50+ Best Ramadan Decoration Ideas: Best Deals on Ramadan Decor for 2024

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Ramadan is the month of spirituality, mercy, and peace, however, it can be a trying month as well with the abstainment from food, water, and sins while carrying out your regular life roles and activities with the same productivity. Here are the 50 best ideas for Ramadan decorations for your home, workplace, outdoors, and more.

Qualities To Look For In Your Ramadan Decorations

Here’s what to look for when shopping for Ramadan decorations be it from online or offline retailers: 

  • Traditional Elements: Look for traditional elements in your decorations with aesthetics around moons, stars, mosques, and more. 

  • Modern Elements: It’s 2024, incorporate your traditional Ramadan aesthetics with modern designs that perfectly appeal to the aesthetics of your house. 

  • Budget: Before you set out to decorate your place, make sure you have everything that fits your budget, to create an aesthetic-looking decor. 

DIY Ramadan Decoration Ideas

While there are plenty of excellent readymade home and outdoor decor that is available on various websites and stores, there is a certain sense of achievement that is attached to making your decor from your DIY Ramadan decoration ideas. Homemade Ramadan decoration ideas are also environmentally friendly and affordable, allowing you to tap into your creative side of yours. Here are a few of the best Ramadan decor ideas that you can take inspiration from: 

  • Lanterns: Stars and moon are synonymous with Ramadan as are the Christmas tree and stockings to Christmas. Make lanterns shaped like a moon and stars to illuminate your house. 

  • Garland: Welcome your guests to iftar and sehri meal gatherings at your place with handmade garlands made from dried fruits, cranberries, popcorn, and more, strung together. 

  • Table Decorations: Make centerpieces out of recycled objects, dried fruits, empty bottles, and more for an attractive appeal. 

  • Window Art: Decorate your windows with stars and moons made from paper and vinyl so even people passing by your house can feel the spirit of the holy month just by glancing at them. 

Get all your DIY essentials from the well-curated and largely stocked stationery section available at the top stores in the UAE 

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Ramadan Table Decorations

Why keep your guests talking about the food when you can also amuse them with beautiful centerpieces, ceramics, and other table decorations for a wholesome dining experience.

Marble Napkin Rings
Stainless Steel Cutlery Set
Galvanized Beverage Tub

Marble Napkin Rings

The Marble Napkin Rings from West Elm is an elegant set of napkin holders. Made from marble and metal, they come in a set of 4 pieces.

24-Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

The stainless steel offers anti-corrosion and longevity to a product that offers you a stable grip and classy look.

Galvanized Beverage Tub

Hardwire-inspired Galvanized Beverage Tub available in earthen colors for a very sophisticated and complacent look. Get it for an additional 20% off on the Crate and Barrel website and app using the code C90.

AED 98.00

AED 58.45

AED 335

  • Napkinholder: Keep your table looking light and breezy with the beautiful napkin arrangement on the table. You can either go for an extremely sophisticated monochrome design or tap into a chic and abstract pattern to add a splash of color. Either way, you can get.

Our Recommendation(s): The West Elm Marble and Metal Napkin Ring is available in the monochrome shade or off-white and in 4 pieces starting at just AED 85 to hold your napkins.

  • Serveware: Serve your guest's delectable appetizers or a generous choice of dry fruits or your other tasty meals in the beautiful-looking serveware made from ceramics, stainless steel, or more.

Our Recommendation(s): Cambridge 3-part server available on the Crate and Barrel website for AED 286. Choose from the two sophisticated shades of white or gold that perfectly complement all settings.

  • Cutlery: Set the dining atmosphere with the right flatware that helps you not only eat the food but also enhance the taste and appeal. Get the right cutlery for all your meals.

Our Recommendation(s):  Danube Home understands that which is why they bring to you the Brinkleys 72-piece cutlery set that elevates the sophistication and the taste of your meals.

  • Teapot and Coffee Servers: Serve your beverages in beautiful and pristine-looking glass or ceramic or porcelain or stainless steel pots that are perfectly in tune with your table aesthetics. Get pots from popular brands like HomeRUs, Termisil, Tealand, and more.

