Eid Ul Fitr Sale Offers and Discount Codes 2023 | Up To 80%+ Extra 10% Off On Noon, Sivvi, Azadea, and More

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Eid is the most significant festival in the Islamic calendar, where loved ones join together to celebrate the completion of the fasting month of Ramadan. To make this occasion more special Stores offer an exclusive Eid sale of Up To 80% + an Extra 10% Off On Electronics, Fashion, Appliances, Beauty, Food, And More, using Promo Code. 

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When is Eid Sale 2023 in UAE? 

Eid ul Fitr is one of the most important religious festivals celebrated by Muslims around the world. The expected Eid sale dates are April 18th - April 24th, when you can expect the top stores to offer deals and discounts on Electronics, Fashion, Appliances, Home, Beauty, Food, and more, by using Coupons. 

Eid Sale
Tentative Dates
Expected Discount

Eid Ul Fitr Sale 2023

April 18th - April 24th, 2023

Up To 80% + Extra 10% Off 

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Eid Ul Fitr Sale UAE Discounts And Offers On Top Stores 

Eid Offers
Promo code


Up To 80% + Extra 10% Off On Electronics, Fashion, Home, Beauty, and More



Up To 85% Off + Extra 15% Off On Fashion, Beauty, Home, and More


West Elm

Save up to 80% off + an Extra 5% Off On  Luxury & Designer Furniture, Home Decor, and More



Up to 70% + Extra AED 15 off On Groceries, Electronics, Mobiles, and More



Up To 70% Off + Extra 20% Off On Clothing, Footwear, Fashion Accessories & More


The Luxury Closet

Up To 90% + Extra 10% Off On Luxury Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Jewelry, and More 


Rivoli Shop

Up to 70 % off + Extra 10% Off on Men's & Women's Watches


Amazon AE

Up To 80% Off On Electronics, Furniture, Appliances, and More

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Up to 75% off + 5% off On  fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, and More



Extra 20% Off On Clothing & Beauty with voucher code



Up to 80% Off On Ticket Bookings, Food Reservations, Activity Bookings, and More

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Up To 70% + an extra 10% Off On  Clothing, Footwear, Bags, Accessories, and More 



Get Free Delivery On Food Orders 

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Significance Of Eid Ul Fitr and The Role Of Shopping and Food In The Celebrations

Eid al-Fitr: This festival marks the completion of the fasting, It is celebrated at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, which is a month of prayer, and reflection. It is an occasion to celebrate Allah's blessings and to share joy and happiness with loved ones, friends, and the community.

The Role Of Shopping During Eid Ul Fitr In UAE

  • Shopping plays a vital role in the festivities, as people buy new clothes, gifts, and decorations to celebrate the occasion.

  • Wearing new clothes on Eid is a tradition that symbolizes a fresh start, purity, and new beginnings.

  • Shopping for gifts is an opportunity to show love, generosity, and kindness towards others, which are essential values in Islam.

  • Eid is primarily on spiritual and social aspects such as prayer, family gatherings, and sharing food with loved ones

  • The Stores Offering the best Shopping Experience: Noon, Sivvi, Azadea, The Luxury Closet, and More

The Role Of Food During Eid Ul Fitr in UAE:

Eid al-Fitr is a time to rejoice, and food is an important part of the festivities. Here are some examples of how food is significant during Eid al-Fitr:

  • Breaking The Fast: Eid Ul Fitr marks the end of Ramadan's month-long fast, and the first meal of the day is significant. Many people begin their day with a sweet breakfast, which often includes dates, as this is a traditional way to break the fast.

  • Traditional dishes: Traditional dishes associated with Eid al-Fitr include biryani, samosas, kebabs, and sweets such as baklava, sheer khurma, or basbousa. These dishes are often prepared in advance and shared with family and friends during the Eid celebrations.

  • Sharing Food: Eid Ul Fitr is a time for giving and sharing, and food is a common way for people to show their generosity and hospitality. Many families prepare extra food and distribute it to neighbors, friends, and those in need.

  • Stores Offering Discounts On Food: Talabat, Noon Food, Careem Now, and More

Top Categories at Eid Offers UAE 2023  | Trending Categories



(Get up to 70% + Extra 10% off )


Clothing & Accessories

(Get up to 70% + Extra 15% off )


Home decor & furniture

(Extra 10% Off)


Food & Delivery

(Save Extra 5%)


Beauty & grooming

(Get up to 70% + Extra 5% off )


Travel & Flight booking

( Extra 10% off )

Eid Ul Fitr Gift Ideas UAE 2023 | Trending Now

Giving gifts to loved ones and friends to commemorate Eid is a beautiful tradition. Here are some suggestions for Eid presents.

