Exclusive KFC's Ramadan Offers & Deals for 2024: Must-Try Items and Special Menu

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Savor the flavors of delicious food and satisfy your cravings with mouth-watering dishes in KFC’s specially curated menu for Ramadan 2024. Share the joy of festivities with your loved ones with KFC's family-friendly Iftar combos including Super Mega Deal, 24 PCs Double Bucket, and more.

Special KFC Menu Highlights

Elevate your Ramadan feast with the special menu designed by KFC from prices starting at AED 79. The curated menu perfectly blends traditional flavours and KFC’s signature dishes and tastes.

Ramadan Family Bucket | KFC Ramadan Menu

Ramadan Family Bucket is curated by KFC to celebrate festivities, which include an assortment of chicken pieces, sides, and beverages. It's the perfect choice for a family gathering during this festive season.

Ramadan Family Bucket

KFC Ramadan Meal

8 pcs Super Bucket

8 Pcs Chicken, 5 Strips, 1 Family Fries, 1 Large Coleslaw, 500ML Drink.

AED 79

12 pcs Super Bucket

12 Pcs Chicken, 5 Strips, 1 Family Fries, 1 Large Coleslaw, 1 L Drink.

AED 104

8 Pc Fiery Sriracha Bucket

8 Pcs Sriracha Chicken, Family Fries, Large Coleslaw, 500mL Drink.

AED 74

12 Pc Fiery Sriracha Bucket

12 Pcs Sriracha Chicken, Family Fries, Large Coleslaw, 1L Drink.

AED 99

18 Pc Fiery Sriracha Bucket

18 Pcs Sriracha Chicken, Family Fries, Large Coleslaw, 1L Drink.

AED 134

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Note: You can customize any order and share joy as per your taste, preference, and the size of your gathering/group.

Fiery Sriracha KFC Review And Deals For Ramadan: If you have a huge group then you can order KFC’s 24 pcs Super Bucket meal for a grand feast as you can avail of a flat 25% off on the order amount during Ramadan.

Reviews: KFC Ramadan Family Bucket delivers a flavor of goodness and is a generous portion for a huge group. The textures, flavors, and spices are super satisfying and offer crunch in each bite. Customize your order, gather your loved ones, and indulge in the spicy delight of KFC's special buckets.

KFC Iftar Box | KFC Iftar Deals

Indulge in KFC's exclusive Iftar Box which is designed to make your breaking of the fast a delightful experience. This crafted meal brings together a combination of KFC signature items including Chicken pieces, sides, and water to quench your thirst and ensure a satisfying and flavorful feast.

KFC Iftar Box

  • Chicken Pieces - Gather your friends and family, and break your fast with the KFC’s Iftar box which includes iconic chicken pieces, perfectly seasoned and fried to golden perfection.

  • Sides - Combine the crispy and juicy chicken with a variety of sides, including the classic KFC fries, onion rings, and a side of coleslaw.

  • Drinks - Stay hydrated and refresh yourself with a drink along with your favourite food options.

KFC Specials Ramadan Meal

Iftar Variety Box

2 Pcs Chicken + 4 Wings + Fries + Coleslaw + Bottled Water/Juice

AED 45

Reviews: It is a good value compared to purchasing individual food items. If you crave multiple varieties after breaking your fast then the KFC Iftar box does not offer a lot of options and explore if individual menu items offer better customization to suit your taste and preferences.

KFC Must-Try Items

KFC offers finger-licking goodness and satisfies your taste buds to the fullest. The KFC must-try items include classic Zinger Supreme, KFC Signature Fried Chicken, Mighty Bucket for One, and many more, starting at AED 20.

KFC Zinger Supreme | KFC Chicken Sandwich

Zinger Supreme offers mouth-watering flavors and is a perfectly seasoned chicken breast fillet, cheddar cheese that melts inside the mouth, fresh lettuce, and smoked turkey ham, which gives unbeatable flavors in every bite.

KFC Zinger Supreme

Starting Price

AED 20

Note: The KFC Zinger Supreme meal can be customized as per your taste and you can add American Cheese, Extra Lettuce, tomato, rice, and more, for an additional price.

Reviews: For someone who loves a good sandwich, KFC Zinger Supreme offers a combination of flavors and is addictive. For those craving a spicy flavour explosion, the Zinger Supreme at KFC is a must-try item.

KFC Nuggets

Indulge in the flavors with KFC's Nuggets which are bite-sized pieces of joy that promise a perfect blend of crispiness and juiciness. Cooked with good-quality ingredients, these nuggets offer a mouthwatering experience that fulfills your cravings and satisfies your taste buds.

KFC Nuggets

Starting Price

AED 21

Note: Customize your KFC Chicken Nuggets and you can add your favorite sauces, or make them into a meal for an additional price. Options include dipping sauces like barbecue, honey mustard, or sweet and sour, as per your taste preference.

Reviews: KFC Nuggets are just bite-sized pieces of chicken, and will not make you full. They are a blend of flavor and texture, and will surely satisfy your taste buds. It has a crispy outer layer and juicy chicken inside. It is a classic KFC dish and is a must-try during the festival season.

KFC Popcorn Chicken

KFC Popcorn Chicken is a snack item and is a bite-sized delight that is crunchy and tasty. Each piece is cooked to perfection, creating a crispy outer layer that gives juicy, flavorful chicken inside. The bite-sized nature of Popcorn Chicken makes it a convenient and shareable item, which makes it a must-try this Ramadan 2024.

