Top 50 Trending Shoes on Noon to Elevate Your Fashion Game 2024

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Walk with confidence as we unveil the iconic footwear for 2024 available at Noon. Lace-up and explore kicks from trending brands including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Vans, and more, with Noon Shoes. Get your hands on footwear that suits your style including timeless sneakers, sleek trainers, running shoes, and more, priced under AED 499. Select your favourite pair from various designs, features, durability, construction, and comfort, based on your utility, requirements, comfort needed, arch support required, cushion padding, and more.

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Top Trending Shoes for Men

Trending Shoes for Women

Best Training Shoes For Men

Boost up your confidence and select your training shoes based on your activity to improve your performance.  


Puma X-Ray Speed Lite Trainers 

Puma X-Ray Speed Lite Trainers

Price Before: AED 319.00, Price Now: AED 122.00.


Top Picks For Training Shoes:

  • Under Armour Dynamic Select Training Shoes - AED 237.00 (Originally: AED 469.00)

  • Nike Air Max Sc -  AED 450.00

  • Reebok Mega Flexagon 2.0 Training Shoes Black - AED 150.00 (Originally: AED 349.00)

  • Generic Rubber Sole Trainers Black - AED 137.15

  • Adidas Strutter Shoes - AED 207.00 (Originally: AED 329.00

Training Shoes for Women

Women’s training shoes are available in a variety of colours and styles for your fitness journey. Lace-up and join the hype for cross-training shoes. Use Noon coupons to make additional savings.


Puma Lily Platform Laced Women's Sneakers 

Puma Women's Lily Platform Laced Trainers

Price Before: AED 349.00, Price Now: AED 229.00.

Pro Tip: Shop using Noon One, the store's membership, to get many privileges as a member such as free delivery on the same day at just AED 15/month. First-time members can also enjoy a free trial for 14 days with a valid phone number.

Top Picks For Training Shoes

  • Noon Reebok Shoes - Mega Flexagon 2.0 Training Shoes Black - AED 150.00 (Originally: AED 349.00)

  • Under Armour Project Rock 5-  AED 206.00 (Originally: AED 759.00)

  • Nike Shoes on Noon: Zoom Bella 6 - AED 450.00

  • Adidas X9000L4 - AED 463.00 (Originally: AED 730.00)

  • Anta Cross-Training Shoes - AED 95.00 (Originally: AED 236.00)

Best Running Shoes For Men

Browse the running shoe collection from the Noon store, and get yourself an incredible shoe with cloud-like cushioning providing extraordinary comfort to your feet during your run.  


Nike Run Swift 3 Shoes

Nike Run Swift 3 Shoes

Price Before: AED 399.00, Price Now: AED 171.00.


Top Picks For Running Shoes

  • SKECHERS Track -AED 202.00 (Originally: AED 252.00)

  • PUMA Mens Softride Enzo Nxt Running Shoes - AED 219.00 (Originally: AED 319.00)

  • UNDER ARMOUR Charged Pursuit 3  - AED 131.00 (Originally: AED 349.00)

  • Adidas Essentials Switch Fwd Running Shoes - AED 288.00 (Originally: AED 649.00)

  • Puma Twitch Runner Fresh Mens Low Top Running Shoes - AED 189.00 (Originally: AED 319.00)

Best Running Shoes for Women

Indulge in the footwear collection by Noon to add a new dimension to your shoe collection. Get your hands on the most exciting running shoes and start your fitness journey with us.


Adidas Pomazor Running Shoes

Adidas Pomazor Running Shoes

Price Before: AED 299.00, Price Now: AED 180.00.

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Top Picks For Running Shoes

  • Adidas Run 60S 3.0 Shoes - AED 182.00 (Originally: AED 279.00)

  • Puma Flyer Runner Femme Womens Low Top Running Shoes - AED 169.00 (Originally: AED 269.00)

  • Skechers Womens Bountiful Running Shoes Grey/Light Blue - AED 158.00 (Originally: AED 230.00)

  • Anta Running Shoes - AED 82.00 (Originally: AED 236.00)

  • Adidas Ultimashow - AED 200.00 (Originally: AED 249.00)

Best Walking Shoes for Men

Kickstart your fitness journey with the most comfortable shoes that are lightweight and thoughtfully engineered with Noon UAE shoes.


Adidas Coreracer

Adidas Coreracer

Price Before: AED 249.00, Price Now: AED 166.00.

Top Picks For Walking Shoes

  • Red Tape Sports Athleisure Shoes  - AED 111.00 (Originally: AED 250.15)

  • Men's Roaiss Shoes for Walking - AED 75.00 (Originally: AED 198.00)

  • Duozoulu Lightweight slip-on shoes for men - AED 179.00

  • Sky View Men Sneakers Mesh Workout Running Walking Shoes - AED 119.00 (Originally: AED 149.00)

Best Walking Shoes for Women

With walking being an essential part of our daily routine, invest in our highly recommended walking shoes from the Noon store. 