Our Recommendation(s): The V60 Coffee Server heat-resistant glass pot is an excellent choice owing to its clear display and easy-to-use and easy-to-clean facility. The pot is also gifted with a curved handle that ensures a good grip. Priced at AED 36.05 on the Noon website, you can get the item at an additional 10% off using the Noon coupon code ZOUT11.

  • Candle Stands: Illuminate your dining area with beautiful and well-scented single-wick or 3-wick candles to create a somber ambiance while you enjoy your iftar and sehri meals with your close friends and family. Build the complete setting at home with elegant-looking candle stand pieces available at the top retailers in the UAE.

Our Recommendation(s): Check out the beautiful Textured Metal Candle holders from the Branton Dining Collection available on the West Elm store, website, and app for AED 252 to perfectly hold your Pillar and Taper candles and are also sold individually, in case you don’t want the whole set. You can also pay for your purchase in 4 or 3 interest-free payments of AED 90 and AED 120 respectively with Tabby, Tamara, or Postpay.

Ramadan Lights Decorations

Illuminate your house with lights and candles to create a very warm and endearing atmosphere at home that emulates peace and warmth for all living in there:

Ramadan Lantern With LED Light
Reya Lanterns
Home 3M 20 Decorations Light

Ramadan Lantern With LED Light

Decorate the insides and the outdoors of your house with beautiful lanterns emitting warm LED glow

Reya Lanterns

The Reya Lanterns are made of brass and is available in two compact sizes of 14cm and 17cm as per your need. The lantern supports an LED light candle that is sold seperately

Home 3M 20 Decorations Light

The Ramadan light chain background light is beautifully designed as a warm white colour, contains 20 LED lights, 3m long, the decoration of your home during the Ramadan.

AED 42

AED 129.50

AED 29

  • String Lights: Cheer your home by adding an array of string lights shaped as per the Ramadan theme of stars and moons on your doorway, furniture, windows, and more, available in multiple colors and designs.

Our Recommendation(s): The Salla Lantern lights found on the Noon app and website at AED 15, have our heart because of their innovative design of lanterns, emitting a bright warm light that forms a perfect curtain of light in your bedroom.

  • Lanterns/ Fanoos: It has always been a Ramadan custom to hang fanoos or Moroccan lanterns to decorate both indoors and outdoors. The beauty of lanterns is that they come in multiple sizes bearing beautiful colors and patterns that reflect the beauty of Middle Eastern traditions:

Our Recommendation(s): The Ramadan Imam Antique Candle Lantern by HomeRUs is a beautiful multicolor lantern, neatly crafted and easily portable, and makes for great indoor and outdoor Ramadan decor priced at the affordable price of AED 39 with easy and quick delivery service provided by the Noon app/website.

  • Candles and Candleholders: Create a warm and peaceful environment at home with beautiful unscented and scented candles per the occasion of Ramadan. Choose from multiple aromas of dates, figs, or roses. Place your candles in beautiful jars and holders for added safety.

Our Recommendation(s): The Elsa Medium Glass Tea Light Candle Holder designed by Aaron Probyn is a beautiful glass tea light holder that adds to the brilliance of your Ramadan indoor decor.

  • Chandeliers: Add elegance to your living space by gracing it with a beautiful chandelier made from metal or glass, that well fits your budget and aesthetic.

Our Recommendation(s): West Elm has a wide collection of beautiful chandeliers but our heart is set on the  Bezel 6-Light Round Perforated Metal Chandelier which is perfect for your residential or business space. Made of metal, the Bezel 6-Light Chandelier comes with a metal rod that can well adjust itself to be hung from a sloped ceiling. Priced at AED 3450, the chandelier is available in attractive shades of clear and light bronze. You can avail the West Elm coupon code AX413 to get an additional 5% off.

The Ramadan Star Exclusive set found on Crate and Barrel is a two-candle set carved as a star, especially for the Ramadan season. I got an additional 20% off on applying the Crate and Barrel code C90 at the time of checkout.

  • Lamps: Create pockets of light around your house with warm white light bulbs around your home. You can also choose from Ramadan-centric patterns like moons, globes, stars, and more that make for an excellent purchase for your home, or workplace, as well as a good gifting item.

Our Recommendation(s): The Moon-inspired table lamp on the Noon app and website is an excellent choice for your bedside table lamp emitting warm light. The acrylic build makes it durable and can be easily charged with its USB-C port.

