Foot Locker Nike Shoes Sale 2023 | May Edition: Save Up To 70% + Extra 10% On Nike Shoes

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Get access to a wide selection of Nike shoes, from running shoes to basketball sneakers, and everything in between on Foot Locker. Additionally, ensure hefty discounts of up to 70% + an extra 10% off on your Nike shoe purchase. Scroll down to know more! 

Nike Shoes UAE Sale On Foot Locker | Updated Today

Nike Shoes On Sale | Foot Locker Special

Up To 70% + Extra 10% Off On Nike Shoes | Foot Locker Promo Code



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Foot Locker Nike Shoes Sale 2023 | Up To 70% + Extra 10% Off

Get yourself the latest and best Nike pair of shoes at much-discounted prices available on Foot Locker. Shoppers can save up to 70% with an extra 10% on their Nike shoes purchase. 

Foot Locker Nike Shoes Sale 2023 | Up To 70% + Extra 10% Off


Save Up To 70% + 10% On Nike Shoes:

  • Discount redeemable on online & in-store purchases

  • New and existing customers can avail of the discount

  • First time buyers are eligible to get an extra 10% off on their purchase

  • Foot Locker Promo Code: A67G

Nike Shoes UAE Sale 2023

Nike shoes are among the most popular products with a wide range of styles and models available for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and casual wearers alike. Nike has also made a strong push into sustainability, developing new materials and manufacturing processes to reduce its environmental impact. Save up to 70% on your Nike purchase during the Foot Locker sale. 

Nike Shoes UAE Sale 2023

Nike Brands List

Nike shoes offer a combination of style, performance, and sustainability that has made them a favorite among athletes and casual wearers alike.

Brands List

Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Max 90

Nike Air Max 270

Nike Air Max

Nike Dunk

Nike Tuned

Nike Vapor Max

Nike Waffle

Nike Blazer

Nike Apparel

Foot Locker Mens Shoes Sale On Nike

Nike Men's Shoes are designed to provide comfort, durability, and style to men of all ages and lifestyles. From running shoes to basketball shoes, and from casual sneakers to formal shoes, Nike has a vast collection of men's shoes to cater to every need. Whether you are an athlete or a fashion enthusiast, Nike Men's Shoes are a perfect choice to complete your look.

Mens Shoes

Nike Air Max 90 

AED 779

Nike Air Max TW

AED 829

Nike Air Max Flynit Racer

AED 829

Nike Cosmic Unity 2

AED 829

Nike Air Huarache

AED 699

Foot Locker Womens Shoes Sale On Nike 

Explore the wide collection of Women’s Nike shoes and save up to 70% during the sale: 

Womens Shoes

Nike Air Max 90 Futura

AED 829

Nike Air Force 1 Low

AED 699

Nike Go FlyEase

AED 699

Nike Dunk High

AED 659

Nike Air Max Plus

AED 929

Nike Shoes UAE Sale For Kids Shoes

Get the best for your little one via the Foot Locker sale without hurting your pocket. Here are some of the best products: 

Kids Shoes

Nike Air Max 270

AED 659

Nike Air Force 1 Low(Preschool shoes)

AED 359

Nike Air Force 1

AED 359

Nike Dunk Low

AED 329

Nike Air Max Plus

AED 759

Tips & Tricks To Save On Foot Locker Nike Shoes

1. E-Gift Card: Now you can also buy E-Gift cards from Foot Locker starting at AED 50. You don’t need any Foot Locker coupon code to buy the gift cards. You can purchase gift cards worth AED 50 - AED 10000. Each gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. 

Tips & Tricks To Save On Foot Locker Nike Shoes

2. You can club existing Foot Locker coupons with the ongoing sale and hence get maximum savings on your Foot Locker Nike Shoes purchase. 

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Q: When is the Foot Locker Nike shoes sale in UAE?

A: Foot Locker holds sales throughout the year, and currently users can save enormously on Nike shoes during the sale. 

Q: What types of Nike shoes are on sale at Foot Locker in UAE?

A: Foot Locker offers a wide variety of Nike shoes, including running shoes, basketball shoes, lifestyle shoes, and more. You can find both men's and women's sizes on sale.

Q: How much discount can I get on Nike shoes during the Foot Locker sale in UAE?

A: Discounts can vary depending on the specific shoe and sale event, but you can save 70% + an extra 10% off the original price during the Foot Locker Nike shoes sale.

Q: Can I buy Nike shoes on sale online at Foot Locker UAE?

A: Yes, Foot Locker offers online shopping and you can purchase Nike shoes on sale through their website.

Q: What is the return policy for Nike shoes bought on sale at Foot Locker in UAE?

A: Foot Locker's return policy for sale items is the same as their regular return policy. You can return unworn and unused items within 28 days of purchase with the original receipt and packaging.

Q: Are there any exclusions during the Foot Locker Nike shoes sale in UAE?

A: Certain styles or brands may be excluded from the sale. It's best to check the terms and conditions of the sale event for specific exclusions.

Q: Can I use additional coupons or discounts during the Foot Locker Nike shoes sale?

A: This can depend on the specific sale event and the terms and conditions. It's best to check with Foot Locker customer service or in-store staff for details.

Q: Do I need a Foot Locker membership to access the Nike shoes sale in UAE?

A: No, you do not need to be a Foot Locker member to access the Nike shoes sale in UAE. However, becoming a member can offer additional perks such as exclusive deals and early access to sales. 

Q: Can I find limited edition or rare Nike shoes on sale at Foot Locker in UAE?

A: It's possible to find limited edition or rare Nike shoes on sale at Foot Locker in UAE, but availability can vary depending on the specific sale event and location.

Q: How can I get the latest updates on Foot Locker Nike Shoes Sale?

A: Users can get the latest updates via following this reading and Zoutons AE. 


Foot Locker is a leading global retailer of athletic footwear and apparel, offering a wide range of products from various top brands including Nike, Adidas, Puma and more. Among these brands, Nike is one of the most popular and sought-after due to its innovative designs, high-quality materials, and iconic style. Stay tuned for more savings and the latest updates!

By Abheet Chawla - Content Specialist