Insider's Guide to Noon Ramadan Sale Offers 2024: Dates, Discounts, and Deals Revealed

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Ramadan is one of the most crucial times for all the citizens in the UAE when people devote their motivation to prayers, fasting, and togetherness. To celebrate this month's long-holy occasion one of the biggest retailers in the UAE, Noon, is all set to provide their customers with the best discounts on Ramadan essentials including apparel, electronics, home decor, and more. Get all your essentials at the best price with an additional 10% off using the Noon Ramadan code ZOUT11 from the 26th of February till the 9th of April. Here’s a guide based on all the categories that are enjoying significant discounts during this period to help you save extensively on your purchase.

Noon Ramadan Sale

Noon Ramadan Sale 2024 On Best-selling Categories

Noon has dedicated an entire section to helping customers choose the best products catering to the various essential Ramadan categories. We have attempted to bring you an insight into the various Ramadan categories on Noon alongside their best-selling product(s): 

  • Get an additional 10% Off on Noon Ramadan Home Decor - traditional lanterns, moon-shaped lights for Ramadan, cushions, and more - use code: ZOUT11.

  • Up to 60% Off on Home Appliances & Kitchen Must-Haves - bakeware essentials, cutlery sets, drinkware, and more - ZOUT15.

  • Up to 80% Off on Noon Ramadan Prayer Essentials - prayer mats, prayer beads,  Quran boxes and holders, Azan clocks, and prayer dresses - ZOUT20.

  • Extra 10% Off on traditional clothing - abayas, jalabiyas, hijabs, kaftans, and dresses - use code: ZOUT11.

  • Avail up to 40% Off on Noon Ramadan Beauty - Gift sets,  perfumes, lipsticks, and more -  use code: ZOUT17.

  • Avail up to 80% off on Noon Mobile Phones - New and Refurbished Smartphones, smartphone accessories, headphones, and more. 

  • Save up to 70% on  Electronics - Unveil discount on Laptops, PCs, PC accessories, Video Games, and more.

Noon Ramadan Ready Sale

Ramadan Noon Discount For Home Decor

Ramadan Noon Discount For Home Decor

  • Celebrate the spirit of Ramadan by purchasing from a wide selection of Ramadan home decor items that will further accentuate the beauty and serenity of your household. 

  • Choose from beautiful Moroccan, Arabian, and modern lamps and lanterns that are perfect for Ramadan. Buyers can opt for traditional lanterns or LED lamps to create a curtain of light in their household to create a warm and welcoming ambiance at home. 

  • Get incense diffusers available on the Noon app and website to teach a soothing and calming environment all month long throughout your residence and most particularly in your prayer corner. 

  • Lights are a very customary part of Ramadan celebrations and Noon helps you in achieving that by providing you with a plethora of choices of Ramadan lights shaped moon, stars, motif light boards, and more for a very lively and bright appeal. 

  • This Ramadan get your hands on a new pair of prayer mats for yourself, your family, and your friends. Choose from a wide selection of comfortable, anti-slip mats made from durable materials like wool, polyester, and more. 

  • Having an Athan Clock at your residence proves to be very essential in helping you keep track of your iftar and sehri time. The Athan table or wall clocks come with a very distinct and loud alarm that goes off at the right hour to inform you about your meals. 

  • Get decorative Quran holders made from multiple materials like wood, glass, and more, foldable or non-foldable with articulate designs of Ramadan-centric symbols, motifs, quotes, and more, based on your preference. You can purchase one for yourself or even gift it to someone you know and decorate it with streamers for the occasion of Ramadan.

  • Decorate your furniture with beautiful Ramadan cushions bearing prints of mosques, moons, stars, or motifs and quotes lifted from the holy Quran. Get it for an additional 10% off using the Noon code ZOUT11

Our Recommendation(s)

Product Name
Bakhoor Ashek Al Oud Multicolour 30 grams
Ramadan Crescent Moon Star LED
Ebb & Flow Modern Handmade Ramadan Candle Lantern

Bakhoor Ashek Al Oud Multicolour 30 gramsRamadan Crescent Moon Star LEDEbb & Flow Modern Handmade Ramadan Candle Lantern


This unisex fragrance is made from superior quality Oud oil, oud wood, sandal amber, and zafran that burn gently making your whole room aromatic 

