Doha Expo 2023 | International Horticultural Expo 2023: Theme, Highlights, Events, & Details

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The Doha Expo is one of the largest events in Qatar, encouraging sustainable growth through innovations and preventing desertification. Stretching over a period of 179 days, the Expo welcomes participation of up to three million people from 80 nations around the world

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Will There Be An Expo 2023 In Qatar?

Much like the previous year, Doha will host the Doha Expo this year as well, with better initiatives, development plan compared to the last year.

What Is Doha Expo 2023?

Qatar started with the Doha Expo the previous year as an initiative to promote sustainability and innovations and eradicate desertification. Doha Expo 2023 is an international horticultural event that will draw attention to three major themes: Climate change, sustainable development, and sustainability. 

Doha Expo 2023 Themes

Expo 2023 Doha adopts the theme "Green Desert, Better Environment" with the primary objective of championing sustainable innovations and addressing the issue of desertification. Through four key focal areas: 

  • Modern Agriculture: Blending heritage and contemporary tech for resource equilibrium to bring a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation.

  • Technology and Innovation: Integrating innovative methods to boost agricultural efficiency while maintaining ecological sustainability.

  • Environmental Awareness: Elevating worldwide consciousness to foster enduring shifts in mindset and conduct regarding our collective environment.

  • Sustainability: Maintaining a contemporary lifestyle harmonious with biodiversity and ecological equilibrium for sustainable coexistence.

The expo aims to motivate visitors to engage in and contribute to advancements in combating desertification. This theme serves as a catalyst, encouraging the global community to explore and embrace innovative solutions for mitigating desertification.

Focusing on such a crucial topic, Doha Expo 2023 is one of its kind, and the basic details associated with are as mentioned below:

Al-Bidda Park


Horticultural Exposition

Start Date

2nd October

End Date

28th March


24 hours


Al Bidda Park


No tickets or entry fee required 

Aim: To gather international cooperation, sharing goals, exchange of information, and utilizing technical innovations for creating strategic solutions that finally leads to a better environment. 

Subthemes Of Doha Expo 2023

Subthemes Of Doha Expo 2023

Modern Agriculture
Technology And Innovation
Environmental Awareness

By means of innovations, research, and scientific advancements, safe, sustainable, and affordable food can be produced in order to meet the requirements of increasing population. 

To enhance energy efficient farming methods, technological advancement is the need of the hour. 


For a long-term change, raising global awareness is much required. 


The global environmental challenges need to be recognized

Modern Agriculture focuses on: Enhancing Farmers' Role, Bridging Knowledge and technology; Ensuring Coordinated solutions; and promoting permaculture.


Technology and Innovation focus on 4 major topics of: Hands on experience, Rainwater Harvesting, Alternative Alternative Energy Solution, Urban Greenary and Urban Solutions 

Environmental Awareness focuses on three areas of: Affiliation besides education, food print, perma gardening

Sustainabilty is based on the three pillars of: economic, social, and environmental

Expo 2023 Doha | Goals

  • The theme of EXPO 2023 Doha, Qatar, "Green Desert, Better Environment," aims to inspire, educate, and advocate innovative solutions to combat desertification. 

  • This international exhibition will serve as a vital platform for participants, stakeholders, decision-makers, NGOs, and experts to address the global challenge of desertification. 

  • Holding an international horticultural exhibition in Doha presents a unique challenge, making it an ideal setting to discuss desertification. 

  • This event recognizes that global challenges demand global cooperation. Expo 2023 in Doha, Qatar, will bring together the international community to seek solutions to desertification while significantly contributing to a sustainable future.

The expo aligns with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and encompasses the following objectives:

  • Hosting the first horticultural exhibition in a desert climate region.

  • Establishing Qatar as a hub for 'The Green City' concept in the Middle East.

  • Promoting horticultural innovation focusing on Qatar's climate, water, and soils.Positioning Expo 2023 Doha, Qatar, as a catalyst for international investments and business opportunities in Qatar.

  • Emphasizing the connections between landscape, sports, and human health and well-being.

  • Providing innovative strategies to combat desertification more effectively and urgently.Creating valuable environmental outcomes as a lasting legacy for humanity.

Doha Expo 2023 | Site Details

As it is going to be a huge event on a global level, the site details for it are mentioned below. It is currently divided into three areas. The Northern portion is for hosting the event and the remaining two will be used for a variety of cultural, entertainment activities, panel discussions, & other complementary activities. 

  • International Area(70 ha): It includes the Expo House and Expo gateway. The Expo House includes an open events’ space, a prayer room, media center, offices, terrace, an indoor restaurant, a garden, and a cafe. It will also be having an Innovation Centre which includes exhibition space for a variety of interactive activities. 

  • Family Area(50 ha): It is a hub for family activities, gathering, outdoor activities, and fun. 

  • Cultural Area(50 ha): This area is dedicated to cultural and traditional activities, and exhibitions. It includes the Old Fort and Old Rocks. The site is served by two newly developed metro stations and five large underground car-parking facilities providing better connectivity. 

Expo 2023 | Highlights, Theme, & Details

Expo 2023 Dubai is the first World Expo ever organized in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia(MEASA) region. Its basic idea is: Connecting Minds, Creating The Future. It aims to inspire people by presenting best practices, collaborations, innovations, and cooperation globally. 