Ramadan Wall Decoration Ideas

Create a spiritual and festive atmosphere at home with Ramadan-centric decor items to foster a sense of celebration and reverence throughout the holy month:

Al-Harmeeda Digital Clock
FUSU Gold Star Moon Garland Hanging Garands Streamers Banner Backdrop
Boxfood 128 Pieces Ramadan Stickers

Al-Harmeeda Digital Clock

The wall digital watch is lined with a loud Azham sound and has Hijri and Gregorian calendars every 10 seconds 

FUSU Gold Star Moon Garland Hanging Garands Streamers Banner Backdrop

The Moon and Star FUSU streamers consist of 2 strings of 13 feet gold star and moon garlands (moon size is 3.5 inch),2 strings of 13 feet gold star garlands (star diameter is 2.75 inch), totally 52 feet

Boxfood 128 Pieces Ramadan Stickers

The self-adhesive stickers are great to stick on your wall. The size of the stickers also makes it suitable for featuring on gift packs, envelops, and more

AED 270

AED 32

AED 29

  • Athan Watches: Fulfill your prayer obligations with the Athian wall watch to inform you about your prayer times, with added features like alarms, Quran recitation, and more.

Our Recommendation(s): We found the perfect analog watch for your home and workplace at Noon at just AED 444. The Analog Digital Wall Watch is an ideal buy this Ramadan month set Azan times, automatic FAJR alarm, Qibla direction, and Hijri making it an efficient buy.

  • Banners: Hang banners on your wall emulating the holistic themes and ideas of Ramadan at your workplace, residence, school, and more. Choose from multiple designs, patterns, and more, bearing quotes, teachings, Quran sayings, and more.

Our Recommendation(s): Amazon has a wide collection of Ramadan decorations like the foldable Linen Party Banner For Ramadan that is perfect for your room and entryway priced at AED 35.96.

  • Balloons: During Ramadan, one can opt for balloon decorations to enhance their living space/ workspace. Balloon decorations include constructing balloon-based arrangements and thematic shapes for backgrounds, ceilings, walls, columns, centerpieces, and entrances, among other places. The simplest of designs is to randomly place balloons of all sizes and colors on a wall.

Our Recommendation(s):  Amazon has a set of 10 balloons by Highland bearing images of mosques, Ramadan Kareem, and balloons shaped as stars and moons in attractive shades of black and golden.

  • Wall Stickers: Decorate your wall with printable wall stickers emulating holistic images, quotes, and teachings to evoke a spiritual and peaceful environment at home.

Our Recommendation(s): The Ramadan Wall Sticker available on the Amazon app and website in the attractive shade of gold is perfect with its crescent moon, lantern, and stars set is a great wall decor for your residence or place of business. Available in the shade of gold, the sticker has an adhesive that is strong enough to hold the sticker in place and is also easily removable from your wall without any residue left behind.

  • Wall Decor Lights: Illuminate your house with a cushion of lights to create a warm and comfortable ambience that is symbolic of welcoming light and clarity into your lives. Purchase from the wide collection of wall lights available in strings of multiple lengths to cover the area of your wall.

Our Recommendation(s): Decorate the walls and railings of your window with beautiful string lights centered around the theme of Ramadan with moons and stars, Amazon has the perfect product with their 19.7Ft Ramadan wall lights decoration provides you an accumulation of moons, stars, and stirs shapes, all-in-one.

Ramadan Corner Decoration Ideas

Set the practice for praying during the period of Ramadan by dedicating a room or corner for praying and decorating it with the right items:

Souq DESIGNS Rehal Quran Stand Folding - Quran Holders Rack
Silsal Joud Incense Burner
Anti-Slip Velvet Top Foam Embossed Prayer Mat

 Souq DESIGNS Rehal Quran Stand Folding - Quran Holders Rack

The SOUQ Designs Quran holder is made out of quality wood with beautifully engraved design. The foldable quality makes this Quran holder extremely easy to use.

Silsal Joud Incense Burner

The Incense burner is made out of porcelain with beautiful Arabic engraving some of which is with 22-karat gold, making it look extremely attractive, while being calming all the same. 