Yellow Ramadan Curtain LED lights available in a line of 2.5m cord

The Ebb & Flow candleholder is a lovely handmade Ramadan lantern made out of wood that is specially curated for the Middle-Eastern customer base

What We Liked

The stylish packaging that lingers all-day 

I like this product, it comes with mode building and a female plug to connect with other pieces. Great product. value for money

Very sophisticated looking and highly durable with good seam strength


AED 65 AED 47

AED 68.75 AED 32.4

AED 89 AED 33(Out Of Stock)

Noon Ramadan Offer On Electronics

Noon Ramadan Discount Code For Electronics

  • Ramadan is a good opportunity to get your hands on the new and refurbished models of cellphones with smooth processors, high-speed RAM, good cameras, a long-lasting battery, and good customer service which is provided by popular companies like Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, and more. 

  • You can also get discounts up to 50% off on your purchase of laptops, PCs, PC accessories, and more from dependable brands like Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, DELL, and more. Choose from among the new models with good graphics cards, and options in smooth processors like AMD, Intel, Ryzen, MAC Os, and more. 

  • Discounts are also levied on wearable gadgets like headphones, smart watches, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Get an additional 10% off on purchases from brands like JBL, SONY, Samsung, Apple, and more with the Noon Ramadan code ZOUT11

  • Celebrate the holy occasion of Ramadan with your friends and family by playing video games using consoles like PlayStation, XBOX, WII, and more.

Product Name
Apple MacBook Air with M2 Chip
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 
AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)

Apple MacBook Air with M2 ChipApple iPhone 15 Pro Max AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)


The macOS-powered Apple laptop with M2 chip is one of the newest additions to the MacBook line. It has a stunning 13.6-inch Liquid Retina Display and improved stereo quality making it overall the best laptop.

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max comes with a 6.7-inch display, with an A17 pro ensuring a smooth processor run. The 4825mAh battery promises a 29-hour video playback

The AirPods 2nd Gen is a wireless Bluetooth earphone with active noise cancellation, volume control, and voice assistant with a battery life of 16 to 24 hours

What We Liked

The lightweight design does not compromise on the fast processor.

The battery life of the phone is impressive which makes it perfect for on-the-go individuals. 

The product appeared good, well packed in bubbles, and is good for daily use with a remarkable battery life


AED 4999 AED 3949

AED 5099 AED 4498

AED 949.00 AED 739

Noon Ramadan Offers On  Home Appliances & Kitchen Must-Haves

Noon Iftar Deals On  Home Appliances & Kitchen Must-Haves

  • Take advantage of the Noon Ramadan sale to stock up on your kitchen essentials, in appliances, cooking sets, serve wear, and more, for an effortless cooking and dining experience during the holy month. 

  • Get discounts on cookware sets and individual products like frying pans, woks, skillets, pressure cookers, cooking accessories, and more. 

  • People who share a love for baking can enjoy discounts on bakeware essentials like baking trays, molds, decorating tools, accessories, and more to carry out the baking of cakes, cookies, and more. 

  • Noon has a beautiful collection of coffee, tea, and drinkware made from glass, porcelain, and more to serve your guests refreshing drinks and other beverages. 

  • Organize your food, snacks, lentils, spices, and more in storage containers, and more to store your cooking essentials. 

  • A good-looking cutlery set helps accentuate the taste of your food. Get sophisticated-looking cutlery sets made of silver, stainless steel, and more that add to the elegance of your dining table.

Our Recommendation(s)

Product Name
Heat Resistant Glass Teapot Set Multicolour 1000ml
Noon East 10 Piece Oven Pan Set
Philips Essentials Air Fryer

Heat Resistant Glass Teapot Set Multicolour 1000mlNoon East 10 Piece Oven Pan SetPhilips Essentials Air Fryer


Add a touch of sophistication with the heat-resistant glass teapot that helps keep your tea at the perfect temperature 

Made from high-quality carbon steel material, BPS free making it suitable for making edible items. The 10-piece oven pan set comes with a Roaster Pan, Rose Pan, Muffin pan, Round cake pan, Pizza Pan, Loaf Pan, and Square Pan

The Philips Essentials Air Fryer allows you to fry, bake, grill, roast, and more which uses hot air to cook with 90% less fat

What We Liked 

Elegant design and ample capacity

Lovely Non-stick pan set, quality material, durable

Extremely time-saving and reduces fat by 90%


AED 24.50 AED 18.85

AED 240 AED 59(out of stock)

AED 399 AED 283

Ramadan Sale Noon On Prayer Essentials

Noon Ramadan Sale On Prayer Essentials

  • Noon are offering a hefty discount on your prayer essentials with discounts reflected on prayer beads, prayer mats, and more. 