Adidas Questeron

Adidas Questeron

Price Now: AED 299.00

Pro Tip: Save an extra 10% on your purchase by applying the Noon shoes coupon code ZOUT11 at the checkout.

Top Picks For Walking Shoes

  • Duniso Womens Play Fashion Sneakers - AED 77.90 (Originally: AED 185.00)

  • Adidas Breezewalk  - AED 100.00 (Originally: AED 249.00)

  • Sky View Women Sneakers Mesh Workout Walking Shoes - AED 112.90 (Originally: AED 149.00)

  • Kappa Womens Lace-Up Sports Shoes - AED 92.00 (Originally: AED 199.00)

  • Adidas Galaxy 6 W - AED 249.00

Best Sneakers for Men

Right sneakers can make a difference and make you look like a showstopper. Choose from a wide range of the most comfortable sneakers from multiple brands and designs. 


Vans Old Skool

Vans Old Skool

Price Before: AED 329.00, Price Now: AED 171.00.

Pro Tip: You can avail of free shipping at the store on orders above AED 100.

Top Picks For Sneakers 

  • Puma Amare Fresh  - AED 189.00 (Originally: AED 329.00)

  • Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Shoes Black - AED 191 (Originally: AED 279.00)

  • VANS Sk8 Hi Sneakers - AED 168.00 (Originally: AED 379.00)

  • New Balance 530 Casual Sneakers - AED 339.00 (Originally: AED 399.00)

  • Seventy-Five Casual Comfort Knit Sneakers - AED 119.00

Sneakers for Women

Browse Noon online shopping shoes for a wide range of trendy and stylish sneakers in various colours, designs, and patterns. 


Skechers Dynamitght 2.0

Skechers Dynamitght 2.0

Price Before: AED 205.00, Price Now: AED 83.00.


 Top Picks For Women Sneakers 

  • Ginger Rainbow Stripe Knit Lace Up Sneakers - AED 104.00 (Originally: AED 129.00)

  • Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Sneakers Beige/Navy  - AED 299.00 (Originally: AED 369.00)

  • Adidas Duramo Sl Shoes - AED 255.00 (Originally: AED 299.00)

  • Nike Blazer Low Platform Sneakers White/Black - AED 391.00 (Originally: AED 535.00)

  • Ginger Strap Detail Chunky Detail Sneaker - AED 27.00 (Originally: AED 179.00)

Best Hiking Boots for Men

Choose from a perfect blend of hiking boots and sneakers before hitting the trail. Explore comfortable and stylish options for light hikes and outdoor adventures. 


FRWD Hiking Boots

FRWD Hiking Boots

Price Before: AED 179.00, Price Now: AED 58.00.  


Top Picks For Hiking Shoes

  • OUTAD Camping Climbing Lace-Up Hiking Shoe - AED 104.00

  • RIOXS Mens Athletic Casual Hiking Shoes - AED 88.90 (Originally: AED 95.00)

  • RIOXS Mens Hiking Shoes - AED 54.90 (Originally: AED 55.00

  • Seventy-Five Casual Hike Detail Boots - AED 53.00 (Originally: AED 159.00)

  • Sky View Men Lightweight Hiking Boots - AED 139.50 (Originally: AED 193.00)

Hiking Shoes for Women

If you are a mountain lover and want to go for an adventurous trek, check out the collection of Noon’s Hiking shoes for women. 


Adidas Terrex Ax4 Gtx W

Adidas Terrex Ax4 Gtx W

Price Before: AED 599.00, Price Now: AED 279.00.

Pro Tip: You can split your payments into 4 interest-free parts with Tabby and Tamara. This way you can shop a lot without breaking the bank.


 Top Picks For Women Hiking Shoes

  • ONLY Beatrix-2 Hiking Boots - AED 121.00 (Originally: AED 311.00)

  • Beauenty Womens Lace-Up Hiking Trainers Shoes - AED 194.35

  • Adidas Terrex Eastrail 2 W- AED 200.00 (Originally: AED 429.00)

  • Northface Hypnum - AED 202.00 (Originally: AED 549.00)

  • Generic Anti-Slip Breathable Quick Dry Shoes - AED 85.00   


Step into the world of fashion with Noon’s stylish shoes from your favourite brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Vans, and more. Explore a diverse range of shoes for your various activities under AED 499.  We hope this curated list has provided you with valuable information and insights to help you buy the right pair of shoes.

By Nikita Lahoti - Content Strategist