code ZOUT11)

Swiss Arabian Attar Al Ghutra for Men Eau De Parfum 100ml


AED 193

Oud Muattar AL Naseem 50ML


AED 117 (Get 20% off with Namshi Discount Code ZOUT)

MY PERFUMES MUTAYYEM from ARABIYAT, Non Alcoholic Concentrated Perfume Oil or Attar for Unisex, 12 ml


AED 25

GINGHAM Eau De Parfum

Bath and Body Works

AED 185 (Avail Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

GUERLAIN Les Absolus d'Orient Cuir Intense Eau de Parfum


AED 845  (Get up to 10% off with Code B94)

Ramadan Gift Ideas for Family: Ramadan Decor and Lanterns 

Ramadan is a time of festive decorations. Gift decorative lanterns (fanoos), Ramadan-themed wall hangings, or intricately designed Ramadan greeting cards to add to the festive ambiance of the recipient's home.

Our Recommendation for Ramadan lights & lanterns: If you are looking for Ramadan family gifts, then Lanterns and lamps are also a great choice. Lanterns are a very thoughtful way of saying that light, happiness and goodness reside in your home. Gifting classy, or Arabic-designed lamps are even better way of expressing gratitude and good wishes. 

Recommended Ramadan Lights, Lanterns & Lamps

Ramadan Glow Printed Candle Lantern White


AED 19 (42% Off + Extra 10% Off with Noon Coupon ZOUT11)

Bezel 6-Light Linear Glass Chandelier (131cm)

West Elm

AED 2850 (Get an extra 5% off with West Elm Coupon Code AX413)

Priya 8.25" Brass Lantern

Crate & Barrel

AED 179 (Avail extra 20% off with Crate & Barrel Code C90)

TRIROCKS Stainless Steel Decorative Lantern 12''


AED 109

Arabian Lantern


AED 79 (Get extra 20% off with Namshi Code ZOUT)

Wave Shape LED Ceiling Light


AED 80 72 (with Noon Voucher Code ZOUT11)

Ring Led Crystal Chandelier

Danube Home

AED 899(Extra 5% off on using Danube Home Promo Code OMU356)

Ramadan Gifts Online: Islamic Art and Calligraphy

Artworks featuring Islamic calligraphy or verses from the Quran make thoughtful and significant gifts. You can choose from framed calligraphy pieces, wall decals, or decorative plates with religious motifs.

Ramadan Gifts Online: Islamic Art and Calligraphy

Our Recommendation for Islamic Art and Calligraphy: These are great gifts for colleagues or acquaintances. Gift your boss, or workmates some traditional quotes from the Quran and make their Ramadan even more memorable. 

Islamic Art and Calligraphy Art Ideas

Acrylic Wall Art Decor


AED 99.75

Self-Adhesive Removable Muslim Calligraphy Wall Sticker


AED 12.50 (Use Noon Coupon Code ZOUT11 to get an extra 10% off)

Stylish Set of 3 Alhamdulilah SubhanAllah Allahu Akbar Wall Art Islamic Calligraphy


AED 148.60 (Get 10% Off with Noon Code ZOUT14)

Decals Design Islamic Surah Rahman Calligraphy Art Arabic Wall Sticker


AED 38.00

Surah Ayatul Kursi, Al Falaq and Al Nas, Islamic Canvas Wall Art,5 Pieces Islamic Art Canvas, Unique Design Canvas Wall Art Design


AED 38.00

Wooden Acrylic Triple Set of Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar Calligraphy


AED 110 100 (Use Noon Code ZOUT15 to save an extra 10%)

Mercy Of Allah Arabic Calligraphy Islamic Poster With Frame Black/White 30x40cm


AED 104 (Save an extra 10% with Noon Discount Code ZOUT11)

Ramadan Presents: Traditional Clothing and Accessories

Traditional Emirati attire such as elegant abayas for women or kanduras for men, along with accessories like embroidered shawls, scarves, or intricately designed jewelry, make excellent gifts for loved ones.