Eid Ul Fitr Gift Ideas UAE 2023

  • Islamic Books: Gifting Islamic Books ideally present ideas, such as the Quran, collections of Hadith, or biographies of the Prophets. You can shop the Books from the Eid offers at the Amazon AE store, and the starting price is AED 35

  • Traditional clothing: Consider giving someone Traditional Attire like a stunning abaya, kaftan, or hijab for women from Eid Offers on Clothing with Sivvi, Use Code: ZOTON

  • Decorative Items: You can gift decorative items that reflect the spirit of Eid, such as lanterns, colorful tablecloths, or traditional Islamic calligraphy with Noon starting at AED 12, Use Code: ZOUT1

  • Prayer Mats: Shop a wide selection of high-quality prayer mats and take your spiritual comfort to the next level. Check out the most recent collection and select your special prayer rugs based on your preferred colors, textures, and sizes with Azadea from the starting price of AED 105, Use Code: AZA74

  • Perfumes and Oils: Fragrances and Oil are popular gift choices for Eid. You can gift a traditional attar from Eid Offers Carrefour, starting price for Attar is AED 35, Use Code: 4AZ

Active Eid Promo Codes and Offers UAE 2023 

Noon Eid Offers UAE 2023

Eid is a time of joy and celebration when loved ones gather to toast the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. To make this occasion even more special, Noon is offering an exceptional Eid sale of up to 80% + an additional 10% off on the following using the Noon Voucher Code: ZOUT1

Noon Eid Offers UAE 2023

Noon Eid Prayer & Spiritual Essentials

Celebrate Eid with the spiritual essence of the occasion, and you can get up to 80% off on Noon Prayer & Spiritual Essentials for yourself and as gifts for your loved ones

Noon Eid Kitchen Offers

 Eid is a significant religious holiday, and the traditional Eid feast is an important part of the celebrations. Here are some common Eid kitchen deals that you can check out and get up to 70% off on Noon Eid Kitchen Offers

Noon Eid Home Decor Offers 

During the Eid Festival, many people decorate their homes with Noon Promo Code to commemorate the occasion. Depending on your personal style and preferences, there are numerous ways to decorate your home for Eid with Noon Eid Home Decor Offers

Noon Eid Gift Ideas UAE | Trending Now

Eid is a time of celebration and giving, so any thoughtful gift will be appreciated. If you are looking for Noon gift ideas for Eid, here are some suggestions:

  • Quran Holders and Quran Speakers: Quran Holders and Quran Speakers are a great gift idea for Eid and the starting price is AED 20. It makes a thoughtful gift, especially for those who love to read and learn about Islamic history, spirituality, and culture that can make thoughtful gifts, Use Code: ZOUT1

  • Prayer Mats: A prayer rug can make a great gift for Eid, which is priced between AED 5 to AED 525. It is a practical and thoughtful present that can be used during daily prayers, Use Code: ZSA

  • Prayer Beads: Prayer beads, also known as tasbih or misbaha, are a traditional tool used by Muslims during prayers and are priced from AED 15 To AED 630. It is a simple yet meaningful gift that can be used every day, Use Code: ZTSAP

  • Perfumes and Oils: Fragrances are a popular gift choice for Eid. You can gift a traditional attar or a modern perfume that fits the taste and the starting price is AED 5, Use Code: ZOUT1

  • Decorative Items: You can gift decorative items that reflect the spirit of Eid, such as lanterns, colorful tablecloths, or traditional Islamic calligraphy starting at AED 12, Use Code: ZOUT1

Sivvi Eid Offers UAE 2023

Eid ul Fitr is one of the most significant holy festivals, Sivvi offers special deals and discounts on a wide range of products during this time, including clothing, accessories, beauty, and home products

Sivvi Eid Offers On Clothing

Traditional attire is an important part of the festivities. Wearing new clothes on Eid is a tradition that represents a new beginning, purity, and a fresh start. Here are some traditional Eid clothing options using the Sivvi Promo Code: ZOTON

Sivvi Eid Offers On Clothing

  • Abaya: Abayas are long, cloak-like garments worn by Muslim women. Except for the face, hands, and feet, it covers the entire body. Abayas come in a variety of materials and styles, ranging from simple and elegant to heavily embellished which is perfect for Eid celebrations.