Anti-Slip Velvet Top Foam Embossed Prayer Mat

The Muslin and Velvet mat is hugely recommended for its comfort, and design and especially for its anti-slip feature, making it an excellent addition to your prayer corner or if you want to gift it to someone.

AED 64.99

AED 25

  • Quran holders: A Quran holder is a necessity when it comes to organizing your prayer corner. Get sturdy foldable or non-foldable prayer holders made from a wide variety of materials like wood, acrylic, and glass, as per your need and benefit.

Our Recommendation(s): Priced at AED 25 on the Noon website, the Wooden Quran traditional stand is a good choice for its authenticity and sturdiness. Despite being made of wood, the Quran stand isn’t heavy and can be easily ported.

The Green Wooden Quran Stand is an anothe4r exceptionally good Quran stand especially if you are looking for something to gift someone. Made from the best quality wood, the Green Wood Quran Stand can easily assembled, making portability extremely easy and hassle-free.

  • Prayer Mats: A clean prayer mat is an absolute necessity while performing your Taraweeh prayers.  Choose a prayer mat that is soft and comfortable and made from natural items like wool and cotton.

Our Recommendation(s): Noon has a wide selection of prayer mats but our heart is set on the anti-slip Fabien Velvet Top Prayer Mat, it is made from Polyester and Muslim with a light foam bottom, and is great for gifting.

You can also check out the Ihvan Online Prayer mat at AED 63.90 is made of taffeta fabric, making this a soft Islamic prayer rug that welcomes your spiritual energy while being durable and made to last.

  • Table: You can keep a small table in your prayer corner with multiple drawers to store your prayer beads, the Quran, reading glasses, and other necessities.

Our Recommendation(s): The Lechuza Glass Top Table from Crate and Barrel is a great addition to your prayer corner with its clear glass top asymmetrical and curvaceous silhouette to hold your Quran, beads, and more. The Blackened steel finial makes it sturdy.

The Travertine Side Table is an excellent and unique-looking table made from dried mango treewood that has adjustable levelers to adapt to various levels so you can read your Quran easily even if you are sitting on the floor, making it an extremely prospective addition to your prayer corner at AED 1,662 on West Elm.

  • Chair: Keep a comfortable chair in your prayer corner to read the Quran or while conducting Quran teachings. You can choose from multiple designs of chairs available in the UAE market including Accent chairs, ottomans, tulip chairs, and more.

Our Recommendation(s): Crate and barrel provide you with an extremely stylish looking and comfortable Alex Bordeaux Velvet Accent Chair made in Poland with a high seat and soft backrest to aid the long hours you spend reading the Qurann in your room.

If you are looking for something minimalistic, then you can check out the Dandria 1-Seater Sofa available at the Danube Home website and store in the shade of Grey. It features plush cushioning to provide a soft and comfortable seating experience, making it an ideal spot for relaxation.

  • Lamps: Position a well-lit table lamp next to your reading table or chair to help you read for long hours without putting pressure on your eyes.

Our Recommendation(s): If you are looking for an affordable lamp with an aesthetically pleasing appeal, then the Jonathan Metal Table lamp is a steal with its chrome color and easy installation prices at AED 120 on the Danube Home website.

  • Incense Holders: Create an ascetic and soothing ambiance by lighting incense emitting a beautiful and long-lasting aroma that is calming for the mind. Get an incense holder or diffuser to light your incense sticks safely.

Our Recommendation(s): West Elm has a very beautiful and sophisticated-looking Marble Incense Burner priced at AED 87.50 which is only 10cm in diameter with a brass finish and can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth

Ramadan Decorations For Outdoors

Share the Ramadan spirit with your community by decorating your outdoors with both traditional and modern elements: 

  • Lights and Lanterns: Illuminate your driveway and backyard with a string of fairy lights, Moroccan lamps, fanooss, handmade lanterns, and more centered around the theme of Ramadan.

Our Recommendation: The Souq Design Red Lantern is a beautifully designed Arabic lantern perfect for workplace entryways. The two-set lantern comes at the steal-worthy price of AED 85.65 with an additional 10% off using the code ZOUT11.

  • Prayer Flags: Hang prayer flags of multiple colors to your porch and fence with holy scriptures and sayings embroidered or printed on them, to add color and movement to your space to remind everyone about prayer and reflection.