  • Discounts are available on prayer beads made from jade, resin, third eye stone, pearl, and more, as per your choice. 

  • Purchase from Noon’s extensive collection of heavily and intricately designed prayer mats, that are comfortable, easily portable, and made from anti-slip materials like wool, polyester, and more. Purchase for your family or gift them to someone you care about. 

  • Choose from traditional-looking Quran holders made from wood or modern holders made from glass and wood with intricate designs centered around quotes and motifs from the Holy Quran. Get discounts also on Quran boxes to keep your Qurans in to prevent damage and dust from accumulating on them. 

  • Keep track of your iftar and sehri timings with desk and wall Athan clocks with alarm and Hijri and Gregorian calendars installed for your benefit. Break your fast to the clear and distinct sound of the Azan from the best-selling Athan digital and analog clocks available on the Noon app and website.

Our Recommendation(s)

Product Name
AL-Harmeen Digital Azan Table
Y&D Quran Holy Book Stand
Generic Velvet Prayer Mat

AL-Harmeen Digital Azan TableY&D Quran Holy Book StandGeneric Velvet Prayer Mat


Made from carbon fibre the Al Harmeen Digital Azan offers all Azan for all prayers with Hijri and Gregorian calendars installed 

Made from high-quality wood with intricate designs and a foldable design to save space

Made from Polyester, rectangular shape, and made for a comfortable and plush feel

What We Liked

Sounds excellent and beautiful Azan voice plus good delivery

Durable and sophisticated-looking

Soft and comfortable with a neat look and prevents fraying


AED 98 AED 46.35

AED 48.50 AED 54.50

AED 40 AED 29.95

Noon Ramadan Code For Apparel

Noon Ramadan Code For Apparel

  • The UAE retailer for all essentials, Noon, offers a generous discount on traditional clothing for men, women, and children. 

  • Women can enjoy discounts on Abayas, hijabs, kaftans, and dresses offering beauty and elegance in every gathering they attend during Ramadan. 

  • Men can choose from multiple designs in thobes, dishdashas, and more from popular brands like House of Moda, Khizana, Hana & Sara, and more. 

  • Kids can also enjoy the beauty and elegance and beauty of Middle Eastern traditional outfits like abayas and dishdashas and more. 

Our Recommendation(s)

Product Name
SIVVI For Haniya Polka Dot Maxi Dress
Artlook Isdal Multicolour
ARTLOOK Floral Praying Dress

SIVVI For Haniya Polka Dot Maxi DressArtlook Isdal MulticolourARTLOOK Floral Praying Dress


Made from Lightweight Polyester with a polka dot it is ideal for all casual occasions with long sleeves and buttoned cuffs

Made from Lycra Blend with a long sleeve with floral designs it is suitable for machine wash

Casual Maxi Dress with floral print made from Cotton and Lyra, ideal for casual events

What We Liked

Elegant looking with comfortable and light fabric ideal for the Middle Eastern weather

The prayer dress is comfortable and stylish

Extremely stylish and vibrant colours avoid fading and great finishing


AED 227 AED 43.00

AED 58(Currently unavailable)

AED 70 AED  55(currently available)

Noon Ramadan Sale On Beauty

Noon Ramadan Sale On Beauty

  • Noon has fantastic deals that are bound to impress all beauty lovers. Get your hands on the best products whether you're looking to enhance your skincare routine, hair care routine, or makeup game. 

  • Discounts of up to 40% off are levied on a wide range of items such as perfumes, lipsticks, micellar cleansing water, eyeshadows, mascara, night creams, straighteners, hair dryers, eyeliners, trimmers, serums, and many more from popular brands like Clinique, Loreal, Maybelline, Garnier, Kiko Milano, Erborian, Bath & Bodyworks, and others.

  • Give your loved ones beautiful gift baskets comprising of their favorite skincare and body care worth AED500

  • Get make-up essentials for eyes, face, lips, and skincare essentials from brands like  Clinique, Bath And Body Works, KIKO Milano, Garnier, and more 

  • For those in need of Summer Essentials like sunscreen and serums, you can enjoy up to 25% off on all products from Vichy, NYX, Maybelline, Loreal, Garnier, and more.