  • Thobe: A thobe is a traditional ankle-length Muslim men's garment that makes incredible festive wear. It is a loose-fitting, long-sleeved garment made of lightweight materials to keep the wearer cool in hot weather.

  • Jalabiya : A jalabiya is a long, loose-fitting garment and is similar to an abaya, but it is made of lighter materials and is frequently brightly colored and intricately embroidered, is ideal to wear during the festivals

Talabat Eid Offers UAE 2023

Order delicious food from Talabat as they often have a special Ramadan and Eid section that lists iftar deals available for delivery or pick-up.

Talabat Eid Offers UAE 2023

Eid Offers On Food and Restaurants

Order delicious meals from your favorite Talabat and take advantage of a 50% discount across the Menu using the Talabat Discount Code during festivals.

  • AED 24 Off On Burger King: Double Cheese Burger, French Fries Large, Mushroom N Swiss Meal Large, and Whopper

  • Up to 50% On Pizza Hut: Talabat offers a wide range of meals and cuisines like pizza, pastries, and Italian. Their best-selling dishes are Wow Triples and Pepsi 

  • Get AED 68 Off On Chili’s: The Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad, Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mix Bowl, Cajun Chicken Pasta, and Chicken Tacos are their top sellers this festival season

  • Max 30% Off On 25 Degrees North Restaurant: In a variety of Indian, Curry, and Biryani dishes.

Cobone Eid Offers UAE 2023

During this festival, Book Eid staycations, hotels, buffets, activities, top tourist attractions, water parks, and much more,  and avail of up to 80% Off using the Cobone voucher code.

Cobone Eid Restaurant Offers 

Cobone brings you the most affordable Cobone restaurant offers including dining deals so you can experience everything Dubai has to offer. Cobone Eid special offers use Cobone Voucher Code to get up to 61% off the most popular dining, dine-in, and fast food venues in Dubai. With Cobone, you can save money when dining out in Dubai!

Cobone Eid Hotel Deals

Make cherished moments with your friends and family during the festivities with Cobone Hotel Deals, exclusive discounts, and promotions on rooms in top hotels and resorts. Experience an incredible stay and enjoy yourself at Hotels or Resorts along with Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Package using Cobone Promo Code

West Elm Eid Offers UAE 2023

Eid is the perfect time to shop in various categories including home decor and claim up to 70% off. West Elm presents you with a huge collection of a wonderful assortment of outdoor furniture, pillows, home decor, and more, to make your home festive-ready during the West Elm Eid Offers, Use Code: A4237

Tentative Discount

Furniture & decor(indoor & outdoor)

Save Up to 20%-50% Off

Lamps & lightings

Up to 50% off

Kitchen & dining decor & furniture

Save up to 50%

Outdoor furniture, decor, & accessories

Get 20-50% off

Arts & mirrors

Avail 20-50% off

Outdoor Accessories & Decor

Up to 50% off

Cushions & Throws

Save Up to 20%-50%

Carrefour Eid Offers UAE 2023

Carrefour features some of the juiciest deals on their website during the Festivals. Take advantage of the Carrefour promo codes to shop at the most affordable prices during Carrefour Eid Offers. Shop now for Electronics, grocery, kitchen appliances, personal care, and more, and avail huge discounts during Carrefour 

Carrefour Eid Offers UAE 2023

Carrefour Eid Offers On Electronics 

Shop at Carrefour if you wish to replace your old electronic devices with more modern ones. During the Carrefour Eid Offers, take advantage of the Carrefour Discount Code to save up to 70% on electronics, wearable technology, and appliances.

  • Buy small appliances, kitchen appliances, home cinemas, laptops, batteries, cameras, large appliances, TVs, projectors, etc., and  get up to 70% off using Carrefour Coupon Code

  • Up To 35% Off on Smartphones, Tablets & Wearables, Use Code: 4AZ to avail of additional discounts

  • Avail Up To 40% Off on Cameras & Camcorders from brands like Canon, Fujifilm, and more

  • Shop Television from Brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Nikai, Philips, Toshiba, TCL, Xiaomi, etc. and avail 35% Off 

  • Carrefour offers up to 35% off laptops and computers from brands like  HP, Dell, Lenovo, Logitech, Asus, and more, Use Code: 4AZ