Our Recommendation: Get Ramadan Prayer flags in the shades of Red and Blue to string all across your workplaces at just AED19 for 20 flags on the Noon website.

  • Tapestries: Decorate your porch and fence with tapestries of multiple vibrant colors or subdued palettes featuring holy motifs, geometric patterns, or scenes from Mecca that perfectly complement your vibe.

Our Recommendation(s): Amazon has multiple Ramadan-centric tapestries that would look beautiful in your workplace, especially this regal-looking Islam Decor Tapestry is the shade of Royal Blue that is bound to spur an element of royalty and richness in your backyard.

  • Crescent and Star Wind Chimes: Add a touch of whimsy and sound with wind chimes featuring a crescent moon and star designs. These will gently sway in the breeze, creating a calming atmosphere.

Our Recommendation(s): String lights all across your backyard making it look illuminated with the stars and moons stings are available on the Noon website at AED 22.45 for a 4m string.

If you are looking for a light and breezy wind chime to hang at your entrance then you can take a look at the SYOSI Solar Wind Chimes shaped as stars and moons to invoke spirituality and serenity with every breeze right as you enter via the door.

Check out the oversized Ramadan lights available on the Amazon website that can be ideal to hang from the trees in your backyard creating a beautiful decoration for your guests and family members to enjoy in the evening at just AED 55.

  • Plants and Flowers: Add beauty and elegance to your residence with beautiful plants and flowers like palm leaves, olives, or lilies, which is a trademark of Ramadan.

Our Recommendation(s): With the onset of Ramadan, you can spend time planting lilies in your garden which resonates with the festival while also making your garden look beautiful and serene. Get 10 lily seeds for AED 149 on the Amazon ae website and get your garden blooming in no time.

Noon is offering you GGOT  10 seeds of water lilies at AED 149.45 that need to be planted in a small pool or water tank and will enhance the beauty of your backyard garden or your balcony from the moment they bloom.

Ramadan Decorations Ideas For Office

Foster a sense of community with your colleagues by creating a welcoming and inclusive environment during Ramadan and here are some ideas that you can carry out: 

  • Balloons and Streamers: Decorate the inserts of your workplace with beautiful balloons and streamers in the theme colors of Ramadan to invoke holiness and spirituality in the workplace.

Our Recommendation(s):  Amazon has Text Design Foil Balloon saying ‘RAMADAN KAREEM’ is gold by Party Time 16 for AED 68.23

  • Lanterns: String up mini LED lanterns in warm colors and hang them across windows, doors, ceilings, cubicle walls, and more.

Our Reecommendation(s): Get a pack of 20 pieces of LED flickering lanterns by Hortusn to decorate your workplace with an array of warm glowing lights at the affordable price of AED 270.

  • Holy Accents: Hang small holy accents like the moons and stars in every cubicle, desk, and common area. Go for simple designs available in the market or you can even hand-make them before the Ramadan month begins.

Our Recommendation(s): Get Yuwell 2-piece battery-operated lights at the price of AED 39 for all tables and cubicles in your workplace to spread the spirit of the Ramadan holiness.

  • Dates and Dried Food: Keep bowls of dates and dried fruits in common areas and lobbies for the people to munch on at sunset. You can also keep customized cards, printed or handmade bearing motifs, learnings, and more from the holy Quran.

Our Recommendations: Go for the dry fruits collection by Organic for trustable and delicious nuts, fruits, and juices to keep fueling yourself with energy and nutrients during the Ramadan month. Buy it from the Carrefour app or website to enjoy an additional 40% off on your first purchase using the code 4AZ.

  • Tablecloths and Runners: Dress up the tables in your cafeteria with festive tablecloths and runners in the shades of green, white, and gold, to make the sehri meals more fun and communal.

Our Recommendations: Get the Vellato Table Cloth bearing the wish of Ramadan Kareem for your dinner table to carry an essence of spirituality and good wishes with your food for AED 26 on the Noon website

Traditional Ramadan Decorations

Invoke holiness and spirituality in your house with the traditional Ramadan decorations that have survived ages. Here are some of the best Ramadan ideas: 

  • Fanoos: Illuminate your house, entrance, porch, and more with well-lit candles inside handmade or store-bought fanoos in the traditional colors of green, white, and golden.