  • Lastly, perfumes from various well-known brands are available at up to 50% off. Find your favorite fragrance from popular brands like Versace, GUESS, Calvin Klein, and more offering variations in notes like woody, fruity, floral, and more.

Our Recommendation(s):

Product Name
The Ordinary 10% Niacinamide and Zinc 1% Serum
Jaguar Classic EDT For Men
Lash Princess Volume False Effect Mascara

The Ordinary 10% Niacinamide and Zinc 1% SerumJaguar Classic EDT For MenLash Princess Volume False Effect Mascara


Made from 10% niacinamide and 1% Zinc serum that reduces blemishes and congestion

The Jaguar men’s classic EDT perfume with a woody smell. The nose behind this fragrance is Dominique Preyssas. The top notes are Granny Smith apple, Bitter Orange, and Mandarin Orange; the middle notes are Tea, Sea water, Geranium, Nutmeg, and Cardamom; the base notes are White Musk, Virginia Cedar, Tonka Bean, Vetiver, and Sandalwood oak moss. 

The Lash Princess false effect mascara is an excellent choice owing to its eye-friendly ingredients like glycerin, beeswax, paraffin, and more. The brush provides volume and length similar to that of false lashes

What We Liked

Reduces the appearance of blemishes, redness, enlarged pores, uneven tone, and oily skin. It promotes clearer, brighter, and smoother skin while balancing sebum production.

The woody fragrance creates a great charm and lasts very long on the body

The 3-in-1 gel mascara is a hit because of its conic-shaped fiber bush that provides volume and sculpted length


AED 85 AED 44.00

AED 229 AED 40

AED 16 AED 13.90

Ways To Save At The Noon Ramadan Sale

Here are the multiple ways to save at the Noon Ramadan sale apart from just using the Noon coupon code

  • Free Delivery: Noon offers free delivery on all orders over AED 100. Opt for the Noon Express delivery and get all your orders within 2 hours in Dubai and up to 1 day for the other regions of the UAE. New users are eligible to get free delivery + AED 15 off on their first order.

  • Noon Credit Card Offers: Apply for the Noon Mashreq Credit Card and get AED 1000 as a Welcome offer. Users are also entitled to get an additional 5% off on their purchase on the Noon app and website as well as on the other partners of Noon like SIVVI and Namshi. Additionally, cardholders will also receive an additional 1% off when used at other stores and brands when making a purchase.

  • Buy Now Pay Later: Noon has a tie-up with all the popular and reliable banks like FAB, ADCB, Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic, and more for Buy Now Pay Later options via service providers like Tabby and Tamara and get to pay for your purchase in easy 3 and 4 interest-free installments.

  • Noon One: Get the Noon One Subscription for a giveaway price of AED 15 and save up to AED 100 every year on your delivery from Noon and the subsidiaries of Noon like minutes, grocery, and food. 


1. When will the Noon Ramadan sale be live?

The Noon Ramadan sale will be live on the app and website from the 26th of February and will continue till the 5th of March. Stock up on the best apparel, home decor, beauty, furniture, and more deals.


2. Does Ramadan start on a full moon?

Ramadan begins with the first sighting of the new crescent moon in the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and lasts from 29 to 30 days.


3. What month is Ramadan in Dubai?

As per the Islamic lunar calendar, Ramadan is in March from the 10th till the 9th of April. Noon will be hosting the pre-Ramadan sale from the 26th of February to the 5th of March.

4. What are the available Noon Ramadan shopping offers?

Noon is currently offering up to 75% off on traditional attire for men, women, and kids. Use the Noon coupon code ZOUT11 to get an additional 10% off on your purchase.

5. Is the Ramadan afternoon prayer mat available at Noon?

Yes, the Ramadan afternoon prayer mat is available at Noon at a generous discount of up to 65%. Get afternoon prayer mats in various colors in the comfortable fabric of polyester or wool with intricate designs for aesthetic appeal.


Noon conducts a very extensive Ramadan sale on their app and website with discounts in all popular categories like beauty, home care, furniture, apparel, praying essentials, and more, containing products from esteemed vendors and brands. Avail the Noon Ramadan codes available to save extra on your purchase.