Expo 2023 | Travel With Qatar Airways

  • Qatar Airways passengers are in for a remarkable experience, starting with a welcoming horticultural video and extending throughout their flight journey.

  • Passengers can expect celebratory artwork and exclusive healthy dining choices available in both Premium and Economy Cabins on selected routes.

  • Discover Qatar, the Destination Management Company for Qatar Airways, is generously offering complimentary entry vouchers to international travelers during Expo 2023 Doha.

  • Travelers have a variety of stopover packages to choose from, including the Standard Stopover featuring 4-star hotel accommodations starting at AED 51.42 per night. 

  • For those seeking a touch of luxury, the Premium Stopover provides options with 5-star hotels starting at AED 84.48. 

  • The Luxury Stopover package offers the utmost luxury with 5-star hotel stays that include breakfast, starting from  AED 297.52.

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Expo 2023  | What To Expect

  • Expo 2023 Doha promises a blend of entertainment and education, making it a perfect family outing.  

  • The event offers a diverse agenda encompassing talks, conferences, arts, dining, and various activities.

  • The venue is organized into three distinct zones: International Area, Family Area, and Cultural Area.

  • The International Area takes center stage, featuring exhibitions and main events.Families can head to the Family Area, designed for family-friendly activities and outdoor adventures.

  • The Cultural Area focuses on traditional exhibitions and historical perspectives.

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Expo 2023 | What To Eat

  • Expo visitors won't go hungry, as the event offers a diverse array of dining options.

  • City restaurants have been invited to set up snack kiosks within the Expo premises.

  • Participating countries will also showcase their cuisines, adding to the culinary variety. 

  • Expect to savor Qatari dishes and delights from across the GCC region. 

  • Additionally, international flavors will be on the menu, including Indian, Lebanese, Turkish, Mexican, Korean, Thai, South American, American, French, Dutch, Filipino, Chinese cuisines, and more.

  • Come prepared with a hearty appetite to savor this global culinary experience.

Doho Expo 2023 | What To Shop

  • Expo 2023 Doha offers sustainable souvenir shopping at its finest.

  • The Cultural Bazaar serves as a lively marketplace featuring artisanal products and handcrafted crafts from various countries.

  • Visitors can explore a dedicated Farmers' Market showcasing fresh produce from local farmers.

  • It's a unique opportunity to peruse a wide range of stalls representing global diversity and craftsmanship.Expect to find meaningful and sustainable mementos during your visit.

Dubai Expo 2023 | Extra Facilities

  • Prepare for an abundance of learning opportunities during the 179-day duration of Expo 2023 Doha.

  • The Congress Centre will serve as the hub for events, seminars, and meetings.The Exhibition Centre boasts an expansive 7,500 square meters of space for hosting various events.

  • A Grandstand Arena, accommodating up to 5,000 visitors, will feature live shows and performances.

  • The Family Amphitheatre, with a capacity of 2,000 attendees, will host a wide range of family activities and educational entertainment shows.

  • Visitors can explore indoor gardens within temperature-controlled domes, cultivating specialized plants.

  • The Environment Centre and Biodiversity Museum will provide educational insights into environmental science, offering demonstrations on renewable energy, climate change, and related topics.

Expo 2023 | Events


Art & Culture

Fun For Family Events

Adnan Sami Live

Moroccan Folk Music - Abidat R’ma

BBQ Festival

The Jerusalem Orchestra East & West

The National Folkloric Ballet

Mascot Film

Toni and Alex Gonzaga with Juan Karlos

Mesham Fusion Dance Show

Architects of Air

Sri Lankan Cultural Show with Yohani

Football Tricks

Children's Day

Firdaus Orchestra

Vietnamese Arts Show

Latifa’s Adventure Playground



Ladies of Laughter

What Are The Upcoming Events In Dubai?

  • Awafi Festival

  • Groove On The Grass

  • Dubai Shopping Festival

  • Dubai International Film Festival

  • Emirates Airline Festival Of Literature 

  • Elrow XXL

  • Art Dubai 


1. What is the theme of the Dubai Expo?

Expo 2023 Doha is held under the theme "Green Desert, Better Environment" and aims to promote sustainable innovations and combat desertification. It will inspire visitors to participate in the transformation within four main topics: Modern Agriculture, Technology and Innovation, Environmental Awareness, Sustainability.

2. How many countries are participating in the Dubai Expo?

More than 190 countries and international organizations are participating in the Dubai Expo, making it one of the most internationally diverse expos in history.

3. What can visitors expect to see at the Dubai Expo?

Visitors can explore national pavilions, cultural exhibits, innovative technologies, art installations, live performances, and a wide range of activities related to the expo's themes.

4. How can I buy tickets for the Dubai Expo?

Tickets for the Dubai Expo can be purchased online through the official Expo 2023 Dubai website or at the expo's physical ticketing locations.

5. Are there specific events or highlights at the Dubai Expo?

Yes, the Dubai Expo features a calendar of events, including cultural performances, panel discussions, and thematic weeks focusing on various aspects of the expo's themes.

6. How can I get to the Dubai Expo site?

Visitors can access the expo site by car, public transportation, or dedicated Expo shuttles. Dubai's extensive public transportation network includes buses and the Dubai Metro, which has a dedicated Expo 2023 route.


Expo is an international event for a cause and aims for the betterment of the world by using technology and innovations. Expo 2023 is going to be organized in Doha, and it is themed for a greener & better planet.

By Soniya Bisht - Content Specialist