Our Recommendation(s): The Ramadan Imam Antique Candle Lantern by HomeRUs is a beautiful multicolor lantern, neatly crafted and easily portable, and makes for great indoor and outdoor Ramadan decor priced at the affordable price of AED 31 with easy and quick delivery service provided by the Noon app/website.

  • Moroccan lanterns: Add an element of sophistication and elegance with the traditional Moroccan lanterns made out of glass or metals. Place them on tables or hang them on your porch or balcony for a warm and welcoming appeal.

Our Recommendation(s): Check out the beautiful Authentic Handmade Moroccan lantern available on the Amazon website at AED 120 that is beautifully crafted and is ideal for all households to put up on display be it indoors or outdoors.

  • Metal/ Wooden Crescent and Stars: A major part of the traditional Ramadan decorations are stars and moons made from metal and wood against plastic and adhesive ones that do not last long. Go for bright, vibrant, subtle, minimalist colors per your style.

Our Recommendation(s):  Take a look at the beautiful door hanging of the crescent moon and star to welcome your guests with the goodness of the Ramadan spirit, made completely out of wood in the beautiful and bright colors of black and golden at AED 29.

  • Prayer Rugs: Invest in a good prayer rug with Ramadan-inspired designs that are comfortable and warm for the hours you spend sitting on it while praying. 

Our Recommendation(s): Noon has a wide selection of prayer mats but our heart is set on the anti-slip Islamika Prayer Rug, which is thick-padded and great for knees at AED 40.

Our Recommendation(s): Noon has a wide selection of prayer mats but our heart is set on the anti-slip Tofyotjii Traditional Prayer Rug, it is made from Polyester and Muslim with a light foam bottom and is great for gifting at AED 68.

Modern Ramadan Decorations

The modern Ramadan decorations carry an element of simplicity and minimalism in their decorations. Here are a few great ideas using which you can decorate your household or workplace: 

  • Floating Candles: Make beautiful centerpiece decorations for your living room coffee table with scented and unscented candles floating in water bowls adorned with rose petals or pebbles. 

Our Recommendation(s):  Get a box of Sierenna 4-piece floating candles for AED 12 on the Noon website with aroma induced to create a calm and soothing atmosphere at home.

The Hammered Metal and Marble might be a serving platter but they can also make a beautiful vessel for your floating candles thereby creating a beautiful centerpiece for your living or dining room, or both at just AED 105 on West Elm

  • Natural Materials: Decorate your house with woven baskets, wooden lanterns, or ceramic bowls in pastel and neutral colors for a warm and sophisticated appeal. 

Our Recommendation(s): Purchase from the Astral collection on the West Elm app and website to get beautiful-looking ceramics to serve your food starting from AED 99.

  • Abstract Canvases: The modern decorations of Ramdan is lined with abstract paintings in the colors of emerald green, burnt orange, and sapphire blue.

Our Recommendation(s): Decorate your house with a beautiful Generc wall painting in the shade of golden available at Noon bearing Quran verses, to enjoy an ascetic and religious atmosphere at home priced at AED 239.

  • Light projections: Create a subtle yet moving atmosphere at home with light projections displaying calligraphies onto walls and ceilings for a holistic experience.

Our Recommendation(s): The Besty Home Projector is a good affordable projector with a Remote control that is ideal for your ceiling emitting projections of stars and the Moon Nebula light for a spectacular decoration at home at AED 159 on the Amazon UAE website.

  • Ceiling Lights and Chandeliers: The Modern Ramadan decorations have witnessed the extensive use of warm ceiling lights and chandeliers to create a pathway for light at your place or work throughout the day to eradicate any darkness and welcome peace and serenity.

Our Recommendation(s): The Bell Max Eco Dining Chandelier is a beautiful specimen with its bright light and wooden build. The design has been drafted to make it look delicate and modern while giving you durability at just AED 165 on the Danube Home website.


Decorate your home and workplace using the ideas stated above or ideas that are your brainchild, with the beautiful Ramadan decorations available at the top stores and websites in the UAE. Whether you want store-bought decorations or you want to DIY, whether you want to buy decorations in individual pieces or bulk, you can be certain about getting huge and attractive discounts for the buyers to reap the benefits.