KFC Popcorn Chicken

Starting Price

AED 11.50

Reviews: KFC Popcorn Chicken is a guilty pleasure. The price makes it an affordable and addictive snack. It is a perfect balance of crispy, juicy, and tasty.

KFC Hot Wings

KFC Hot Lime Wings Box is a wholesome meal that is full of flavors and is an ideal meal for people who crave a touch of spice this festive season. The Hot Lime Wings are delectably seasoned, and offer a perfect blend of hot and zesty lime. Combined with the classic combo of fries, coleslaw, and a drink, this box ensures a complete and satisfying dining experience.

KFC Hot Wings

Starting Price

AED 35

Note: Hot Lime Wings Box can be combined with additional sides or upgrade your drink for an extra craving. Prices may vary based on customization choice.

Reviews: KFC Hot Lime Wings are lime-infused and give a flavorful kick to your taste buds. I like the zesty punch and the box deal is a great value.

KFC Bucket | My Bucket

Satisfy your cravings with KFC My Bucket which can be a customized meal that brings together the best of KFC's classic flavors in a convenient box. This tasty combo includes 1 piece of chicken, 2 strips, a serving of fries, and a refreshing drink. It's a meal for those who seek a wholesome meal experience. Head to your nearest KFC or order online during Ramadan and avail of KFC ramadan offers, and enjoy a solo meal that brings together all your KFC favorites in one delightful box.

KFC Bucket | My Bucket

Starting Price

AED 24

Reviews: My Bucket is an ideal go-to solo meal. The variety in one box and the affordable price make it a must-try and delicious, and the customizable options allow me to enjoy my favorites in one box.

KFC Special Deals

Indulge in the delightful crunch of KFC and avail exclusive deals on meals this festive season. Order food that combines the best of KFC's flavors at a special price.

Duo Cruncher KFC Dip

The Duo Cruncher Dip is a tempting feast that combines the crunchiness of KFC's classic signature crunchy with the temptation of fries. Each cruncher is seasoned and fried to make it super crunchy, along with the softness of the fries. The add-on of a dip and a drink complete the meal, making it a perfect snack or light meal for Ramadan.

Duo Cruncher Dip

Starting Price

AED 34 AED 26 

Note: You can also choose your dip and customize it as per your taste to satisfy your cravings.

Reviews: The texture of the Duo Cruncher Dip is phenomenal, it's the perfect treat for a snack lover.

Super Mega Deal

Satisfy your taste buds with an elaborate meal with the classic KFC Super Mega Deal, which includes 12 pieces of chicken on the bone, family fries, and a large coleslaw. It is a value-packed and delicious meal for the whole family. This deal is perfect for festive gatherings, celebrations, and satisfying hunger.

Super Mega Deal

Starting Price

AED 132 AED 69 (48% Off) 

Note: You can also add an extra side to your meal, including a coleslaw salad large, family fries, family spicy fries, and more, for an additional price.

Reviews: The Super Mega Deal is an ideal meal for family gatherings and the discount makes it a steal deal. The quantity and quality of the food make it a great value and is super tasty.

KFC Super 30 | KFC Items

The Super 30 is a combination of classic KFC Chicken and Strips and it has family fries KFC and soft buns, to satisfy your taste buds and is a full meal. KFC Super 30 is a grand feast that includes 15 pieces of juicy Chicken and 15 crispy Strips, along with fries and buns. This offer is a meal that you can celebrate with friends and family and has an iconic KFC taste.

KFC Super 30

Starting Price

AED 177.50 AED 99 (44% Off) 

Note: Customize your Super 30 experience by adding extra sides or beverages for an additional charge. Prices may vary based on customization.

Reviews: If you are hosting any event or have a gathering at home, KFC Super 30 is an amazing meal to order for parties.

KFC Cruncher Twist

The KFC Cruncher Twist includes a cruncher, twister, fries, and a refreshing drink to quench your thirst. This meal is a perfect blend of crispy and spicy, it has a good texture and can be combined with extra toppings to enhance the taste.

KFC Cruncher Twist

Starting Price

AED 29 AED 24

Note: You can choose the size of your KFC Cruncher Twist, the medium meal is for AED 24 and the large one is for AED 27.5, which can be further customized to add an extra side to your meal at an additional cost.

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1. How can I avail of Exclusive KFC Ramadan Deals?

To make the most of KFC's Ramadan offers, keep an eye on special promotions, discounts, and combo deals. Visit your nearest KFC outlet or order online to enjoy these exclusive Ramadan deals.

2. What can you expect from KFC Ramadan Deals?

KFC Ramadan Deals gives special discounts on meals for one, family-sized meals, Iftar boxes, and more.

3. Can I customize my KFC meal?

Yes, Customize your KFC meals by adding your favorite extra sides, beverages, sauces, or more for an additional price.

4. Does the KFC app offer rewards during Ramadan?

Yes, sign up to get the reward membership by downloading the KFC UAE app and receive 500 points instantly with KFC. New users are also eligible to get 2 complimentary Chicken Strips by using the KFC Promo Code.


During the holy month of Ramadan, enjoy delicious foods and the best meal deals with KFC. Order using the exclusive KFC promo codes to get an additional discount on all food orders.