Our Recommendations for Clothing Items: Clothes are always a great choice for brothers, sisters, cousins, husband, wife, etc. Though it may not be considered a special gift, you can go for traditional wear for men, women and kids to brighten up their Ramadan celebrations.

Recommendation for Clothing items

Graphic Print Jalabiya


AED 249.00 (Use Noon Discount Code ZOUT11 to save extra 10%)

Bousni Women Bisht Abaya


AED 399.00

Premium Saudi Kandora Blue


AED 263.00 (Get an extra 10% off with Noon Code)

Le Jardin Ideal Shirt


AED 2800 (Get an extra 10% off with Bloomingdale’s Coupon B94)

Saudi Thobe


AED 136 (Save 10% with Noon Voucher Code ZOUT11)

Man Abaya Thobe Muslim Men Prayer Clothes Male Islamic Prayer Gown Embroidery Arabic Robe


AED 218.00

Men's Muslim Dresses Long Sleeve


AED 85.28

Luxury Ramadan Hampers: Gourmet Gift Baskets

Put together gourmet gift baskets filled with premium nuts, chocolates, dried fruits, traditional sweets, and other delicacies commonly enjoyed during Ramadan. Customize the selection to suit the taste preferences of the recipient.

Luxury Ramadan Hampers: Gourmet Gift Baskets

Our Recommendation for Ramadan Hamper Ideas: We recommend you get Ramadan Hampers in bulk orders. It will be cheaper and will be a good gifting option to cover a lot of friends, family and relatives. 

Recommendation for Ramadan Gift Hampers

EID Mubarak Gift Box


AED 40.99

12 Pcs Ramadan Eid Mubarak Favor Boxes Party Favors Square Candy Ramadan Box 2 Styles


AED 56.90 (Use ZOUT11 Noon Code to get 10% off)

Special Treats Hamper

Ferns N Petals

AED 269 (Get an extra 12% off with FNP Discount Code OM6)

Special Hamper For You

Ferns N Petals

AED 659 (Get 12% off with Code ZTNS)

Small Gourmet Cheese Box By Cheese OnBoard

Joi Gifts

AED 239 (Avail an extra 10% off with Joi Gifts Coupon Code ZOUT1)

Ramadan Mubarak Customizable Chocolate Box by NJD

Joi Gifts

AED 169 (Save 10% Extra with Joi Gifts Voucher Code BM80)

Eid Mubarak Candy Box Set, Ramadan Gift Boxes for Muslim Ramadan Eid


AED 53.85 (Avail an extra 10% off with Noon Discount Code ZOUT14)


What Gift can you give for Ramadan?

Well, there are several types of gifts that you can give to your loved ones during Ramadan. For instance, you can give them traditional food, Islamic art, clothes, perfumes and more.

Why are dates eaten during Ramadan?

The tradition of eating dates during Ramadan comes from the belief that the Prophet himself used to break his fast with juicy dates during Ramadan. That is why in Islam, people are advised to break the fast with Dates during Ramadan as well.

What do you put in a Ramadan Gift Basket?

The Ramadan Gift Basket usually contains date-balsamic vinegar, premium nuts, dates filled with cheese and chocolates, etc.

What is the purpose of gift-giving in Ramadan?

According to the teachings of the prophet, gift-giving during Ramadan is an essential part as it strengthens the community and the sense of brotherhood, spreads love and compassion within the community.

What is the best luxury gift for your wife?

You can get luxury skincare, jewelry or branded clothes for your wife during Ramadan. 


Since Ramadan is just around the corner, start your preparation with this Ramadan Gift Guide. Make your Ramadan rewarding by grabbing special deals and discounts on Ramdan Gifting ideas. Choose your favourite gifts from Clothing, Home Decor, Date Based Premium Gift Boxes and more.