Carrefour Groceries and Household  Eid Offers 

Bloomingdales Eid Offers UAE 2023

Explore Bloomingdales  Eid Offers on a selection of designer clothing, luxury accessories, chic footwear, and more to update your wardrobe and take advantage of up to 70% + an additional 20% off at the forthcoming Bloomingdales Eid Sale 

Bloomingdales Fashion Sale

Take advantage of the special discounts from Bloomingdale's fashion line, which has been on your wish list for a while, and enjoy the Eid celebrations. Using the Bloomingdales Eid offers, take advantage of the fantastic Fashion offers using Bloomingdales Promo Code: WOW106

Available Products:

  • Shop with Bloomingdales  Women’s Clothing and avail Up To 70% off on Maxi, Jumpsuits, shorts, gowns, Dresses, and more

  • Whether you are looking for anything smart or sporty, Shop with Bloomingdales Men’s Clothing and avail Up To 70% off on Tee, Tshirts, and more 

  • Revamp your footwear collection with our luxurious assortment of flats, heels, sandals, sneakers, boots, mules, and more, and avail 50%-70% Off on Women’s Shoes 

  • Shop classic Men’s Shoes like  Sneakers, smart loafers, summer sandals, or winter boots, and avail Up To 70% off

Bloomingdales Beauty Sale

Look Gorgeous this festival with the Bloomingdale Beauty collection,  Indulge in soothing body lotion, travel-size must-have perfumes, and hydrating lip gloss, including makeup, hair, skincare, bath and body, beauty sets, and more, using Bloomingdales Promo Code: WOW106 

Available Products:

Saving Tips And Tricks To Save Extra On The Forthcoming Eid Ul Fitr Sale 2023

Free Shipping - You can claim free shipping during the Upcoming Eid Sale 2023 by using the specific store’s exclusive coupon or promo code

Compare prices - Look for the best deals by comparing prices at different stores or online before making a purchase

Use coupons and discount codes - Check for available coupons and discount codes for the stores you plan to shop at. You can find them on Zoutons Page 

Shop early - Start your shopping early to avoid the last-minute rush and to have a wider selection of items.

Consider group purchases - If you have friends or family members who also want to take advantage of the sale, consider pooling your purchases to get bulk discounts.

Club The Coupons - The majority of discount codes can also be used with other coupons. To save the most money possible, choose the greatest combos

Membership Reward - Sign up as a member to obtain additional privileges and discounts by using your membership discount code at the time of purchase

Bank Offer - You can now claim an additional discount by using specific debit/credit cards from particular banks offering discounts


Q) When does the Eid sale 2023 start and end?

The anticipated that the Eid Sale 2023 would begin by April 18th and will extend till April 24th, 2023

Q) What is Eid ul Fitr sale?

Eid ul Fitr sale is a special sale event that takes place during the Eid ul Fitr festival, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. During this time, many retailers, online stores, and shopping malls offer special discounts and deals on various products and services.

Q) How much discount can you expect during the Eid ul Fitr sale?

The discount rates may vary depending on the retailer and the product. Some retailers may offer discounts of up to 80% or more, while others may offer smaller discounts. It's always a good idea to check multiple retailers and compare their offers before making a purchase.

Q) Which stores are providing the maximum discounts during the Eid Festival?

You can shop a variety of top stores which are offering huge discounts during the Eid Festival, namely, Noon, Sivvi, Azadea, Talabat, and More

Q) What makes the best Eid Gift options for your friends, family, and relatives?

You can shop a variety of spiritual essentials, fragrances and oil, home decor, and more, using Promo Code

Q)  What kind of products are typically offered during the Eid sale in UAE?

You can shop a variety of spiritual essentials, fragrances and oil, fashion, home decor, and more, using Promo Code

Q) How can you take benefits from the Eid Offers 2023?

Choose the coupons and promo codes to receive savings of up to 80% + 10% off on bestseller's Electronics, Home Decor, Appliances, Beauty, Fashion, and More from top-selling stores

Q) Are Eid Sale items returnable?

Yes, you can return sale items in accordance with the specific store’s return policy. However, please note that some stores and sale items may have different return conditions.


Eid is a time of celebration, shops are offering an exceptional Eid sale of up to 80% + an additional 10% off on electronics, fashion, appliances, beauty, food, and more with a promo code to make this occasion even more extraordinary.

By Nikita Lahoti - Content Strategist